What R U Eating ? ~OGH wants to know.....

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  1. Looks like he wont be racing after all , he will be "honorary starter" :confused: ??
  2. Then you need Armour and Vitamin D supplement .
    I take 5000iu Vit D everyday . Very important to keep Vit D levels high .
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    Thought he retired?
  4. Looks like he did...or did he really ? o_O
  5. Its basically Camaro vs Mustang with a few hopped-up Toyota Camrys thrown in....:rolleyes: There are no Dodges racing in Nascar right now .
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    Until Ford offers the 358 ci FR9 10,000 rpm capable race engine to the general public i will hold my disdain for "stock car" racing. Dont even get me started on toyota. They have absolutely no reason to be there
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  7. I know , "stock cars" are really what we drive . What they drive are tube framed posers with 550 hp !!
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    Nascar gives guidelines and one of them is a 358 ci limit and rear wheel drive car. None of those mfgs offer that combo. Ford, chevy and dodge at least have v8 rear wheel drive cars in their production offerings. Toyota has none of the above. Bullshit
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    Pre Workout, this cereal is friggin awesome
  11. Honey-Nut Cheerios Rules !! ;) :p

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  13. My wife likes that one....I use cereal as a calorie supplement when I up my calories....taste good too .
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    And lots of beer
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    1lb carne asada IMG_20200218_065716998.jpg
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    20200216_214628.jpg Dirty rice casserole with sausage and chicken. Found the recipe on fb and it's awesome!
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    What gets me about this thread is I'll have just eaten then see some photos and be hungry again

    Start posting photos of nasty looking food instead pls thx :p
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    There is no better chicken recipe than my chicken thighs. I always have prepared thighs in the fridge. I bake em till the fat melts and crisps in to the meat. And at $.99/lb it is impossible to beat
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    Haha. I thought you had snuck in to Texas and snagged a swamp lizzard. Lol.
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    Damn your guys food looks way better than mine hahahaha my shit looks so bland lol

    6oz organic ground turkey
    2 cups white rice 20200212_182934.jpg