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    The body does weird shit during diet phases. That’s why we didn’t make a change this weekend; i suspected this might be the result. ;)

    Look at those abs bro :cool:
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    Long overdue update but I've had a lot going on in my personal life and I hate making half assed posts here for you all to follow.

    Last week was the end of the cycle/blast and did my final injection Saturday, actually, I had .4ml of a compound left so I injected it yesterday with my TRT dose so no real pct for me. I'll be getting bloodwork done this week, I'm not too concerned about what my test levels are so I'm not rushing to get the bloods now, I'm more concerned with liver values and stuff from the orals so we have an idea of recovery time before starting the bulk in a few months.

    The diet started slipping a little the last two weeks because of celebrations and family events but I made sure to track macros and make substitutions for the most part. As a result weight went from 185ish to 186-188ish however I've noticed big gains in the arms and legs in the same period; shirts and pants are much tighter with more abs visible so we still made progress.

    We still have a few weeks to go as Mac plans the deload but the esters will still be in my system for a week or two. I then plan to play around with the workouts myself and substitute in some movements as there's already a few that are getting stagnant. Although, we managed to run the same workout plan for about 15 weeks before we started stalling in places, which tells me Mac was able to plan a solid training scheme from the beginning.

    As far as results; I started the plan 17 weeks ago around 205, hit a low of 184, and hovering around 187 now. I didn't hit the scale goal in the 170s I wanted but Mac's training packed on a lot more muscle than I ever expected and my look in the mirror more than makes up for any weight number I hoped for. Besides, no one gives a fuck how much you weigh when your arms and chest are popping out of shirts and your buddies girlfriends are even making comments.

    Overall I'm ecstatic with the results and getting on board with Mac was worth every penny. There were some hiccups in the first few weeks as he learned to be an online coach and I figured out what the hell half the words he used meant but after the first few weeks I just did what he said and asked questions as needed. There were less then a handful of times he was hard to get a hold of but he announced that in his thread so it's not like it was unexpected and he left me hanging.

    I came off a few injuries that weren't gym related late last year and I managed to bench around 120 when I started 17 weeks ago, I'm now up to 195 for 1x9. I hit things like Leg press 450 for 3x15 then jump right into 205 squats for 3x12, started off with something like 325 and 135 or 150. Rack pulls are limited to grip, even with straps, but 225 for 3 sets is a 7/10 effort. I tried 275 but grip gave out after 5 reps. When I started I couldn't hold a barbell with 135 without straps, now 185 is where grip gives out and I can get a few reps in at 225 before putting on straps. Dumbbell presses I use 40-55s depending on set/reps when I started out with 35s and curls are 30-35 DBs when 20 was standard back then.

    I've had a few people ask me if the experience was worth it and I say absolutely, I'm confident the issues we had the first month were jut growing pains that have been solved. Also, just not stressing about things and having someone on call was worth the hundred whatever dollars a month I spent. The big things were that Mac explained any changes and went into detail with any questions, he wanted me to learn what we were doing and why so I could build my own programs when I was done with his coaching. The other thing was he never pushed drugs, He asked about previous cycles and what I was currently taking when I did the onboarding and that was it. He never brought drugs up again, I had to broached the subject 5 weeks later about starting a cycle. Even then he didn't tell me what to take, he wanted to see what kind of cycle I would plan and why, then he added his commentary, and the final numbers he recommended were far lower than what I see people taking in their posts around here. Again, he stressed diet and training, drugs were a tool, not a crutch.

    As I mentioned before I still have 2 weeks I think left under Mac before I start trying things out. I want to get back to a more relaxed diet as there have been some additions in my life that are putting a larger stress on getting meals dialed in. I also don't want to feel guilty for having to cancel plans because I need to hit the gym, I'd much rather cancel the gym to enjoy time with family (although Mac has told me to cancel the gym anyway for family stuff, I wouldn't have lived it down.)

