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    Cock pics not needed, well, maybe over PM :) hope all is well my man
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    They definitely made my cock bigger so I’d use them again
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    *Guaranteed Results* 30%+ increase in average penis size
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    Fuck man, you sent the pics with the cock ring. That's cheating.
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    There you go : 20190111_145956.jpg


    10 weeks appart
    +21 lbs
    Fist one is fasted second is not had eaten an hour ago, i m actually a bit leaner with more visible abs than before
    No gh slin fat burners or anything fancy
    One cheat meal
    No side effects

    Again, under medication so results will be better on someone else

    Take care
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    Looking meaty due. Good work.
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    LMAO @ whoever was saying you weren't getting results before. Looking noiceee big man!
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    Nice work. You look great .
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    Well done brother
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    @Havah I hope you don't mind us noting, you're on less drugs than the prior coach had you on... And, you're feeling healthier and better, at a LARGER body weight... With more definition. What else could someone want?
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    well thank you guys, means a lot, actually the first time i feel rewarded for my investement, i can tell you eating 9 times a day with my job is NOT that convenient, havent missed a single workout in months, like as far as investment goes i wouldnt do anything different if i was on a contest prep or something

    time for some fat shreding now i'll let you know : D
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    Meso friends and family,

    We come to you with truly exciting news, and I hope you all can agree with our level of excitement. We are pleased to announce we have brought in another member to our Atlas Physiques team, @fodsod , to be the head of our Contest Prep Services!

    Mands and Wunderpus have been talking with Fodsod for a few months now about adding this service to our offerings. We wanted to iron out ALL the details, as this is FAR more complex than just building muscle, or losing fat, etc. We have done everything we can to build the best brand possible, and provide the highest quality product we can. With that, we wanted to make SURE we were able to carry that over into contest prep. After speaking with Fodsod for some time, and truly becoming friends with him, we KNOW we can offer the highest quality contest prep services around.

    This service will be much different than our already existing services, and will get you in contest ready shape, form and mindset. You will work with all of us, @mands @Wunderpus and @fodsod to develop a program for achieving your bodybuilding contest dreams! This program will include, but is not limited to:

    - Weekly check-ins
    - On-demand questions and answers, there is no “limit” to these messages like most contest prep coaches have. Ask us everything you want to know, we prefer that!
    - On-demand dietary changes
    - Posing guidance and assistance
    - PED and supplement routines that adjust based on your goals and current physical state
    - Fully customized training routines
    - Fully customized dietary breakdown (not just a set of macros, a full diet that is meal by meal with all timings)
    - Cardio routines that adjust based on your current condition
    - Peak week guidance (this is a BIG one)

    We are certain more levels of assistance will be needed, but the above list goes over the basics.

    Now, a little bit about @fodsod…

    -He’s currently training for the Masters Nationals next year.
    -He has coached 5 different guys, successfully getting them nationally qualified.
    - He has 30+ years of competitive bodybuilding experience.

    Notable wins and showings:
    - NPC State championship open class heavyweight and overall winner
    - (3) NPC Regional national qualifiers open heavyweight and overall winner
    - Placed 6th in heavyweights at NPC Nationals
    - Placed 5th in open heavyweights at the NPC USA.
    - (8) Total NPC class and overall wins

    We are starting this Contest Prep Service from the ground up, so we’re doing an introductory price of $399 per month. As you probably know, most online contest prep coaches are $500+ a month and give you cookie cutter plans, etc. (unless you’re the next Phil Heath, then they give you attention to build their brand).
    We are very excited to get this going! Please let us know how we can help you achieve your bodybuilding contest goals, and ask any questions that you may have!

    Thanks for everything, Atlas Physiques.

    Oh, and, how about some pictures for reference :)

    fodsod3.gif fodsod4.jpg
    fodsod2.jpg fodsod1.jpg
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    Couldn’t have picked a better addition guys. @fodsod looking forward to some Meso class wins and overalls!
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    Thanks Mac!

    Also, I want to publicly state this:

    We were talking with Fodsod about this MONTHS ago, well before you posted anything about training. I don't want you, or anyone, to think we are somehow trying to step on your toes or to in any way say that we can "do it better" than you.

    We especially realize now that there really is a gap that needs to be filled for TRUE contest prep, not just helping people achieve the bodies they want offstage. With that, as you know, takes a WHOLE new level of commitment both from the coaches and the clients. We wanted to make DAMN sure we were all able and ready to provide that to our prospective clients. We'd be embarrassed to offer anything less.

    I know you will see that, however, some folks here cannot help but assume there's all kinds of collusion and fucking each other over going on here 24/7....
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    You guys were both very clear about this and also very supportive of my launch and made it known @fodsod had been in the discussion for a while. I hold no ill will towards any of you guys, and I also made it clear I was steering away from prepping competitors.

    Hope this is nothing but successful for the three of you and I’m sure there’s a great wealth of knowledge to be exchanged amongst you. We all have our own method; the more external exposure the more refined it becomes. I’m still open to the discussion mentioned previously when it makes sense.

    I know this will benefit meso and it’s members and I’m excited to see the result!

    EDIT: Your assessment of the competitive coaching environment is dead to nuts. A competent coach at a reasonable price is far more rare than people know. This is a great service to fill out the Atlas arsenal.
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    So a great service just got better... amazing
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    Let me chime in and thank @Wunderpus and @mands for bringing this opportunity to me. I’m excited to be part of the Atlas Physique team and be able to help the MESO community win some titles.

    None of us took this lightly. We certainly took some time considering all of the many aspects that go into show prep coaching. Not just the diet, training, cardio, PEDS and so on but the little things that someone new to competing or needing to step up their game may need. Things like tanning product suggestions, posing and posing routine suggestions/guidance, where to get good posing trunks, what style to get to best match your build and so on.

    Proper prep coaching requires a level of attention to detail that far exceeds most any other programming and you certainly do not always get what you pay for these days. You will get that and more from Atlas Physiques.
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    This is great news, I really hope you all are ready for even more excitement than you planned. There are a few national and world level activities I've had the honor to participate in and absolutely nothing prepared me for when it came time to switch roles and coach others but it really is the most rewarding thing to get others to that level.

    The amount of detail you all are willing to provide with contest prep makes me question your sanity. I've seen what it takes to get ready for rookie shows in a school auditorium and you all are taking it to the next level. This truly shows dedication to the community and adds yet another product to the Meso community.

    Whatever the source is providing, if it's quality, we can never have enough choices. Hopefully the training forum is filled with dedicated coaches providing every level of service in the time to come.
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    That's why we took so much time to REALLY think about doing this :)
  20. mp46

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    How far out from a proposed contest should someone reasonably get on board with this program vs another program or going it alone?