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    I don't believe Kane is in on it, probably went from friendly talk and a stash of gear in return for a little help.

    PEP gives me a fuckin vibe though. besides what I pointed out before it's just a feeling like this is someone we've seen before. I read that whole herc thread and it's like if you just read his responses it's the same dude.
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    I don't think the writing styles are all that similar. I get where you're coming from but I don't think PEP is Herc.
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    Pep to be herc or pep not to be herc that is the question that is see. I want to see some blood work here
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    Heres the free gear PEP sent me. 2 vials of testosterone enanthate. I should have feedback in 6 weeks. Thanks PEP.

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    There's nothing wrong with any of you having or voicing your personal opinions. I like how deep people dig here. I have a feeling if anyone ever tried to build something here on a dishonest platform it would be torn to shreds quickly. I have gotten some great advise (unsolicited) from a couple vets here.
    1. Answer questions quickly and honestly
    2. Conduct yourself in a professional manner
    3. Don't try to BS people around here

    That was my gameplan before their advice and will continue to be so.

    As so many have said about me "only time will tell".....
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    I won't post anymore about this, everyone has their opinions and they have their right to express them. There are only 2 sources I back and I do it because of the service and quality of gear. I partner with nobody and I source nothing. I like to bump good sources because I feel bad every time I have to read a post saying "I think I got scammed", thats why I go out of my way to bump sources that do biz right. I also bump precisionpinz for their prices and service and House of Pain cuz I love their clothes. Nobody is giving me anything free for my word. It's out there because I want it to be. If you know me and see me on other boards you will know I am just as quick to urge people away from other sources I have had bad experiences with or have heard from good bros to stay away from. Having said my peace, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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    Hi I placed an order to PEP using the promo code bringing my balance under$100 for payment. Is this going to be a problem anyone know?
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    Weightup, your fucked...

    Nah dude he waived minimums for now and I've placed an order under 100 and it's on its way
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    Cool Thanks man
  10. Kane.d3

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    Thanks PEP, decided to try some orals this time. On the money again bro.

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    Damn that looks good, can't wait for my presents to come. If mine look and taste as good. I will have to place another order.

    Apple Ijuice2 phone

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    Idk I'm still not sold something I'm my guy tells me to stay away. Answer this if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make noise?
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    According to the commercial it does.
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  14. Yet you admire herc for what he did and sell your friends bunk gear:rolleyes:
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    Curious as to why a guy who claims to drive a bmw m6 and i believe made a comment about someone working a job for 10$ an hour, would need to sell bunk juice in the first place. I would think that person would be in the best financial position to eat the loss no matter the cost. Then of course the moral issue of selling shit gear to supposed friends. Rather odd behavior for a financially well off individual.
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    If you knowingly sell bunk gear to friend does that make you a horrible dick friend
  17. loveyourbody

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    I will answer you question
    - yes I do he was a very smart individual you have to admit it. I've been scammed 3 times total that's with him included. He just knew what he was doing. Got well known members to say gear was good then every one jumps in. Next thing you know he makes $ turns out he made double that by low dosed gear. Very impressive I must say.
    -yea I guess that makes me a bad friend. But, in the end that is how life is. If I can make my money back why not. It's ok that's how I learned my first cycle was from a friend made me due a tren a cycle for my first cycle at 25mg eod. Then I learned to do research.
    - Now now no harm done worst case scenario he had to go to the doctor. He's been running it for a month so far he has contacted me so he's fine.
    Who knows maybe mine was legit I guess my friend will fine out for me. I told him it was underdosed most likely but he said it was fine. He got
    80ml test c
    80ml tren e
    Dbol and pct from another a legit source. For $500 what a deal haha.

    Now if we are done bashing on this poor fellow right here
  18. loveyourbody

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    About the tree yes it does.

    On a side note I want some gear real legit strong hot and sexy ass gear. Porn stats
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    What he said :-bd. Anyone try the dbol yet? 8->
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    I'd like to know too. Good dbol is hard to find.