1. Mind-Muscle

    4th cycle (Test+Deca+Tren+Dbol)

    Hi there! Is my first post here, I was looking at this forum for a long time before and now I need your opinion. I'm 24 years old, training since 16. My stats are 5' 11" (180 cm) and 196 pounds (88-89kg) at a 12% bf. I'm planning to do this cycle in the winter for a strong quality bulker: Week...
  2. K

    Test e + dianabol cycle advice

    Hey guys I'm new to this forum but have been following it for a long time, been doing a bit of research into test e only cycles for a first cycle to see how I would go with test and want some advice on this one. Just trying to set out a good plan and get some info for when i'm ready to start...
  3. aftodekia


    Hi Everybody age 33 158 lbs 5' 7" endomorph Thats my 2nd cycle i had started my cycle 3 weeks ago.Now i'm in 4th week and increase my dosage On monday Testo 250 + Tren 300 same syringe On thursday Testo 250 + Boldenon 300 same syringe HGH (humatrope) using 4 iu for everyday with 50mcg T4...
  4. A

    Injectable Anadrol & Dbol vs. Oral Anadrol & Dbol

    Thinking of doing adding some Anadrol or Dbol into my cycle for maybe 3-4 weeks this would be my first time with Anadrol but my second time with Dbol. A friend of mine just let me have 2 vials 1 of Anadrol and one of Dbol. How does the inject versions compare to the oral and which are easier to...
  5. T

    How to safely stop a dbol cycle early?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, this is my first post on here as well. Basically I've been body building for years now, I currently weigh 90kg and hit a plateau in making gains, so I made an incredibly ill informed decision to start taking dianabol - when I say Ill informed I mean that I have...
  6. K

    Easy dianabol recipe??

    hi all, I've researched for ages in prep to brew a 50mg/ml dbol injectable but there is so much old info on here that I wondered if there is a definitive working recipe anyone has? Can I brew like other gear using ba,bb and cso or gso rather than going into using eo or other carriers without...
  7. Kobrah

    Prop/Enth/Dbal Progress-Cycle Log

    Running 125-150mg TestP EOD for Weeks 1-2 & 10-12 350-400mg Test E Weekly Weeks 1-10 30mg Dbal Daily Weeks 1-8 First Pin 2 days ago, sorry guys, but I've been busy with work couldn't post up. Had 125mg Test Prop 9/19, 30mg Dbal 9/20 30mg Dbal Going to make this alot more detailed, post up...
  8. Football

    New to everything!

    I'll be starting my first cycle once I find a decent source, Thinking of 40mg Dbol 40mg Tren A 0.5mg of Arimidex I'm an athlete, so I'm lot trying to look any bigger, just need the strength and athletic gains! Any input would be very appreciated guys, :D
  9. D

    First cycle of Test E and DBOL

    I am looking to start my first cycle in a couple of months. I am going to be doing Test E & Dianabol. Just want to know if I set this up good. Stats: 175LBS, 10-12% body fat roughly. Working on getting down to 165before starting the cycle. Weeks 1-8: Test E pyramid style. 250mg/ml (1)1/2 cc...
  10. C

    Primo, Test, Dbol, Winny, Anavar Cycle

    I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know. Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6% Past...
  11. A

    Cutting Cycle

    Hello everyone, I would like to make a cutting cycle with aas and simultaneously put on a few kg of muscle. And I thought to follow the following schedule: Week 1: 20 mg of oxandrolone Week 2: 20 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 3: 30 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 4: 40 mg...

    Football Cycle

    Whats up men, I am a College Football player getting ready for my Senior year of College. I was 289 before break and feeling great. After Spring Ball I dropped to 260. Monday I am trying to start a cycle that will involve Week one 40 mg of Anavar with 1cc of Prop Monday,Wednesday and Friday...
  13. T

    Poor Gains on Cycle and What to Do

    All, I started my cycle a month and a half ago - Test E 250, Deca 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate), and Dianabol. A little more than a week into the cycle, I was at the doctor's office for an unrelated matter, and my blood pressure was at an unhealthy level and my heart rate was the highest that...
  14. G

    Steroid cycle advice: Tren , test cyp and dbol

    Hey guys was looking for any advice that you can give me on my cycle that I'm gonna do in the next few weeks and especially my PCT. My stats: age: 26 , weight:85kg , height: 170cm, body fat % : 14.3% Cycle: Dbol at 50mg/ed from weeks 1-5 Test cyp at 500mg/w from weeks 1-12 Tren acetate...
  15. A

    Need help for first oral cycle

    I've been looking into Winny, Dbol, Tbol, Anavar ect. I'm deploying overseas and can't get needled shipped out to me or that's the first thing that I would do! I'm just not able to! I find something I like and do research but end up at a dead end it seems. I am 73in (6"1') 180lbs (skinny) 22...
  16. P

    Sertraline and steroids

    Hi, I'm new here and completely new to taking any sort of steroids and am after some advice if possible please? I'm currently taking 100mg a day of sertraline for depression, have been on them for around 5 months and will be for another 2 before being weaned off them by my doctor. I've been...
  17. RoidyNoob

    Oxandrolone and methandienone from Vermodje.

    Hey guys new to this site and just wanted to know your thoughts on my latest oral purchase from the infamous or not, Vermodje Labs. Anybody had recent experience with these compounds? Thanks a bunch people
  18. Beem

    Dianabol and Anavar Cycle for a first timer

    Hello Boyz, After quite a bit of research, I still feel a some what confused and I'd really appreciate some advice on how to properly go through my first cycle. I'm 34yo, 5'11, about 180lbs and been hitting the gym for a bit over a year and a half. I'm not exactly sure what's my body fat so...
  19. AnabolicLab.com

    Vermodje Naposim - GC-MS/MS - 2016-01 - performed by ChemTox via AnabolicLab.com

    Vermodje Naposim was determined to have actual content of 8.9 mg per tablet methandienone (aka dianabol). Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com: Vermodje Naposim Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Vermodje Naposim lab report by AnabolicLab.com posted Jan 24, 2016 at 12:13 PM Vermodje...
  20. AnabolicLab.com

    Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos - GC-MS/MS - 2016-01 - performed by ChemTox via AnabolicLab.com

    Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos was determined to have actual content of 9.9 mg per tablet methandienone (aka dianabol). Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com: Pharmacom Labs Dianabolos Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Pharmacom Dianabolos lab report by AnabolicLab.com posted Jan 23, 2016 at...