Anadrol Cycle kinda Log

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    So first Two days have gone. Nothing to report and from
    Monday we are switching the way of training so I'll start posting the workout from next week.

    She doesn't feel
    Anything at the moment but that's expected.

    Me on the other end on second day of Anadrol 100mg/ED can
    Report a killing heartburn that's debilitating completely!! Can't eat for shit... BUT my goodness today I trained arms superset everything and I'm fucking swole!! No dbol water swole... It's completely different.

    This shit is amazing... To bad I don't think I'll be able
    To keep running it for long... My stomach really hate orals in generals a part from
    Heartburn soon I'll start getting bowel problem etc.

    But I'll say again: this shit is addicting and it's just day2.

    All placebo? Don't know.

    Sorry for the digress.
    Will stay on topic from
    Now on
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    Lol I'm just wondering what Sampei's girl's personality would be like to match his...

    Subbed @Sampei
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  3. [​IMG]
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    I bet you my bottom dollar that Sampei would be on his best behavior from now on.
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    MISSHULK Member

  6. Eman

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    Ah you're probably close but I think this is more Sampei's flavor...

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    Naaaaa man... She loves me as I'm... Wild :)

    She is a very introspective person, doesn't talk much, she doesn't like unnecessary confrontation, prefer to think a lot before expressing her opinion. She has been raised in a very protective environment as well... I was the devil that showed her the other side of he coin, she is kinda the opposite of me In so many ways. Probably that's the reason we fit together quite well :) I'm very dominant and she is quite submissive, we complete each other. I treat her well, no shame in saying that but trust me I'm in real life the same as I'm here.

    I don't fit well in today society, I know it but what can I say... I'm happy :) with my iron, my computers and my lovely bitch that loves me much :)

    You know we are the kind of couple that when we go out with other ppl, the day after she come and pat me in the back and say: you really behaved yesterday! You are improving! AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.
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    Moving words my friend... :D
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    Gotcha. My wife is the complete opposite of me as well. She's funny as hell and she's a goody goody. Yep that doesn't describe me one bit. I'm not gonna bullshit no one though. If she came here and told me to stfu you best believe I would real quick like.
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  10. Sampei

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    Ahaha indeed! I forgot my dogs! Don't tell to those bitches I forgot about them Or they will tear the house apart... :D
  11. Sampei

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    You know man I never judge other ppl relationship. What I mean is I don't think you or anyonelse is less man (can you say that in English lol?) because if the wife say shut up they would do it (if that's what you meant). We are all different persons and we all have different relationship with the ppl we love. There is no good or bad way to love or to be in a relationship (well expect when someone beat the other or worse but I believe that we are all against physical or psychological violence).

    So whatever works for you that's ok, you love each other, you married her, you will have a baby together... Man who cares :) the important part is to be happy, whatever makes you happy... Chase that dog till you die! :)
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    That would be like being a scam for her if I would! She will be so mad and I bet my balls the first sentence that would come out from that mouth would be: after all the shit you have done in real life in front of other ppl.... Ppl that I know! Friends! Parents...!! Anyone!!! In a fucking Internet forum you behave like a gentleman, because I'm here?
    You better start running because I'm gonna kill you. I'm going to fucking kill you NAOOOOOO"

    WHILE running.... But baby... It's just that odie said so!! I'm innocenttttttttttttt!!! I'll do my worse I swear!
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  13. Devika

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    How is it going, Sampei?
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  14. Sampei

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    Sorry i forgot to update it. Gimme few hours will post the week workout and impression.
  15. Sampei

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    First week is gone.
    She forgot to log the weight on half of her workouts, yeah I know.... I have to take the whip out next week ;)

    Training was:

    Monday Leg day

    Squat 4x8 155lbs
    Leg Press 4x10 240lbs
    Lunges 4x12 22lbs x2
    SS 3x12
    Leg extension + Leg Curl - 90lbs + 75lbs
    Glutes @cables 4x12 60lbs

    Tuesday Back/Biceps

    Dunno what she did here, I can guess from all the time we trained together:
    Deadlift 4x6
    Lat Machine 4x8
    DB Row 4x10
    Pulley 4x12

    Alternate Curl 4x8
    Hammer Curl 3x10
    Concentrate Curl 3x10

    Thursday Chest/Triceps

    Inclined Bench 3x6 82lbs
    Bench Press DB 35lbs x2 3x8
    Declined Press 3x8 35lbs
    SS 3x12
    Pec Fly 33lbs + max Push Up

    triceps push down 3x10
    triceps overhead extension with rope 3x10
    Cable One Arm tricep extension 3x12

    Friday Legs/Shoulder

    Squat 4x10
    Leg Press 4x12
    Leg Curl Single 3x12
    Stiff DL 4x12
    Hip Thruster 4x12

    DB Press 4x8 35lbs x2 (Yeah she does the same weight for bench press db.... unreal or maybe not...)
    Lateral Raises 4x12 15lbs x2
    SS 3x12
    rear delt fly
    Front Raise
    Upright row 3x15

    Diet was carb cycling, has been ok just not followed perfectly because we had 2-3 cheat in the week but only a big one the other where just eating something different then usual and probably a bit more fat/protein at the end of the day but less carbs.

    drug wise she is feeling more strong, even while eating in a deficit and most of the time at 1300kcal she is increasing her weight slowly, exercise feel easier and she is starting to feel a nice pump while training. it's just the first week so no major changes or anything. No clit sens, no clit enlargment, no voice change etc. Everything is steady for now.
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  16. The cane, old chap!
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  17. Sampei

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    AHAHAH! I almost forgot!
    I do love the cane too much for using it so easily. Must be for some special occasion ;)
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  18. rpbb

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    that low amount of food with that training could lead to problems
  19. Sampei

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    the amount of food is cycled she does:

    High-Moderate-Low carb day.
    Ranging from 1700-1500-1300 kcal a day.
    plus one cheat meal a week (sometime 2).

    She is tiny man... 5.0 and 110lbs.
    She wanna get leaner, I'll see how she feels end of next week if the volume is to much, I'll decrease few sets on every day.
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  20. rpbb

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    my girl is 5 4, 116, and she never goes below 1600, usually runs about 1800, gets too weak if she goes below that. one thing that always bears repeating, food and nutrition is a much bigger part of working out than gear
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