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  1. I believe the point in the blood test at day 15 is to check for testicular response to the hcg. Only problem I guess would be if you are slow to metabolize and still have enough exogenous T to throw off the results, or if you’re a slow responder or need more to respond, but I don’t think the protocol says to give up if that’s the case.
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  2. Which thread did you quote? Was the hCG dose updated again? I remember it being 2500iu then later 2000iu hCG EOD, also thought the tamoxifen was 20mg 2x/day for a total of 40mg but that could of been a misread on my part.

    Isn’t könig German for king? I’m not savvy with German slang so no clue what else it means.
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    Click the arrow next to my handle above the quoted text, it'll link you there.

    König is a German beer brand.
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  4. Thanks didn’t know about that feature. Ah beer, kinda figured you either meant beer, cigars or some service from the legal prostitutes over there lol
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    10000 iu of hcg arrived today.

    The last 2 weeks it was
    hcg at 500 iu on monday, wednesday, friday and 75mg of test e on mondays and fridays.

    This week, I had and an injection of test e 75mg and hcg 500iu on tuesday.
    Another shot of hcg today and one more on saturday, both 500 iu.

    Monday I will start my 15 day period of the power-protocol.
    Tuesdays testosterone injection was my last one, so its 20 days of no exogenous testosterone when I start the serms after the coming hcg blast.
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    Tomorrow will be my first high dosed hcg shot.
    I noticed my balls being bigger already, and its only been 3 weeks of 1500iu of hcg per week.
    I hope the 1500iu e3d isnt too overkill now, also in regards of high estrogen sides.

    Libido still good, i popped a quarter tab of cialis on friday, because i havent seen my girlfriend in a week and didnt want my libido-anxiety to stop me from enjoying sex with her.
    But im pretty sure I didnt need it, because the whole week prior i was being horny as fuck and had to jerk off a few times.
    I wonder when the drop in libido finally comes or if it is coming.
    Last time I approached coming off, i had it around the same time I started serms, and i remember not being able to achieve an erection because anything else was more interesting than sex to me.

    I didnt taper down there and went from 250mg test a week to 0, and since this time I tapered down to 150mg, im really wondering if such a case comes again, or at least not as hard (pun intended) as it was when it happened last attempt.
    The thought comes, because at 250mg i was still a horny goat, and i reduced down to 150mg, libido dropped a bit, and it took a time (until last week or so) to catch up to a higher level again.
    So i had a libido-low when i dropped dosages down, which makes me think its either the body itself because it has to regulate homeostasis for newly lower levels of testosterone (even though 150mg puts me at around high-natty levels), and once homeostasis is achieved, which takes a few weeks, stuff like libido rises again,
    OR it was simply mindfuckery.
    I wanted to avoid that, hence the cialis.

    As soon as ED happens again, i will do cialis low dosed for about 2 weeks, and check again how im doing without afterwards, because I expect it to happen, and dont want to let my gf suffer for it.
    Really, really curious.
  7. Yeah I noticed after 2 shots of hCG at 1000iu each, actually after just the first shot I noticed my testicles were bigger, especially the right one that was ~0.5ml smaller in the past. I’ve said before I don’t care about looks but I take it as a good sign that it’s not dead lol

    Tbh I had libido the whole pct, lower when on just serms, but sometimes getting a boner took time, like a minute or so, but once up it was hard. Maybe I still had good levels of dht, but when I was on serms only it took awhile to cum. It’s funny I’ve had libido with low T, but low E definitely killed my libido, like to the point sex sounded gross lol even tho at that time T was high.

    Anyway I know it’s hard (pun lol) not to think about it, I know I’ve had this issue but when you obsess over whether your it’s working or not you create an issue. Just take the cialis and then after a bit you forget to take it and realize everything is working just fine.
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    Well i was able to get real hard boners all the way up to now and i still get them, but i have to touch my dick and stuff.
    When i was on dosages of 250mg a week or more, i just had to think of sex and got hard without touching.
    Now I get this real aroused feeling and i want to fuck and stuff, but like i said, i have to rub my dick or shit.
    Except when i kiss the girlfriend and play with her pussy, i get hard there without touching myself.

