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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by mp46, May 1, 2019.

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    Shit day personally, as of today my job security is more volatile than the capped orals from Olympic Labs. Also got caught up for two hours later than I planned so I'm way behind tonight.

    I did however bump my rack pulls all the way to 225 today from 205?? Grip strength is getting there, did all the warmups up to 185 without straps and it gave out on the last rep. Even with straps I nearly lost it on the last set of 225 so there's still room to improve but much better than struggling with 135 and strapping up for anything north of that.

    VG is becoming easy to pin my mid week stuff of .6ml, not sure how much it can hold total, my large pins are 1.3ml. Orals are hard to keep track of since I have to take them at work with my schedule. I'm thinking about putting them in an old pill or vitamin bottle and just leaving it in my desk, no reason someone should get suspicious, let alone be going through my desk in the first place
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    Stick the orals in a old vitamin or prescription bottle, nobody would know the different. Or get one of those like Mon-tues-wed-thur-etc pill caddy things, and load it up for the week ahead of time. Btw, I just spent the last hour or so reading this whole thread, and your progress has been awesome man. Definitely subbed and gonna follow along. Who knows, I might give Mac a try myself! (if funds allow it) lol.
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    I have one of those pill things that attach to my car keys, never leave home without it!
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    Yea I tossed them in an script adex bottle, don’t have any empty vitamin bottles.

    @Whoremoans this is like week 12 or 13 and I’m completely satisfied with Mac, took a few weeks to get the synergy going but once we got into a groove of adjusting diet and training it’s been smooth. I can go back and look at the notes and diet and see what did what and do well on my own but the hundred whatever dollars a month is totally worth it.
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    kind of a copy/paste from my check in but fuck it I’m tired and still want to update y’all.

    Shit day at work again just shoved into meetings all day and staying late for them. Nearly fell asleep right in front of my boss talking to me during a meeting out of sheer boredom.

    That carried over to the gym, I was totally dead and exhausted today. Panting, out of breath, sweating, couldn’t stay hydrated, etc. I wanted nothing more than to throw up and take a nap. If I wasn’t accountable to @MacBuilt I’d have just gone home. I pushed through it and upped the leg press from 425 to 450 and the pain ive been dealing with came back. However, it went away before the end of the workout so I’ll try again next week before dropping weight.

    Squat stayed at 190. But I notice that my hands go numb towards the end of each set and no idea why. Not sure if I’m holding the bar wrong or I’m just pushing that hard on the lift that blood isn’t making it to my hands.

    I’m starting to wake up in night sweats when I go to the bathroom middle of the night, not sure if it’s tren related or not but the quality of sleep seems to still be there and I’m not waking up specifically for the sweating, just notice it when wake up to pee.

    I’m really struggling to get the last whole meal down the past couple of days. I just lose all appetite by the time I’m home from the gym and I’m even slow to get the post workout meal down. Not sure if Mac will make adjustments or just tell me to push through it since the mirror is still looking better. I’m fine with whatever he decides, the results are still coming so I’ll trust his decision.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve never been hungry in my 13 weeks working with Mac. Go back and look at my posts, you’ll constantly see me bitching about how full I am and feeling like I’m force feeding.
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    191.0 today.

    Hell of a week in and out of the gym. I managed 7 reps for 190 on bench from 8@185 last week.

    Went out to see a buddies band play last night so messed up some order of meals. Got home at 2:30 after talking to a girl. Woke up around 10 and messaged this chick, she mentioned going to a wedding and I joked about being her plus one and she said sure. So fuck all my meals I missed from wake up to noon, go to this wedding that has all kinds of shit food, I’m avoiding alcohol and trying to avoid shot food. She catches up with old friends who now want to go out and party. I told her if she wants me to go out she needs to take me to the gym and I just get a fuckin look.

    I’m sitting in the gym right now. I’m gonna get in trouble with this woman. Hung out for less than 24hrs and she’s taking me to the gym so I can go out with her tonight? Is this what love is like :eek:

    So needless to say my diet is fucked today, although I keep a tub of protein in the back seat. But she’s actually been helping me come up with alternative choices everywhere we’ve been. o_O
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    So I had a off kilter weekend and Sunday was sorely lacking in the nutrition department although I made smart decisions with the options I had, I simply didn't get close to hitting my total calorie intake. Thoroughly impressed with this new girls mentality and seemingly complete support that I can't hang out like that every weekend, she even suggested I just bring my prepped meals with me. Later on I dropped in on her conversation with a friend and she was talking about the gym on saturday where I told her we needed to go or I couldn't hang out that night. She was impressed that once we got there I encouraged her to go fuck off instead of trying to give her pointers or become her trainer. But we'll see how that mentality holds up for her though.

