What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

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  1. Wikipedia : Danish is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish.
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  2. Does anyone have a good recipe for broiled Sworder ,
    I mean Swordfish ?? o_O :p
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  3. johntt44

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    So I brought 2 meals to work today. I ate 1 at 6:30am and the other at 10am. I wont be home til 7pm. I need to stop looking at this thread!
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  4. Endure

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    Beef Jerky is works best friend sometimes for a quick quality snack to fight the hunger pangs... that and lots of gum ;)
  5. gr8whitetrukker

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    Grilling weather is still here in TX
    Country ribs from sams. 7 lbs of em for $10
    All protein no carbs. Keep em coming
  6. Sworder

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    My meal for yesterday! Chicken Pesto Pasta.
    I boiled some heavy cream mixed with garlic, some parmesan and pesto until it reduced. Added the sauce to the pasta and I had boiled the chicken earlier. Added the tomatoes for the look more or less.
    Any tips on how to make it taste better is appreciated.
  7. Great Deal Trukker ! ;)
    Theres always a middle period here on Meso inbetween Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas turkey when only red meats and pizza gets ate . This is that time....:cool:
  8. Sworder

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    It's actually a pretty funny dynamic those three country have. Danish people speak as if they have oatmeal in their mouth. Norwegian has some weird words.

    Swedish people understand Norwegian easier than Danish. And nobody understands the Finnish people. Nobody really messes with the Finnish people. Not even the Russians.
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  9. Artifex

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    Actually I ate swordfish steak in St Marteen
    Was amazing ( with little peppers ) was grilled on hot stone
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  10. movingiron88

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    Interesting. I never knew that about the Finns. They are supposed to be tough people? Tell me more I'm intrigued?
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  11. Endure

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    Looks great and that kind of price is a steal.
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  12. Sworder

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    Yeah the Finns are said to be born with a knife in their pocket and live in the desolate freezing dark place between Sweden and Russia.

    Around WW2 1939-1940, the USSR tried invading Finland. Keep in mind we are talking the USSR vs a small little country.

    They fought in -40 to -50F and tried gaining some territory against the Finnish people. Didn't work so well to say the least, after a couple months the USSR gave up.

    They have funny habits. After skiing fourty or fifty miles in the cold they drill a hole in the freezing water; jump in the sauna then into the water all while drinking a bunch of vodka and slapping themselves with birch leaves. People become pretty damn weird and tough living in places where it is dark all the time and it is freezing cold.

    Finnish people have a reputation! It's pretty much on par with Russians, I would think Finnish people wrestle bears too but maybe it's too damn cold there even for the bears. They tend to have really piercing blue eyes too. They have a definite look.

    I looked up the causalities of that Winter war:
    "According to Nikita Khrushchev, 1.5 million men were sent to Finland and one million of them were killed, while 1,000 aircraft, 2,300 tanks and armored cars and an enormous amount of other war materials were lost. Finland's losses were limited to 25,904 dead or missing and 43,557 wounded. " - Not a great source but gives a rough estimate.
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  13. Eman

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    Salad's can't be cheat meals, man. You gotta up your game. :)

    This is a gyro bowl. Roasted lamb, cucumber-tomato salad, feta, tzatziki, white rice, pita.

  14. Artifex

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    Actually I was just thinking about making some lamb
    Thanks for the idea ( love gyro )
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  15. Sworder

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    Did you make it yourself? Just greek yogurt, garlic and some cucumber?
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  16. Human_backhoe

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    Damn that looks good! Haha you're right. I'm on it!
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  17. Eman

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    I got a deal on that lamb... Like 5.99/lb. I haven't gotten my deep freezer set up at my house yet or I would have bought like 20 of them.
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  18. Artifex

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    What part of the lamb is good ( easier to make ) ?
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  19. Logan44551

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    Man love me some Greek food. Haven't seen you in the foodie thread for awhile. We miss your pics, @Eman is always eating good!
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  20. Eman

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    The leg probably... If you want something like a roast. Lamb chops are easy though. It's just difficult to find good lamb in the US, at least in my experience. Imported seems to be better - what I had was Australian.

    I couldn't post pics for the longest time for some reason...I stopped by this thread every so often to try and it wouldn't work. Now I'm just out of habit lol, I'll try to start posting more often. I have a Christmas party on Friday night that I'm cooking for... Haven't decided what to make yet. Considering meatballs with bourbon glaze.