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    I've been lucky so far only bunk dbol I have gotten was from herc
  2. Kubrick

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    Anyone running PEP'S primobolin? I want to try it but its pricey. Maybe I'll wait until there's a huge sale. Hopefully theres some positive feedback.
  3. loveyourbody

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    I want blood work all reviews I see are from new people. I don't mean to be a dick but I don't trust anyone who hasn't been here atleast 4-6 months
  4. luckyduck

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    Hey pm me your address, I will send you some samples of my gear to try out and then you can post up on here your reviews.

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    95 $ is pretty good for primo e if you ask me.
  6. EKANE

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    ^Is ur gear pep or ur own personal
  7. Kubrick

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    $95 is a good deal for Primo but still expensive if it ends up being bunk.
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  8. loveyourbody

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    Luckyduck- are you pulling my leg?
  9. luckyduck

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    Do you feel lucky, if so pm me.:eek:

    Apple Ijuice2 phone
  10. loveyourbody

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    Idk if I feel lucky or unlucky
  11. CristianoV91

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    Just placed my order. Can't wait for it to come in :)
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  12. drockspang1

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    Not that anyone cares, but I'll give to my opinion anyway. This dude is very similar to Herc. I mean look at his caps. I took another look at the bullshit pct caps I got from Herc... spot on match. Maybe these are common amongst UGL's? Idk. Also, does anyone that has a PEP vial have a vial from Herc? Are they similar? I read here someone stated they were bigger then a regular 10ml. Herc used 20ml, are they the same size? Also, the time frame fits pretty good. Just about the time this dude came on the scene, guys were posting about Hercs site being taken down.

    Here's what I don't get. A new source comes on here. Answers all our questions. Take our suggestions and implements them to "appear" to be taking our wants into consideration. Then the ultimate hook: Send out free gear to about 20 people( which probably only really costs this dude a couple hundred bucks) if even that much, and guys can't get in line quick enough...? Its guaranteed to be legit gear, unless this guy is a total retard or is really only lpoking to make a quick buck of the occasional rube who places an order before the bad reviews come in. Now, if you're going to order from a new source, I suppose the best and safest time to order would be in the very beginning. But shouldn't we as customers of these guys demand to see blood work from well respected and trusted vets & senior members BEFORE ordering. I learned the hard way from Herc and luckily it wasn't anything I couldn't afford to lose. I'll take that one on the chin because it was ultimately my fault. I would think there would be a better way to vet these guys? But I digress. I'm still new at this.. Anyway, sorry for the newbie rant. Just my 2 cents.
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  13. fit2beking

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    Good points and should be duly noted.

    Sources try to get their product out there so they can make a name for themselves. This is one way to try to get that ball rolling. Now with that being said it is definitely not too much to ask for bloods. In fact, getting bloods should be a requirement for running any cycle and especially when running a new UGL. Also, if you are going to give an honest review of the gear the closest thing we have to its legitimacy is bloods. I know this can be manipulated as well. But you guys see the point here.
  14. luckyduck

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    Hey drocksprang, what state did you send herc money too??

    Apple Ijuice2 phone
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    Where did Herc ship from?

    Also, I will have bloods in time. I need to make sure they will only reflect peps gear so I am waiting another two weeks. Sunday was my first pin of his test e.

    Remember guys, we are stepping up to lab rat his gear. If you have reservations, sit back and let the reviewers do their jobs.

    There is no harm in waiting this out. If you can afford to take a risk with a new lab, then do so.

    No one is forcing anyone's hand here, and there are logs that you can follow to form your own opinions.
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  16. gotPEP

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    As far as being compared to a previous scammer, there's nothing I can do or say to sway someone's opinion. You're entitled to have one.

    I agree 100% with wanting to see blood work. I've actually posted incentives for people to get it done.

    Taking into consideration valid points you guys bring about and actually doing something about it, I will continue to do just that. I'm trying to provide customer service, communication and shipping turn around that's extremely hard to match. I know that's the best way to get recognised quickly.

    If you feel leary about dealing with me, I don't blame you. I have put no time table on the discount I'm offering to make sure I don't give the impression of urgency to order. Im trying to answer any questions you guys have as quickly and honestly as possible.

    I think I'm going to include this in my signature "only time will tell and I plan on being around a long time".

    I will say this is the last time I will respond to the comparison of myself and a previous source unless aked to do so. I think I've said all I can say and will focus my energy on proving it and stop talking about it.

    I intend no disrespect to anyone posting their opinion as long as its clearly stated as an "opinion". I'm going to wrap up my pm's and actually relax with my wife tonight :D
  17. luckyduck

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    Pep has been very good to me on my order. Thanks again.
  18. TaoPhD

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    Again, I think you are doing it the right way. We all know that the gear has to be g2g over a period of time. Until then you'll have nay sayers. Even then you may have nay sayers. I guess the best defense will be the gear but you already know this. BTW, I've started your Test Prop that I DID NOT get for free this evening. I'll post my results for those that are interested.
  19. luckyduck

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    I just took half of a 25 mg dbol, i couldnt wait until tomorrow. I have ran dbol before and it taste like the stuff before, but the real winner is how i feel right now. It makes you feel good the real stuff. I will take the other half when i wake up and hit the gym. So far so good
  20. luckyduck

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    Owe and i paid for my stuff no freebies.