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    Nice work! Keep grinding bro!
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    Huge off day mentally from waking up, work, everything, just blah... I forgot my headphones so no music in the gym and it sucked. Listening to everyone bullshit and joking was getting annoying not sure if it slowed me down or had me working harder to get out of there sooner.

    I did however hit 225 on 3 sets of rack pulls so that's 20lbs up from last week, so there's that, but it didn't feel like that big of an accomplishment.
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    The other thing is diet, I'm right back to force feeding, even on training days. I'm still working on getting down my last whole meal and I've still got the bedtime meal/shake to go. Off training days are the worst, since we have and additional whole meal added in.

    I weighed in at 193ish over the weekend so I'm still dropping weight while strength is going up. Large shirts are getting tighter in the arms and chest, pants and underwear are filling out in the thighs. I just went clothes shopping last month too.....
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    Felt like shit and exhausted at the end of the day and dragged through the workout but got it all done, just sweating my ass off and panting by end. This week I was able to bump the leg press from 410 to 425 without any pain, squat from 185 to 195 and straight leg dead lift from 185 to 200

    Diet is getting worse in the fact that even cutting carbs I'm not really hungry and having to force down the meals. It's not that the food isn't appetizing, it smells and tastes great, I'm just staring at my meals in the afternoon onward thinking I'm in no way hungry so it becomes a workout in itself for the last meals. But the numbers are still going up in the gym and down on the scale so I'm not going to argue with Mac's plans.
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    Nice work brother. Been following along when I can but not close enough. What are your macros right now? Is something bogging down your appetite or just more calories then you’re used to consuming?
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    Great log and keep getting after it brother!
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    Not sure on the current macros as he doesn’t break it down any more, just sends the diet. We started around 2,000 and I wasn’t even hungry then. If I get some time I’ll try to break it down but it’s tedious because food is measured in cooked weight and nutrition facts sometimes aren’t clear whether they’re talking cooked or raw weight. I’d guess were somewhere around 2500-2800, if not more.
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    That VG pin from Wednesday is killing me after the 4.5 mile run yesterday but thats my fault for pinning virgin muscle in leg day then going for a run the next day.

    Forgot my headphones today so it was weird hearing people’s conversations but gym was pretty empty so it was kind of nice. I managed 7 solid reps at 185 on bench, which I’m more happy with than my 8 sketchy ass ones from last week.

    Caught myself staring in the mirror so decided to just snap a somewhat casual picture. I’m around 193 right now and that’s a large shirt I’m starting to fill out.

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    Keep on killing it dude. Massive improvements.
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    I'll have to check the calendar but we're only 4 or 5 weeks into the blast so very little results can be attributed to gear, just my TRT dose, the rest is me just knocking out the diet and training plans you send over.
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    Big ups and downs this week. Went to the ER Monday with horrible pain somewhere around my pancreas or gall bladder, lots of pain meds and whatever it was took care of itself. I missed all the training and only ate two meals.

    Tuesday I made all the meals and training like nothing happened but I slowed it down in the gym to be sure.

    Wednesday I didn’t try changing weight,

    I’ve got stuff to do this weekend so I went to the gym early today. Hit a 95% legit bench of 185 or 8. Had one rep get a quarter bounce off my chest and hip started coming off the bench on one but I wasn’t giving up. Had a guy start walking my way to help cause it was taking a while to get the last rep, but I was stoked.

    When it came to dumbbell incline ladder I grabbed 50s instead of 40 or 45s like normal and said fuck it after the second set. Couldn’t push 10 reps at the top set but I was still happy I got 50 everywhere else.

    I’ll get pictures posted later today after I get everything loaded for the trip but pumps, vascularity, muscle growth, and fat loss are simply insane from where we were even only a few weeks ago. There hasn’t been one person who’s seen me in the last week or so that hasn’t mentioned how I’m looking.
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    Saw the photo update today. MP is fucking crushing it.
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    Check in pics plus the sterotypical one after the gym.

    DBFD8ED1-7771-4659-A2C8-8C8BDEC5EDB6.jpeg 10C0E66F-F56C-47DF-BD3D-9C8F3BF2E634.jpeg C73D1428-2703-47D3-AA98-4F6846FB391A.jpeg

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    Hit 190.0 this morning

    Long weekend out in nature, no training Saturday or dedicated cardio all weekend. Didn't get much sleep either, just running around cooking all manner of food and trying to chug water. I ended up getting a head cold or something Sunday evening; sore throat and clear runny nose so I'm trying to stay on top of vitamins and water before it develops into something else.

    Nothing spectacular Monday or Tuesday, I bumped some dumbbell lifts another 5lbs.

    Today was legs, I bumped legpress from 410 to 425 which is where we were weeks before but this time there's no pain and I wasn't getting blurry vision while going at it so I'm happy with that. I bumped squats from 185 to 190 and could have done 195 looking back, but I'm looking for consistent results without risking injury. Grip strength is getting better but holy shit, even holding 30lb dumbbells for lunges gets to you after long enough.
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    Thanks. This became so much easier once results started rolling in and now it’s an addiction.

    We're only half way through the cycle and Mac’s last email was along the lines of “you’re getting the results you wanted now you have to decide how far you want to take it.” So of course we're kicking it into overdrive these last 6 weeks and taking it as far as we can. I figure the more cutting and recomp we accomplish now the better we set up for a bulk in the fall, I’ll cut cardio and have more cheat meals then.
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    Solid plan. Keep driving hard.

    The real question - how do YOU feel?? Clothes have got to fit different on you now.

    Also, I like your avatar. That is all.
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    I feel great, I'm filling out the chest and arms of my large shirts instead of the gut and I'm down a pant size. I do miss just eating random shit when I crave it but it's maybe once a week when I get that feeling, either way that'll come back in moderation, gotta unfuck the damage I did.
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    Local grocery store had sales on a lot of meat, not prime grade or whatever but still good enough. Picked up 20+ lbs of sirloin, 20+ of split chicken breasts, and 10lbs of pork chops for under $100. Glad I cleaned out the deep freeze last weekend, I can't pass these deals when they pop up.
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    191.6 and getting back the water I couldn’t stomach with that head cold.

    Hit a legit 185 on bench for all 8 reps. Mediocre workout otherwise with a lot on my plate with work and shit.

    Went out tonight for a friends birthday; had a glass of whiskey for the first time in maybe 6 months followed by a braised pork brisket dish, it actually wasn’t that bad health wise but nowhere close to the diet. Either way mac keeps saying I need to take the cheat meals he gives me. Now it’s off to the bars and watching everyone get drunk, not sure how long I’ll hang on, it’s way past my bedtime already.