5.5+ years blast and cruise pct log

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    i think 1 week if even would be enough, but you decide
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    Blood work
  3. nervje

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    The past 3 days ive had incredible libido.
    Girlfriend wasnt over in a few days but all i can think of is fucking her shit out, to an extend where i breath heavy.

    I dont know how it happened so suddenly.
    Jerked it off yesterdsy because i couldnt handle it anymore, but today im in the office again and id like to bite my computer screen because the craving of pussy is hard.
    I cant think straigth, im gonna pound her pussy hardcore when she comes over at night.

    Last day of clomid today, gonna run nolva a bit longer for the sake of it.
  4. nervje

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    One more week of nolva 20mg a day.
    Noticed random boners the past 2 days - sitting in the office, hand on my panrs and getting hard, eithout watching adult stuff or something.
    Just thinking about sex a bit and penis swells up.
    Other than that mood is great too, training is ok, strength loss is there, not much fat gain, staying at 94kg (200lbs).
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    I had my last tab of tamoxifen today.

    I also stopped taking the cialis for i think 3 days (last dose was on friday) and wanted to have sex yesterday, i could get it hard but it fell down midsex.
    Not sure if it was caused by low libido, her being on her period or me having to go to work.

    Took 20mg cialis yesterday afternoon and im good again.

    Another story, did something dumb today and took a dose of DNP, as for a second i was convinced i could do dnp after pct to get rid of the excessive bodyfat. Of course i wont do another dose and dump the dnp.

    Will this one dose have an effect on recovery?
  6. nervje

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    Would bloods now tell me already if theres a possibility of hypogonadism?
  7. No, well I guess it might tell you if you possibly have primary hypogonadism, but the serms have a 5-7 day half-life so around 6 weeks is better.
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    You were basically shut down for 5.5 years, it will likely take some time even after serms for your body to find homeostasis.

    6 weeks is probably ok, but honestly I would give it 12 weeks post serms. That should be pretty indicative of what to expect long term.
  9. nervje

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    Well obviously libido is still kinda trashed and im running cialis for around 3 or 4 weeks now, i am worried about running it any longer
  10. Sharkweek

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    I wouldnt be overly concerned with that. I believe it can be taken for years at a time as a prostate treatment.

    My honest thoughts are that sexual performance is almost always a mental thing. Try to be straight up with your partner, for me it was the stress of the situation that caused issues.
  11. nervje

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    2 days off any serms now.

    I get random boners throughout the day.

    Have stopped daily cialis and popped 10mg yesterday to be on safe side with my girlfriend.
    Gonna pop 5mg more tomorrow because we want to fuck over the weekend, and then dont use it aftrr the weekend to check if libido is still as high and dick still as hard without it.
    But im positive.
    Its in my head alot, had not taken cialis in like 2 or 3 days this week, then only had a half hardon, later that day i achieved full erection just looking at a blowjob without cialis.

    Girlfriend told me hes been extra hard yesterday.

    Other than swxuality, i feel good.
    Slight body aches, but training is ok, natty strength obviously, arms are at 17 inches now and don't seem to go up, but also not down.

    Im 207 lbs averagely -/+ 1-2 lbs.
    Put on a bit of a chubby fat, but im positive if i keep a clean diet and start jogging in the morning again, i will be able to get rid of it without losing too much muscle.
  12. nervje

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    New update, its been i think 2 weeks and a day since last dose of nolva.
    I dont pop cialis or viagra anymore and still get morning wood and sometimes random boners.
    Sometimes it takes a while to get hard when we go to have sex but i dont experience ed.

    The balls feel full and big too, trainingwise i dont seem to lose strength anymore, although i feel how small aches take way longer to subside.
    Other than that i feel pretty good.

    Will get bloods in a month or two, i really dont care about numbers as long as im fertile.
    I would rather not have blood numbers and feel good, than see that i have low t and have my mind play tricks on me and not feel good.
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  13. nervje

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    So this weeks wednesday marks 5 weeks past nolva, and 7 weeks past clomid.

    Im doing fine, training is ok, natty strength obviously.

    I got fatter a tad bit and dont have much endurance because ive been eating crap and neglecting cardio.

    I get morning bones and sometimes turn soft during sex (most likely due to my bad endurance) , but when i wank it, and calm down i get hard again.

    Going to try to get morning cardio in again and a small session in the afternoon. Im pretty sure thatll fix it.
    Other than that, im horny quite a lot, i found myself looking at other women instead of just focusing my girlfriend.
    Not saying i would every cheat, but i feel like a shark in a puddle full of tasty humans if you know what i mean.

    Gonna get bloods in a few weeks to see where im at, but i dont really care as its going good for me