SYN Pharma 2018 - Canadian Domestic only.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Northern Nutrition, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Lol what the fuck are you talking about?
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  2. Mathg44

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    Junior members are indian scammer
  3. Mathg44

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    Because he Junior Member with no post. When I was Junior, I was treated like a scam :(
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  4. inobs22

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    I got my 2 order from @SYNrep and my friend @Nodaxx too. Fast shipping and Nice communication.
  5. Mathg44

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    Great to hear. Though he was just an imposter trying to receive payment. Sorry for being an idiot :oops:
  6. inobs22

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  7. lol reps are a bit different.

    they are Junior for a LONG period of time..
    At Meso, telhey are told to stay in their thread and to not spam either.

    Also, he was introduced by the SYN ownership as @Northern Nutrition replacement

    I'm sure NN would also have jumped in if he was a scammer too.
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  8. The SYNrep member is 100% legitimate.
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  9. EazyE

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    Good to see your presence here on Meso!
  10. Yeah what @EazyE said.

    Havnt seen you around since you switched to Pareto.
  11. I'm still around. I'm like herpes, I'm never really going away. And although I don't post in this thread any longer, I still log into Meso almost every day to answer email questions and requests from existing and new clientele.
  12. Harley00

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    Just put order in with synrep .was easy and fast to deal with.will check back when package arrives for update
  13. Harley00

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    Order received. Great lookin product synrep delivered on time just as he said.10/10 for service. Very professional.

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  14. The warning at the bottom of the oral packs made me LOL.

    "Hey, Doc. i bought some tablets that were pressed in some guys kitchen and the packaging advised me to get the go ahead from you first. So... Am i g2g?" :D:confused::)

    Ooooooh boy, anyway... 3 different orals, 3 different quantities. You guys up North just love to go against the grain, don't you? :D:p
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    When u see a sexy women in a mini skirt ,do you say dammm gotta get that? Well u aint try the product yet but she sure looks good.and im sure she was made on a back room table somewhere.
    Well same deal product looks good and service was i dont have any doubts its good gear im
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  16. i'll give you points for the analogy attempt.

    i've only heard good things about Syn. i just like to poke fun at some of the silly stuff that UGLs put on their labels to make them look more professional.

    Anywho, welcome to Meso. Enjoy those newly acquired goodies.
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  17. Harley00

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    Yeh never heard of any bad or fake syn as of yet ,thnx for the welcome.cheers
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  18. Honk

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    Update got my mk dbol deca 3 weeks ago now.

    People asking what I'm doing to grow lol. All good had to mess with my dosage and changed it up due to water problems but is going good.

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  19. They’ll have the answer to their question by week 5
  20. Test_Subject

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    Like Mission's batch numbers that were always the same number.
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