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  1. Probably depends on age, how long you were on, what you were on etc. A 20 year old will probably have a stronger response than a 50 year old since the balls get weaker and atrophy naturally with age.
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    So had my first 3 big shots of hcg at 1500ius the past week (monday, thursday and sunday).

    Reading through the other threads, im wondering if i do it long enough or should i extend my protocol (either hcg or the serms protocol)?

    According to the plan:
    I have used hcg for 3 weeks at low doses, then just finished my 4th week with ramped up dosages of hcg.
    2 more weeks left with a total of 4 injections.
    Past week it was monday, thursday, sunday
    This week will be wednesday, saturday,
    Next week will be tuesday, friday.
    Sunday next week marks the 21st day.
    Serms are supposed to start next week on monday, for exactly 30 days.

    Im feeling fine still, Libido is good, we have good sex, mood is great tbh, except when I think of losing current status libido/wellbeing, then i get anxiety as fuck.
    Also big anxiety whenever I wake up fron sleep/nap, until I successfully tell myself that everythings going to be alright.
    Also still battling myself that its ok to "not be big".
    Roided up look I used to have is gone halfway, I look like I slack my diet even though im clean during the week, not so clean on weekends when im with the girlfriend.
  3. Yes I understand the anxiety, I ran out of hCG on Wednesday where I injected the remaining 1000-1250iu, due to poor planning. Ordered more right away but one source couldn’t send for a couple days, the backup order I made from a new source hasn’t sent anything. So this Wednesday or Thursday, will be about 1 week without and I feel like a drug addict waiting for my hCG lol. Still feel the last shot working, good libido etc but I keep worrying by the time I get it I’ll be starting over
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    You think the high libido comes from the hcg actually?
  5. Well because of the increase in natural T levels and other hormones it creates. I can get libido from roids but I’ve always felt the hormones made by your own body give you the most libido, as long as your mental state is good. Maybe because of increased T levels in the balls, vs aas that decreases those levels. Normally ITT levels are 50x-100x higher than serum T levels, so if you have 700ng in your blood you’ll have 35,000-70,000ng in your balls. Idk if that truly matters for libido tho, just a guess but hCG definitely helps, when I was on trt and added hCG I felt much better with way more libido
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    Ahh i get it, it would make sense definately.
    Kinda gives me anxiety, when i drop it after next week, but it is what it is.
    Maybe im lucky and my balls already producing by themselves or got a good kickstart at least.
    All i can say is they definately increased in size.
    I feel their "weight" on my lap when i lay down, something I havent had before I started hcg.
  7. My balls have definitely gotten bigger, I had an ultrasound a few days ago, and compared that to the one I had last year 7 months into trt before ever touching hCG, big difference in size. Like they looked and felt bigger and heavier and the ultrasound confirmed it. The left one is 1/3 bigger than it was last year and the right one is ~2ml larger. Pretty sure the biggest increase happened since going off and doing the ~1000iu eod plus the serms. Gave me hope that at least my balls still probably work. I too am nervous about thinking about when I’ll stop the hCG, won’t be for a bit but still.
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    Well, as far as i understood, you just have a dry period until new hcg arrives, which is like a week or 2 of no hcg.
    I doubt its going to make much of a difference because itll take a few days for the balls to recognise theres no hcg present anymore, and before you recognize anything, you have your newly arrived hcg diluted and injected already.
    What I definately noticed since my ED period in february, changes in protocol take about 2 weeks for me to recognize it in terms of libido/mood.
    Guess ill be good until like mid of june, then i crash when the hcg finally flushed out and only serms are active.
  9. That’s true, I mean I don’t think it’ll actually cause any real issues not having it for a week, the higher doses of hCG continue to work for several days. Definitely not long enough for any atrophy, it just sucks cause I felt like by the last shot I was starting to get better T levels. But you’re right of course before I know it it’ll be here. Got several from my regular source and another who had a good sale, like buy 3 get 1 free. Anyway still have good libido.

