What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

Discussion in 'Nutrition / Supplements Forum' started by Oregongearhead, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Cranberry juice reminds me of the Departed, period?
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  2. I read some articles on cranberry juice benefits and decided to drink it at least once a day , in between all the water and coffee I drink ...
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    Chicken no rice and veggies
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  5. 005.jpg
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  6. Logan44551

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    Was just talking to a co-worker about this. Probably comes out amazing on the traeger
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    Greeeeeeeeeek 20200215_200643.jpg
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    I should not read this thread....now I am hungry again...
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  9. ickyrica

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    You get a traeger, dude? That things looks brand new!
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  10. B Ware

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    It’s brisket smoking day!:)

    Got the family coming in town to stay a night next weekend so it’s Sunday fun day around here. I’ll be in the yard doing work around the house so smoking some meat just seemed necessary.

    @Logan44551 you seem to do a lot of smoking. So I’ve always read 1.5 hours per pound. But my last brisket was 9 lbs and I smoked/cooked it 9ish hours at 275 - 300 and it came out perfect. Today’s brisket is a almost a 10lb. What’s your thoughts? I don’t have a fancy traeger yet so my temp does fluctuate during cooking time a bit.
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    Left over brisket + Texas toast + cheese for days = heaven
  12. No not yet....thats a repost from my FB Keto group . Plus where would I get a gator in Oregon , besides the Zoo ? :p :p
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    @HIGHRISK will hook it up! I was going to say those are some nice rocks, too. Easy on the feet haha.
  14. Heres the original post , read the caption....:p Dont joke with Daddy !!

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  15. Logan44551

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    Not sure bro, last brisket I over cooked the crap out if it. I got tri-tips and a couple other things down. Always had a hard time with brisket.
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  16. Made up a big batch of Hamburger/rice/veggie mix for the next couple days....:cool:

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  17. And as usual I"ll be routing for #8 Dale Earnhardt Jr to win the big one at Daytona today ...:cool:

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    Went and knocked out a modest back workout. Sitting at 258# and getting thinner. Two thumbs up for armour thyroid btw. Sweating like a mother fucker at the gym now. It has to be doing something good. IMG_20200216_133921.jpg Post workout meal. Six jumbo eggs, six sausage links, three slices of dkb white break and an overly potent bloody Mary. Party on Wayne
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  19. Did you have low thyroid ?
  20. ickyrica

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    Very hypo. I had no clue, but a new primary ran a bunch of blood tests and found some issues. Hypothyroidism and literally zero vitamin d were two of my bigger issues.

    You hypo?
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