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  1. Yes, thank you for the reminder.
    Here it is:

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  2. So i have posted my bloods right here in this thread. I hope brothers will actually look at and scrutinize them with all their expertise and help me (not the F-ing UGL) and the rest of us determine whether the gear we are injecting into our bodies is doing the things we read that compounds are likely to do i.e. side effects.
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  3. I understand and respect that. But whatever you do or dont, stick around. Peace bro.
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    Posting bloods is a great contribution especially for new members. I did a whole lot of that then. Ill look over yours when i have some time. Thanks for getting it done
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    Goddamn you suck. That's my summer blast right there. How long and how much you plan on running. When are you starting.
  7. Pinning strictly EOD: Test Cyp/masteron/NPP 100mg each. The Test cyp is from my TRT doc and the Mast and NPP are from this lab (TSL).
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    What was the dosage you were using and pin schedule ?
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    I agree that with newer members it's harder to trust the info being offered by us/them. I though have said multiple times that being in NY and having a hard getting consistently timed blood work is a pain in the ass. I have had to make choices based solely on "feel". I don't think this should make me less credible. I plan on contributing as much as I can an hope to be considered trustworthy. It was mentioned that blood work is a piece of the puzzle. The others are all those added benefits the aas offers. Those are my contributing pieces. It is also why I am pretty much only on this thread. It was the last lab I ran and am finishing it up now. With all that's been said so far so good.
  10. Pinning strictly EOD: Test Cyp/masteron/NPP 100mg each. The Test cyp is from my TRT doc and the Mast and NPP are from this lab (TSL).
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    I've heard that is a good combination. Hypothetically, I might prefer sust. to cyp and run each at 150mg EOD.
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    You feeling ok? Your WBC count is rather high indicating an infection. Using an AI, if so, whats your dosing and where is it from? Estrogen is a bit high, any symptoms?
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  13. Using the Cyp only because its available to me via doctor.
    I have considered upping my dose but i figured this is my first time running a stack with more than just 2 compounds, so i figured i just stay with what i started, see it all through and then reflect during recovery. There will be another cycle one day, I will probably use higher doses then. But still contemplating my bloods. Looking forward to brothers feedback/questions, etc.
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    I think you will like the results at those levels for your first run stacking compounds. Good combination for both strength and look.
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    What exactly do you want to know? Your RX test comes out to about 6x but that shouldnt be an issue its from your doctor...
    Other compounds cannot be measured thru lab work. Only test
    Btw your estro is out of range(obviously)
    I do fine with estro. If it were me i wouldnt change a thing or add AI. But thats me
  16. My WBC is always elevated. Doc cant figure out why. I wonder if it ain't just fibromyalgia as I'm always in subtle chronic pain.

    Not using any AI...although i have aromasin on hand. I do not feel nor observe anything out of the norm as to my E2. I feel good. I have 3 weeks left to the cycle anyways.
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  17. Thanks, i agree, i dont want to add AI unless absolutely necessary. I feel not an itch, not lump, nothing. My mood is fine, not emotional, making progress in the gym. Libido is fine.

    I beg to differ bout the other compounds not being able to be measured. Nevertheless, correct me if I'm wrong. For instance, this report i chose with NPP in mind, and you can see that prolactin is in fact elevated. Also, last test i think i did that just 3 weeks prior, my e2 was 58 and now its up to 77. The only change was introducing NPP into the stack.

    Moreover, the 3 weeks ago bloods I am referring to i picked a panel focusing on masteron. That was a very telling report. All i read about DHT and what affects it has such as SHGB, igf-1, etc. All that stuff was evident on the report.
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    Yeah, i have no idea how to evaluate prolactin lvl with NPP blood lvls. Or masteron with the lvls in the blood. It would be a very crude 3rd hand measurement for anything definitive
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  19. Me neither bor. LOL Thats why I'm asking those that really scrutinze their bloods to chime in. We AAS users are always above normal range, but when our numbers are high, when is it really a concern vs "that normal" in our world. That make any sense?
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    Am i missing something here
    Are u claiming the gear is bunk or underdose
    You have test from your doc the other compounds wont show up i think
    And is there any other bloods we can compare it too

    Thats kinda the point here to see you exsiting bloods (testosterone level) and compare then after you pin
    Am i wrong