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  1. Matydarko

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    The show is good(late 60's,Mel Brooks comedy,i believe?)the reference to it probably not so much.
  2. flenser

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    A good show to be sure, but I really wouldn't want to play a roll - this time :D
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  3. 1forthegeeks

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    Guess I am not apart of the mass email club :(

  4. gearusing

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    I get email updates from PEP. Send him a pm or something.
  5. 1forthegeeks

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    Lol pep has my email, unless he has his minions running his op. Or else I wouldn't know I got something special coming.

    Just didn't see many motivational quotes :p
  6. gotPEP

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    1for "may this day be the begining of a new trek towards your destiny of greatness, freakish size, and small balls". There's your motivational quote for the day. Wouldn't want you feeling left out buddy!

    And I'm the only person any one communicates with. I refuse to deal with "he said/she said" garbage....
  7. 1forthegeeks

    1forthegeeks Member

    Haha read this quote, then checked my tracker! How did he know :D!

    Is Pep Santa Claus???
  8. CristianoV91

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    Santa is in town? Has anyone ordered from his site?
  9. 1forthegeeks

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    I'm not as patient as Ballz so I will be making my switch tonight. You guys can catch my log in the cycle section in a few.
  10. CristianoV91

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    Got my answer as soon as I posted it lmao.
  11. gearusing

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    I received my order yesterday too. I will be posting up pictures later today.
  12. Kane.d3

    Kane.d3 Member

    Yes, several times and will continue to, great communication and T/A. Gear is solid quality too. AA+++
  13. Kane.d3

    Kane.d3 Member

    Fastest communication and T/A I have dealt with yet
  14. cmackdown

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    Hey 1for can you keep count of how many cc's are in there. The liquid looks really low on the bottle. But if dbolman says he is good to go it must be true. He bashes most of the others and he seems honest. Lol
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  15. yeeyee

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    I hope you are kidding bro...
  16. 1forthegeeks

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    I didn't know Dr Bowman PHD has tried his gear yet. To know its GTG he must have had it for at least a month yea?

    But once I kill one jug of tren I will play chemist for you and move over another jug to count the ml. I don't have any 10ml pins so the results will be slightly off, hopefully it's a bit overfilled to compensate for the oil left behind in the bottom of the needles and jugs.

    I did notice that the test was higher than the tren, you can see the levels best in my latest image I loaded up from my laptop in the pictures section.

    GotPep, what do you usually fill them to? Exactly 10 or more?
  17. Thanx Kane , I think I will ....OGH :D
  18. 1forthegeeks

    1forthegeeks Member

    Also, you guys can't use the labels on the vials to measure fill volume from a picture.

    GP used a different bottle, which is a lot taller and wider than the ones you are familiar with from BL. On average they all tended to fall right at the label, the two test e jugs were the ones above it.
  19. searay

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    GotPEP thnx the eagle has landed! Def bigger vials almost look like 15 ml vials if there is such a thing! But bigger than 10ml vial and smaller than 20ml jugs! Definitely at least 10ml in them!
  20. gotPEP

    gotPEP Member

    I went back and forth on using these vials because they don't look "full" when filled with 10ml. But they are so freaking strong and durable I've decided to stick with them. I actually use a very expensive pump that you can set to dispense exactly 10ml, which one of my guys broke this week :mad: Reading through some of these posts I think starting next week I'll begin filling them with 10.5 ml. That way there is NEVER a question as to whether or not I put 10ml in each vial. I make everything but 2 compounds in 1,000ml batches. So I will lose 5 bottles per every 100, but I think it'll be worth it to avoid any future discrepancies.
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