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  1. iamnightowl

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    Alright I contacted @ZPHC_Domestic by email and got a discount code.

    I placed my order with bitcoin.

    Now we wait. I will keep you guys posted.

    So far so good, except I just noticed (after checking out) that the website doesn't use SSL (HTTPS), please enable it by default for security reasons. Thank you.
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  2. Tiredandhot

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    That's good to know but I think most people are avoiding him because of prices. The same gear can be bought for much less.
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  3. iamnightowl

    iamnightowl Junior Member

    Thank you for letting me know @Tiredandhot , I'm still new here, I appreciate learning about the prices and everything.
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  4. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    The 4th of July is near, so we prepared a little discount for the celebration.
    From 07/02 until 07/06 the coupon 070419 is active, granting a 30% discount on all products.
    Happy Independence day!
  5. Toni72

    Toni72 Member

    Hello. Do you send your products to Europe? Or do you have a reseller for Europe? Thank you
  6. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    Hello, no, unfortunately, we only work within the US. We are not affiliated with any other resellers, so I'm sorry to say that we can't really recommend anyone in particular. A lot of multi-brand sellers sell ZPHC though, so it shouldn't be that hard to find.
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  7. iamnightowl

    iamnightowl Junior Member

    Hi guys, received my order today.

    Shipping was very fast.

    My review:

    Customer Service: 10/10
    Shipping: 10/10
    Product: Legit (code matches on the official ZPHC website).



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  8. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    Personal discounts up to 50% are still available for meso members, just PM or email us with what would you like to order, and we'll settle a personal discount for you.
  9. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    Currently we are experiencing some problems with Google “safebrowsing” claiming that our website is phishing, so Chrome users might get false phishing notification upon entering the website. We are resolving this right now.
  10. It's Saturday. Just hang a sign in the window. :D

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  11. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    The issue is resolved, the website is now working as intended.
  12. Sp2.0

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    Doubt anyone noticed
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  13. iamnightowl

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    @ZPHC_Domestic any news on orals?

    Any current promotions?

    I might be interested in placing another order.

    Will post pics again if anyone is interested.....
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  14. balco

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    @ZPHC_Domestic hasn't updated the thread for a long time, and I noticed they haven't updated their stock since they posted on meso. I had high hopes for @ZPHC_Domestic , but it seems they aren't going anywhere as of now.
  15. ZPHC_Domestic

    ZPHC_Domestic Junior Member

    We are still here, but the second mass cargo proved to be a little harder than your ordinary pizza delivery, and since 8/10 questions we received with every update were “where are the orals”, we decided to wait until we actually get everything, and not just mindlessly bump the thread. We are still working as before in the meantime.
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