    I plan to try and trim down a little slower the next few months and then build into a massive bulk cycle, again run by Mac, once bloods say we can. Probably 4 months under his coaching with a 12 week cycle in there. I'm sure he can make a plan to pack on 30lbs in that time frame, which would be my goal. That would bring me to around 215 at 5'10ish and im sure we could keep a solid 20lbs of that through a cut in the spring/summer. But he'll have a better idea of what's possible as we get closer to that.

    I'll work to get pictures posted this weekend and try to get some side by side collages made of checkin photos and gym photos.
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    Awesome job.
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    Felt like complete ass yesterday and just plain burnt out we dropped all the orals a week ago and injectables are fading so I’m not sure what it was and I didn’t care. I was at some conferences and didn’t even care what I ate. They had an open breakfast and lunch so I pigged the fuck out on eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, fruit and bread; then all kinda of bbq for lunch. Skipped the gym, went home and ate a close to a half gallon of ice cream that’s just been sitting in the freezer. Then passed out for close to 10 hours.

    Woke up this morning feeling much better and ready to work. I usually hate my Saturday workout but it’s short so it was a good compromise. Today I changed it all up.

    Seated row warm ups then 3x12 @120

    MTS high rows 3x12 @ 55, 65, 75 per arm.

    Rear dealt face pulls 3x12 @50

    Run the rack dumbbell rows. Warmed up to a max of 10reps. 30, 50, 75, 85 then maxed out at 100lbs and had to strap up for it. I felt I could go higher but I couldn’t grip the 110 or 115 even with straps. Ran the rack down in 5lb increments to failure, with no rest between, which was around 8-12 reps on the higher weights and 12-15 then 20+ reps when I got below 20lbs.

    2x12 barbell bicep curls @60lbs

    The girlfriend joined me and she made it to 25lbs on the DB rows which is actually more than I expected. Shes taking to the weights a lot better than I expected her to. Getting her to eat is the problem and she doesn’t drink water intra-work out. It’s hard enough to get her to have half a scoop protein preworkout out and 1 post workout. Trying to get her sipping water intra workout at least since we'll eventually be adding some EAAs in. But right now I’m just concerned with getting the basic down and getting her in a rhythm.
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    Couldn’t bend over to get my shoes on this morning, barely made it with bending over and bringing my foot up. Flexibility has been horrible lately and getting worse so I skipped cardio at lunch and spent an hour stretching.

    ISO-lateral decline press. Warmups then 3x10 @180, 1x8 failure @200, Failure of 12 @140

    Pec fly machine (not pecdec)
    3x12 @100; leaned into the last few reps.

    Incline DB press
    2x12@45, 1x10@50, 1x10@55

    DB shoulder press
    1x12 @35, 1x10@35, longer rest 2x10@40

    Ez bar high pulls
    2x15 @70, 1x12@ 90

    Arnold presses
    1x12 @20, 2x12@25

    Tricep rope push down
    2x12 @50. I’m usually around 62-65 so I used more tricep in some of this new stuff

    Ez bar push down
    2x12 @ 65 which is where I normally am?? Second set failed at 9 reps dropped to 58lbs to finish out 12.

    Treadmill - 5min 6mph @4%. Got totally gassed, Went home had my post workout meal then did a 2mile run around 18-20min. 15min is typical on a fresh set of legs if I push it.
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    Nice log... @mp46

    Don't u tell me wtf I can bring in Ogh's food thread. @Logan44551 asked me a question and I answered it. If I wanna make a thread about how big of a condescending cunt you are and what you did, I will. Fanboi

    That's false. I didn't quote or reply to anyone, wft are you talking about?
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    BTW It is a good log you should've kept it going. I don't shit on ppl's log. I just wanted to get your attention.
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    @Seven why here...a tag wouldve gotten his attention anywhere.

    let’s hope this thread doesn’t get fucked too.
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    Why? Bc of his post/reply, last part really pissed me off, he should have let it go, but he's got a big mouth and thinks he's smarter than everyone else....

    He doesn't know shit about Ogh's food thread. Like I said Logan asked a question, I presented the correct answer. And I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do with my time. That's definitely none of his business.