    As far as the gym itself I brought a new mentality in yesterday. I know how much I can lift to reach the desired reps per set. Yesterday I kind of said fuck it, I just loaded up questionable weight on every exercise and did everything I could to hit the rep range. Some movements I had to drop weight and some I barely, almost, kind of made it with the higher weight. But I now know how close I came and I'll load it back up next time, if I was half a rep from hitting that set I'm sticking with it till I get it.

    Whether it's actually beneficial physically I can't say, I'm already pushing and putting in all my effort in the gym to the point I want to throw up a lot. But the last two days has put me in a much, much better mood mentally. It's sort of a rush wondering if I'll be able to finish the next set, and it gives me that drive to prove myself wrong. I guess you can say I walk out in a better mood knowing I tried to do more and maybe missed a rep here or there compared to making sure I hit every single rep and set perfectly.

    As far as the food issues I'm still fighting the last whole meal of the day but Mac hasn't changed anything so I'm forcing it down. It's not that I'm stuffed or can't process the food; I simply heat up the meal and have zero desire to eat, no appetite. I'm pretty sure it's just a side of the stuff I'm on so I'm looking at this as part of the requirements to get the results we're after.
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    Been following this and seeing your progress. Sounds like life is throwing a lot at you outside of the gym, but keep that shit compartmentalized and out of your mind when it's gym time and meal times. Get it brother.
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    Maybe I was wrong about the tren. I forgot that my triceps are getting massive the last few weeks, enough that a workout pump is pushing them away from my body and I’m looking like that weird guy walking around the gym. And I’ve got veins on top of veins.

    Not sure what’s up with the contrast in the second photo but oh well.

    580353BB-563E-4DA3-BA3E-70E1DC3DCA02.jpeg D479E1E3-87FC-4D4C-8382-B80DC38B0A61.jpeg
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    You look great bro, be proud of the progress, as long as you aren’t the weird guy that runs around the gym flexing up on all the other jacked mutha fuckers then I think you are alright. I have some black dude that every fucking day I am in the gym, it doesn’t matter where I am in the gym this guy finds the need to locate my position and come over and flex in the mirror next to me. Sometimes it’s when I am training members and sometimes it’s when I am in the gym training myself. Fucking irritating. There aren’t many people I would let give me direction towards my fitness goals, but @Mac11wildcat would definitely be one of the only one I would let give me instruction. It’s not that I know everything because I definitely don’t, it’s more or less trust issues I have. You are in good hands brother
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    Long overdue update, just been busy with life, work and this new girl friend.

    I checked in at 185.6 yesterday which seems huge from Wednesdays 191ish? But I was severely dehydrated, Friday I was at 190.6 there were multiple issues that lead up to that but really I just need to pay attention and drink more water than I think some days

    We started last week revamping my diet and training. No longer fighting my food after the gym and cardio is kicking my ass. Almost every lift is up in weight or at least able to push through the last few reps easier. I can’t take over an hour every day to get in cardio, shower, etc on my lunch so I’m breaking off 10-15min some days and putting it at the end of the workout after work.

    Overall there’s 2 weeks left on this blast then some unwinding time. I plan to keep roughly the same training profile but not stress if life gets in the way. Instead of canceling plans because I’m running behind and still have 30min of cardio to do I’ll just say screw the cardio and adjust elsewhere.

    Once bloods normalize I’ll be right back with Mac for at least another 4 months. Transition into bulking diet and training for a month or so then run a 12 week bulk cycle. I would think 25-30lbs is attainable over the 4 months and retain 15-20+ of that as lean mass
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    Happens to me sometimes, hands and forearms go numb doing squats. Figured the blood was just moving down to the muscles getting used, but I don't know for sure either. Had parts of my legs go numb doing deadlift before, too.
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    Glad to know I’m not the only one. It’s always in the last few reps where I’m really trying to keep the core tight and push through the legs. I assume it’s the same concept when people pass out during a lift, pushing so hard the blood can’t make it to the limbs or brain, especially when the arms are above the heart.
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    If I recall correctly, I was told this is primarily due to how tightly packed shoulders are in squats and literally limiting blood flow to the arms.
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    Possible it was water related. Also possible it was just an overdue drop. The body does weird shit during diet phases.
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    That makes sense, too. Never had any ill effects from it anyway.
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    185.6. Great work mang!
  19. JP1979

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    185.6. Great work mang!
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    The last 2 weeks 191.0 vs today 186.6, so Saturdays 185.6 wasn’t completely due to dehydration.

    I made sure to hydrate last night and drank even more when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee so I could eliminate hydration this morning as a reason for dropping so much weight.

    Much flatter and more detailed muscles

    A6C4A466-890E-48F0-8954-89C0FC02D9AD.jpeg 75E2B5A4-B4C2-4903-8902-A573F7F43A88.jpeg