    Hope it stays that way.
    A week of no test now I wonder what my test levels are at, since whole last week i was only doing 75mg..
    I guess they its around high-natural levels still
  9. Yea even when I was off hcg on serms only it either had to be stimulated or I had to look at porn or something, but once hard it was really hard and the desire to use it was strong. cialis would help it feel better cause of the extra blood flow. You can take cialis for a bit and then slowly forget to take them and see that you didn’t really need them.
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    Im on day 8 after last pin.
    Had my first big hcg shot on monday, and im really horny currently.
    Im tired as fuck because we ended up having sex an hour or so at night and i didnt sleep much, all without cialis.

    Edit: random boners at work without touching because she talks dirty to me on the phone hah.
    I feel great honestly, hope it doesnt decline much.
    I guess the tapering of test dosage helped alot, i have no bloods to see where 150mg a week put me, but id guess not much higher than natural levels.
    180mg had me at around 18ng/ml, on a range from 2-8 ng/ml..
    So i guess now im mid-natural levels.
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  11. First 3 weeks I felt so good I was like this is easy and amazing, of course eventually it kind of declined a bit, but thankfully no real ED or low libido, so nothing bad, just the loss of strength in the gym. Stay positive and you’ll feel good throughout.

    How much hCG per shot are you doing 1000 or 1500iu
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    Was it much strength youve lost?

    1500 iu e3d
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    Really curious:
    Body stats last time:
    When I was having my last shot: 98kg (216lbs), 140kg bench for 5, 220kg deadlift for 6
    1 month after: 93kg (200lbs), 120kg bench for 4, 215kg deadlift for 3

    Body stats this time, 1 week after last injection:
    97kg (214lbs), 135kg bench for 5, 220kg deadlift for 3

    Lower stats than last time i came off, so its going to be interesting to see where i stand in 3 weeks.
    I remember being more cut and shredded last time, despite having more bodyweight than now, so I hope for less strength loss than last time, as I guess most strength Ive had back then was through the excessive amount of glycogen stored in my muscles and stuff.

    Really hope the strength ive got now is "actual" strength through a stronger CNS and better technique compared to back then, and I hope it stays.

    Dietwise, im obviously doing better than ladt time, last time i was unemployed and ate lots of bad foods, I skipped gym and didnt do any cardio.

    Now Im trying to eat a slight surplus, although on offdays ill just stick to protein.
    Going to eat cleaner a lot, and will do cardio still , on empty stomach in the morning and after gymsessions.

    I signed up for a football team, so mondays and wednesdays its football training for me, on fridays I go to a strongman gym so another new type of training for me.
    So training will be:
    Monday: football
    Tuesday: chest and triceps
    Wednesday: football
    Thursday: back and biceps
    Friday: strongman training
    Sunday: legs or some shit

    Mit switch it up and do my deadlifts, back and shoulder on friday, and legs on sunday.

    Saturday would be the only day off.
  14. Ah I’ve been doing 1000iu eod since Thursday, going to check response in 1-2 weeks.

    Definitely noticeable, like for example what I was bench pressing 12-13 reps now it’s 7-9 reps. It’s mostly that I get fatigued sooner, the amount of weight hasn’t gone down a whole lot but the reps have. Not sure if it’s actual loss of strength or just that I don’t recover as fast, and it could be partially mental I guess. I definitely need to stop doing fasted workouts. Still stronger than I was on trt during the 2-3 months I did heavy and very long stair master everyday, during that time I really lost strength.
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    Checking response?
    As in taking bloods?

    Im confused now, are you going to get lh and fsh tested?
    Or testosterone?
  16. Yeah blood test, want to check how I responded to the hcg after 2-3 weeks, see if it’s too much, not enough etc. Gonna test T levels, might test fsh/LH just because I still take a small dose of clomid to get some fsh production. Will also likely check E levels cause I forgot to check it last time. I read a study where a guy needed 5000iu eod or 3x week before his balls finally came back to life, hoping that my current dose is good enough cause 5000iu per shot would be expensive
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    Question would be, if a certain dose was enough once, will the same dosage be enough everytime youre trynna bounce back..?
    Basically your own individual dosage-blueprint to get the balls working. Would be interesting to know.
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    I must be stupid as hell cause I see no arrow??
    Are you on a phone or a computer?
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    De sally power pct sticky thread right.
    Appreciate that.
    I also didn’t know about the arrow.
    That’s pretty awesome. Thanks!