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  1. TheObjective1

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    What are the prices of the oils and orals? In this list?
  2. movingiron88

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    Can you not read?

    If you want to get in touch with AA contact your local DEA for his email.
  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You have a fucked up pattern to you. About once a month you post to multiple UGL threads (this time it was here, SymBiotics, and Alpha USA) asking about shit and whether they are g2g because you’re going to make an order. Then you disappear and come back a month later to do the same shit.

    Do you contribute anything else?
  4. T-Bagger

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    You’re only a year late. I’m sure AA will fire up this contest just for you :rolleyes:
  5. bigrobbie

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  6. sasquatch0420

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    Seemed AA's personal life has been tumultuous at times. Although he always came thru for me and I liked his products. Fingers crossed he resurfaces again.
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  7. TNotch347

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    I email him still. Once a month maybe, “you back” lol never get an answer.
  8. T-Bagger

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    I’d be leery about email at this point.
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  9. TNotch347

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    Ya sounds like it..
  10. Fryguy

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    That discord turned into a shit show. I bounced from there. At this point even if he did come back I don't think I'd order.
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  11. Sdryx

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    Didn’t see this coming... :rolleyes:

    But I’m sure when he comes back from a year long hernia surgery that there will be tons of people back to jump on his schlong... because hey, he delivered... eventually...
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  12. Grandpa Gainz

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    Lol. Not me. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!! Lol. Kinda like the raiders, gotta find another team. Fuck
    I still like his hoodies tho. Haha.
    And like @T-Bagger mentioned I wouldn’t even e-mail him. Something is off. Really hope there’s no heat on him.
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  13. Grandpa Gainz

    Grandpa Gainz Member Supporter

    Winner winner chicken dinner. AA called me and said you won! Hurry up and contact him for your prizes! Good job Corky.
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  14. Iron Vett

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    I’m about to finish off the last of that prize. Kept it in the fridge for quite some time.
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  15. T-Bagger

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    At first I thought he got popped by LE but those who know him have found nothing to support this. Someone told me the latest rumor is that he’s in rehab, which makes a lot more sense. Whatever the deal is, I’m out some money and product.
  16. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    I figured the pain pills after surgery probably wasn’t going to be a good mix for him.
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  17. Grandpa Gainz

    Grandpa Gainz Member Supporter

    Ahhhh fuck. And yeah the rehab does sound more like it. I’m willing to bet when he gets out, if that’s where he’s at. He’ll sq up with ya. Anyways I hope so. Good lick brother
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  18. movingiron88

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    What a scumbag.

    And our members are still singing him praises after he has scammed people out of money.

    Not to mention he is a shady mf'er
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  19. Jaggs91

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    Way more shady and pathetic than you can even imagine.. I know him personally and he gets all kinds of free gear from sources and just sells or trades it off for meth and heroin.. he's a piece of work like you can't even imagine.
  20. Monster053

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    Jesus christttt.. that’s what I had imagined in my head, but then laughed and was like nah he prob just got out of the game... it was a little far fetched.. but wow. His gear and all the pharma shit he had lined up, no one underground can compare to what he had going on.. really sad
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