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    Dear clientele,

    I am still experiencing issues with the firewall and private messaging. If you have tried to private message me and gotten no response, you can contact me at

    Kindest regards,
  2. Citadel treated me well let’s see how Syn compares. Just ordered some snacks we’ll see how it goes.
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  3. Ordered Thursday came in today.
    tren levels a bit off compared to one another. All the test and stuff looks even just the tren looks short compared to everything.

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  4. ..

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    Could be a hiccup in the dispenser. Literally zero to worry about

    Syn uses an electronic dispensing system, but even these systems can be variable on occasion.
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    Hello @Rippidy Dippidy

    We use a digital dispenser, but like anything with moving parts, sometimes re-calibration needs to take place. As a result of this, variances of up to .25ml can take place in rare instances. The variance in the picture looks to be approximately .25ml at the absolute high end. I don't mind explaining these concerns to you or the general public, I appreciate you bringing this up to me in public instead of contacting me by email, as now the public has a better idea about very minor issues that can arise when using this equipment. I hope that helps better explain things for you. If you have any further concerns, do not hesitate to email me.

    Kindest regards,
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    Kind of ignorant to mention another labs name in this mans thread
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    my god I can’t believe people check levels like that
    Fuck me lol
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    Tren look delicious hummm
  10. If you can visually see a difference from a far yeah it’s most likely they weren’t measured/dispensed properly, unless one of the bottles were manufactured thinner/smaller etc. But I’m not gonna weigh each one with a micro scale and wait till I use all the tren and zero out the bottles themselves when it’s more then likely just not measured/dispensed properly
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  11. Yeah no worries no big deal. Was just hoping it was on the up side rather then having less lol
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    I think you might have missed the point @3ml is making here....
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  13. Yeah most likely, I’m still not understanding what he’s going on about.
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    It’s ok
    You are of little brain
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  15. My IQ is actually 155 last time I checked but yeah we’ll go with that
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    Just to remind everyone this is the same guy that posted PGanabolics syn email in this thread. He then posted that he’s giving syn a shot and comparing to citadel. Ok there rippidy, we believe you. I wouldn’t bother coming back and reporting any further as your credibility is shot. Silly canucklehead.
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    Split that in half and divide it by two and we have your real number. You remind me of a troll from last years pganabolic thread, just trying to put my finger on it. If I had to guess it’s bohns or Alex Blake, now to guess which one?
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    Sure it is.
    Do you understand what +/- is?
    How do you know every other vial isn’t over filled by .25
    These ones are bang on or -.25
    Either way who fucking cares it’s minor. Is 12.5mg of hormone gonna make it break you?

    Also, did you atleast talk to @Syn before posting this useless drivel??! I’m assuming no. Personally if I was him I’d send ya .5 cc and tell you to fuck off and stay fucked off
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  19. You’re here from April 2019 and all I’ve seen you do is call people names and pretend you’re smart. Put absolutely nothing into the meso community whatsoever I’m not even sure why you’re here
  20. We already established it wasn’t PGanabolics I was talking about you downsydrome cunt and show me the email I posted ? I not once posted an email anywhere. It doesn’t get any more troll then you eh