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    Same old same old. Wont ever leave this shit show i call home!
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    Always good to see you around bro!
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    What is the ZPHC official website?
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    Thank you
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    My order arrived 4 days after the order was made, I received tracking within 24hrs of purchase and @ZPHC_Domestic honored a 2 month old 50% off code that saved me around $350.

    Top notch service, I don't plan on running this gear for at least 6 months, but I will post bloods when the time comes.
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    The first $1000 giveaway has ended. From 21 total participants across 2 forums, a member from Meso was chosen with the use of RNG - @seventhltd
    Thank you for participating, the winner may claim his reward whenever he likes.
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    Haha this is cool thanks bro....shit if this is the case I wouldn't mind sending some samples In for testing as well.. figure it could benefit your operation as well as members here at meso too?
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    Sure, we would appreciate if you tested it.
    We can also compensate the testing price within a reasonable price point as well.
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    I'll vouch for this brand of GH.....In a market full of gh scams out there I must say this brand was good....A little overpriced though at 300$/120u.i kit, I think if they lowered the price to 200$ they would do much better, I don't think i'll pay 300 again unless I get desperate....every vial in the kit was real Gh, unlike so many sources out there that put lets say 5 or 6 vials of gh in a kit and 4 vials of some crappy worthless peptide that they can't seem to sell just to get rid of them... that seems to always be the case with unlabeled vials. I can't emphasize how much i hate gh scammers...... this source however has their gh beautifully labeled and all their vials seem to be accurately dosed!
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    tren A is now in stock

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    With a post like this we need to see blood work. Do you have that available?
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    I sent u a pm
  15. And he love you long time.
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    Lol thanks
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    These are some damn nifty vials and boxes, those cost extra? LMAO
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    A 30% discount is currently active for all products, coupon code - 14102019
    The discount will last for 3 days from now on.
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    Happy Halloween! DM or e-mail us for personal discounts for meso members until November 6!
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    Happy Halloween @ZPHC_Domestic !

    Thanks for being a trustworthy source. I'll place another order soon.

    I am really getting good results with the testosterone Cypionate.
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