SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. SYNrep

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    Please pm me and we can have a discussion pertaining to you acquiring a SYN list.

    Kindest regards,
  2. inobs22

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    2rd order done from @SYNrep, Nice communication, fast shipping !! 10/10!
  3. Test_Subject

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    How often do you order dude? You have a message about an order from Pareto on Dec 24th, then two orders in this thread since then.

  4. inobs22

    inobs22 Junior Member

    Back on track, and i order not only for me.
  5. Honk

    Honk Junior Member

    Looking at placing first order with SYN my last few orders from another source all got stopped at the border which sucked ball's big time.

    Always get nervous as hell send money to someone I dont know..
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  6. Yeah you can trust this guy. I would never pay money to someone to try and send it through the border fuck that, unless he sends it first no way in hell
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  7. Honk

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    Order placed simple cycle as not really ran anything in over a year. Other than TRT time to get this old body back in some sort of shape.

    So far so good fast polite great response
  8. inobs22

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  9. Send bro an email...
  10. Honk

    Honk Junior Member

    Order placed Thursday arrived Tuesday service great communication grate.

    Will review the products once I start using.

    Question best time of the day to take mk677 and Anadrol ? Thoughts pre post workout morning night etc
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  11. I'm not an MK guy, I prefer GH.
    BUT, guys with more knowledge than me claim that a few hours before bed is best.
    Utilize the time you pump most GH naturally and reduce lethargy during the days.

    I take Adrol with a light meal 1.5 hours PWO.
    But its probably been 10 years since I pounded Abombs... so my me.ory might be off on what works best.
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  12. inobs22

    inobs22 Junior Member

    Anadrol is gtg for sure. I prefer dbol for bloat.
  13. Honk

    Honk Junior Member

    Guys I've been reading up on double dose for first pin. A lot or mix reviews on this. What's the thoughts as I want to be blood levels up as quick as possible.

    Deca 500 and test 500 weekly I'm going to do. Any suggestion on caber also have read 0.5 pill twice a week is more than enough.

    Side note taken Anadrol and the mk677 for 4 days not sure if the gear is fucking amazing or it's all in my head but feels like pumps insane and my hunger level has gone through the roof it's like I'm just at that point of no control and if it looks edible in the cupboard I'm eating it....
  14. Mathg44

    Mathg44 Member

    I'm not a doctor, but I heard frontloading (pinning double the amount on the first dose) is a great way to kick-start your cycle
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  15. SYNrep

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    Dear clientele,

    If you have tried to private message me and gotten no response, you can contact me at

    Kindest regards,
  16. Should run a juicy promotion for your intro to meso ;)
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  17. SYNrep

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    PM or email me and let me know it is you. We can discuss this further.

    Kindest regards,
  18. Mathg44

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    Gtfo scam
  19. LVBB

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    I noticed you joined in 2015, but didn’t start posting until mainly this past year in which you spammed the forum with posts, told me to calm down when I was calling out Olympic, you dick ride the hell out of purple panda. What lab are you with @Mathg44?
    Tell us why this rep is a scammer? If you can provide some hard evidence I’ll support your statement 1000% otherwise gtfoh scammer
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  20. inobs22

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    Poor kid.