    I think at worst it would be a couple weeks of lower libido when you stop hCG and do serms only. Then when your body starts making more from your own LH you’ll start feeling better. cialis or viagra should take care of any problems during that time.
  10. I took Clomid myself, it started blurring my vision and I quit, it took a few days to recover so I said fcuk that shit I wont use it again.
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    Im not worried about the visual side effects, its more the mental sides.
    I remember being really miserable last time.
    But on the other hand, if it just slightly has a better effect on recovery compared to nolva only, then id take it.
    In my case its just 30 days of clomid.
    The ED/Libido loss im going to cover with cialis so i have at least something that brightens my mood for this period.
    If i didnt have a girlfriend i wouldnt mind about the libido issues then (well.. If i didnt have her i would probably be on a test/tren stack right now anyways), im worried sbout acting like a pussy next to her during my serms period, because of its mental effects.
    But like i said, its just 30 days to run the proper protocol including clomid for a better chance of recovery.
    Rather risk a miserable month than risk no recovery at all
  12. I don’t think the serms will make you act like a bitch. Maybe at first when your hormones aren’t balanced and on the low side you can be more emotional, like getting depressed easy, but I don’t think the serm itself is likely to cause it, at least in my personal experience.
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    Good luck
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    Just asking now as it doesnt somehow click for me:

    Being only on hcg right now, and with no test shot for almost 3 weeks, is my testosterone at a low level right now or does the hcg keep it high?
    Somehow I cant keep it in my head right
    I think right now:
    Test levels low, almost plumeted, and serms will raise them again a bit for as long as I use them.
    Or does hcg do that too?
  15. Depending on the dose, like on the high end hCG can get your balls to make T at its maximum output, so if your bawls are in good condition it can be on the mid-high end of normal or if it’s in bad shape it’ll be lower and sometimes it can take awhile to get the higher levels. It’s not like test where you can have your levels go as higher and higher, but I’ve seen people hit 1000ng/dL. I think hCG would raise T more effectively than serms, probably.

    I myself keep wondering if my E is high or low, like any ache or dry skin I get I think low and other times where I feel extra lazy but not foggy I think it’s too high lol. Now that my hCG finally came yesterday I’m going to go check in a week or 2 cause I hate these guessing games.
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    Overall i feel great.
    Got to admit, i missed one hcg shot so I now have my hcg injections one day later than planned.
    Was supposed to have one on sunday, but missed it and did it on monday, and well, instead of wednesday, i did it yesterday (thursday) to keep the e3d scheme.

    Im gonna eat my girls pussy and asshole at night later while she sucks my dick, that says everything that needs to be said about my libido atm.
    Also feeling better because I have to get tested for playing in a football team now, so i have to stay off gear.
    Thought about coming back on, atm only if i wont recover.
    In positive though.

    Also i started following more normal dudes on Instagram and such, to get the "you need to be BIG to be a man" - thing outta my head.
    Being fit and shit is alright either, especially if you fuck her brains out.
  17. Yeah man I feel pretty good too, only thing like I mentioned before is weaker in the gym but that’s probably from not eating enough, but libido is good, my dick gets harder than before, feel less anger and similar feelings which is mostly good. Tbh I don’t think missing one shot will make a huge difference, larger doses will still have peaks >72hrs. I still have the strong desire to eat a girls sweaty post workout pussy butthole and feet lol. I just need to avoid taking any AI

    They test for roids, is this like a pro or semi-pro league? I’m assuming football/soccer not American football. They don’t test for hCG? I know a pro MLB baseball player got a 50 game suspension for testing positive for hCG.

    It’s better to follow the natty fistness people, I mean you probably can’t be like giant but can definitely still be buff and/or ripped
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    American football

    Were the lowest league and not even comparable to teams in the NFL but i still have to sign get tested for roids, at least sign a contract that i agree with them showing up whenever they want..
    Id get popped if they found hcg or serms too but i dont think theyre gonna test me the next month or 2 lol
  19. Oh cool, do they pay you or not high enough of a league, and yeah you can find guys talented enough in the Canadian or European leagues but I doubt any team could compete with an NFL team lol
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    Today is a week since im on serms.
    Had a bad fight with my girlfriend which took a toll on me mentally.
    I have morning wood still and its i think now over a month since last injection, but libido is low. Most likely due to fight we had.

    Strengthwise im going down a little obviously, but i dont concentrate on powerlifting anymore really (like whars the point in going for higher numbers when coming off roids) so i try to cover up my lack in muscular size by at least trying to stay halfway lean and fit.

    I take a tab of clomid 50mg and nolva 20mg a day.