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    Still no tren on the website either. No Trenbolona,,, no bodybuild.,,

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  2. GOLDS99

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    I got some of there winny 100 x 10 mg oral tabs. Excellent Product. They worked great @ 20-50 mg daily.
  3. ZPHC_Domestic

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    The wild ride goes on and as we promised, the promos continue as well. From now on, every month, we will choose 1 random member, registered in our store and give away a 1000$ worth of our products. Participation requirements are simple:
    1)Be registered on our website.
    2)Confirm your nickname through the forum DMs, so we can avoid multi-accing.
    That's about it. The first winner will be chosen in two weeks. You don't need to have order history to participate.

    Also, another some new orals have arrived today.

    Oxandrolone 10mg/tab 100tabs - $100

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  4. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Tren is on the way, along with methandienone
  5. GOLDS99

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    So @iamnightowl how has your experience been with the products that you ordered? Any bloods? what do you think? thanks
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  6. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Methandienone 10mg/tab 100tabs - $45

    Is now in stock

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  7. iamnightowl

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    @GOLDS99 I'm doing the labs soon, so I can't comment on that yet. I will post them as soon as I get them back! But as far as the injection goes it's very smooth oil and injects easily. Leaves a little bit of a knot but that's just because I'm still getting used to how to inject properly.

    This one time I injected it and there was no knot at all, so I'm sure it's just my injection technique. I'm doing Sub-Q.

    Very pleased with the product. Also, it's nice to be able to verify the authenticity codes online. Gives me some peace of mind. I've only used Test Cyp.
  8. T-Bagger

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    So is that actual pharma Dbol or just your stuff, cleverly disguised to look like pharma?
  9. ZPHC_Domestic

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    All products have original verification code that can be easily checked through the website.
  10. T-Bagger

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    But is that genuine pharma or UGL made to look like pharma?
  11. JackSmooth

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    Youd be better off flipping a coin for your answer;)
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  12. T-Bagger

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    Jack F’n Smooth. What’s up my brother?
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  13. It's branded ZPHC. Definitely UGL. They're a Chinese company, punching out those tabs with that weak sause dosage probably cost them 3¢ per tab.
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  14. jolter604

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    What real pharma would ever make tren or eq?
    Even Alpha Pharma claims to be a real pharma but when u go to the hospital in there country is this the meds they would even consider prescribing?
    Not saying the gear is not fire just when I see a brand claiming to be a true pharmaceutical company and they sell eq and tren as a human medication has me wondering if that country has no standards or lack of medical evaluation.
    With that you know there labs are not inspected or have any evaluation so they are just as good as a top shelf ugl.
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  15. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Member

    The factory follows international GMP standard, it's a big company so it can't disregard proper control just like that. Cost of the equipment and production cycle alone should tell you that the company is willing to spend time and money to ensure quality, unlike underground ones, which buy their raws from China anyway.
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  16. biggerben69

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    You should learn when to leave well enough alone, slick.
    Our language has a great # of idioms that rival the guts found in the fortune cookies coming out of Chinatown.
    You should've bowed your head while thanking Jolter for giving you what would equate to a g2g most places. He was being very generous while also being honest.
    You had to dump your .02cents in which you should know, after spending any amount of time here at meso, isn't worth a squirt of piss.
    If you wanna challenge meso with your side being that your product is pharm grade especially after your evasive first half hearted reply you won't be the first drug dealer that we put in his place.
    Matthew Jasper can attest to this. He was the dimwitted rep from World Pharma. AP(Asia Pharma) was the brand. Both the web site and line of steroids were/are owned by the now deceased international drug trafficker that President Obama labeled as a Kingpin which allowed his bank accounts and other holdings to be seized as well as making it a crime for other businesses to do business with him under the threat of having proceeds seized as well.
    That pillar of society took up in a heavily protected upperclass gated Community somewhere in South Africa.
    Wasn't enough to keep him safe from assassins who, after a breach of that security, shot him dead while he and his wife slept. The wife survived. Matthew Jaspers boss did not.

    The reason, without question, to give these products the look and advertise them as pharma grade is to justify a ridiculously high price for what is essentially ugl gear. Granted, the brand we're discussing isn't near the crazy prices that the guys murdered colleague was asking for AP shit. But he's hoping for more sales. It may help resellers initially, but if the product isnt any good its not gonna matter much.

    Alpha Pharma(India?) and I believe Thaiger Pharma(Thailand) swear they are pharma grade and point to a gov't stamp or listing in some book as proof. It isn't. 6 or 7 yrs ago a friend of mine who was/is staff at boards around the Community spend a lot of his time showing what the Thai gov't stamp meant and what it didnt. It didnt mean the gear was produced in anywhere near the environment or scrutiny that an FDA backed facility would. A search of posts by meso member "regular" will show this.
    I need a break but I can tag another member to stand in for me if this is going to be a matter of contention?
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  17. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Was not my intention to be disrespectful in any way, if you or anyone else took it like that, I apologize.
    The thing I was trying to say is, no matter how you look at it, the gear produced in factory conditions are more likely to be of better quality than the kitchen-brewed stuff... And that's exactly what some people try to compare the products with. The high price comes not from ZPHC itself, but from the fact, that we have to bring it to United States for distribution, and that costs a lot. If you look up the prices for this gear in Europe, it's not that big of a price tag at all.
    It's not our intention to just sell some garbage and be done with it, if that was the case, we would never come here in the first place.
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  18. T-Bagger

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    I asked you a straightforward question and received an evasive answer. It was a yes or no answer. But I have my answer now.
  19. NavyChief

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    Man o man, we have been thru this kind of bullshit with many hgh sources. You are either GMP certified or Not. The "we manufacture under GMP standards" has been proved time and again, board after board, this is an untruth.

    As BB would say; this is a lie that has been propagated to the online community with perpetuity!

    Is the product good or bad, I have no friggin clue but I do know this part.

    Oh it's also national talk like a pirate day matias.

    Next lie told, the scurvy lovin landlubbers will be served their last meal at Davy Jones locker after walkin tha plank.
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  20. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Yes, it’s not GMP-certified, that’s true. It only corresponds with GMP standards.
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