What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

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  1. Logan44551

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    That looks killer. Walk me through it, how do you prep them?
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  2. Human_backhoe

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    Inside round cut for stir fry, 3 dozen eggs. Sweet potato, white rice. Top with salsa and smoked Tabasco.

    Brown the meat with tons of garlic ( I am a garlic farmer).

    Scramble the eggs

    Add topping.

    So simple to make and perfect for 4 am pre workout

    I put them in tinfoil so I can warm them in toaster oven.
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    I could spend days on this thread haha
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    Best thing going on Meso for sure
  5. Artifex

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    I think so. .. my favorite
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    5A6A14FB-EF75-4792-9F03-65F9A56A8AD3.jpeg C478B711-B188-405D-9269-8175E6B8049B.jpeg
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  8. Sworder

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    This will be my first and only meal of the day! Well, I will wake up and have a couple more protein shakes actually.
    75 grams of protein in the big ones and 35 in the small one.
    Carne Asada with Cuban style black beans and some mashed up avocados, oh crap I forgot to add lemon juice... Whatever.. And then whole wheat tortillas with white onion obviously and a lime. :D

    Oh yeah, and I fucking have to.
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    Oh, and there is aluminum foil under the table mats because my kitty has been jumping up. ^^'
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    20191208_060207.jpg pork loin, papaya,cabbage, tomato, onion, rice, in a tamarind soup.
  10. Sworder

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    My meal of the day, shrimp, black beans, red cabbage with corn, cilantro a bit of light sour cream, vinegar and lemon juice, avocado with red onion and that is pretty much it. 20191207_202057.jpg

    + 2 1/2 protein shakes
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  11. Fryguy

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    Shrimp and cauliflower "grits" 20191208_081551.jpg
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    That's your meal for the day? Nice! You must do crossfit right?
  13. Sworder

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    Not crossfit! It's a new style, called aerial yoga! I can do the splits now :)
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    Some nice shrimp dishes showing up lately. Love some shrimpos.
  15. Im not going to argue the point ; that would be pointless...:p :p :p
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    It was a coworker, but it might as well have been mine! I ate more of those little cheesecakes than anyone else. And picked wing stop for lunch. I’d say I won.
  17. Those look great....Im a sucker for cheesecake ! :)
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  18. TheH0517

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    Cheesecake and ice cream are the only things that would keep me from stepping on a stage!:rolleyes:
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  19. Ive always loved Crispbread , especially Wasa Multi-Grain . Ive ate this since the 1980"s when I read in Muscle & Fitness all the top BB"ers ate it , especially Frank Zane. Great w/ Tuna Salad and good fiber . With my leftover Beef Stew ....