What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

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  1. tengtren

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    its decent, I want to try some others. Yeah bake it for 20 at 425, add whatever then 10 more on 450
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    I would too if it weren't so expensive or I was a seasoned hunter with access to some good private woodlands and a giant freezer.
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    Yeah man. I agree. I haven’t eaten any of those wild animals or bison just because I haven’t found it nor have anyone who hunts it have me some. I’ve been sticking to bird/fish.
    I Probably should have worded it as; “if I’m going to eat red meat, I’ll eat...”
  4. Hawkins

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    Sweet, thanks.

    These are pretty good. Small though. I can eat two with extra cheese and toppings easily...

  5. Rockclimber

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    Same old, same old.

    16oz chicken breast
    2.5 cups white rice
    Dinner #1
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  6. tengtren

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    How's the chicken prepared?
  7. TideGear

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    How did you season it? Looks good
  8. TideGear

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    15462222543618702452929855486276.jpg White bean chicken chili with bacon and jalapenos
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    The chicken is browned in a saucepan before the curry sauce is poured on and allowed to cook fully. Super simple.
  10. We are going "Cajun night " in Oregon for New Years .
    Black eyed-peas/ham/yams/collared greens/shrimp/rice w/ cornbread/butter . xmas 18 001.jpg

    HAPPY NEW YEARS 2019 !! :D ~Ogh
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    Massaman Curry - happy new year hombres. received_379900762585258.jpeg
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  12. Hey @Notits ! Longtime brother , Happy New Years !! :) :cool: ~Ogh
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    IMG_1333.JPG Cherry pie fukin teng style
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    I had a little trouble getting the top on, it's almost done
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  16. No problem....it will taste the same as a perfect pie ;)
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    It does! :D

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  18. Remember....its got CHARACTER !! ;) :p
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    Instant pot pot roast. Turned out pretty good! IMG_20190101_165111.jpg IMG_20190101_144136.jpg IMG_20190101_144201.jpg IMG_20190101_144139.jpg
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    Happy New Year!

    Sautéed Cabbage
    Black Eyed Peas