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    One of the easiest things in life to do is look towards the negative and provoke self doubt in yourself and in others.

    One of the hardest things to do in life is acknowledge the small steps that lead to big success in both yourself and in others.

    Individuals who are brave enough to step past the barrier and post up their small gains or also known as small steps are huge. Those small Gaines wether from 19 weeks or 52 weeks add up over the years to get them where they eventually want to be with consistency.

    Not everyone wants to be a mass monster....but just be comfortable in their skin and be proud of what they have built.

    Stay swole everyone! and keep making those SMALL gains!
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  2. NorthMich

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    My best money is spent with Atlas
  3. ickyrica

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    cialis is worth the cash as well. I have to do handstands to take my morning piss!
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    Must say I’m thoroughly enjoying 10mg/day. Gym and bed. Need more...wife is starting another var stretch...
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    Try it with Citrulline Malate....
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    6g citrulline in my pre
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    For us novices, what does Citrulline add?
  8. Mac11wildcat

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    Big dick energy.

    It’s another path to vasodilation.

    Citrulline >arginine > NO
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  10. Wunderpus

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    Here's an old post of mine citing an old John Meadows article:

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    My current pre has the free form citrulline. Have to say it’s a great product.
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    I'm not finding much difference between the two.
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    Really just an adjustment for the molecular weight.
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  14. Havah

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    I cannot stress enough how gains and overall physique must be contextualised
    I m not trying to justify myself, but since I started this medication I put over 50lbs of FAT within 2 years

    So as far as I m concerned, the difference between with and without gear is night and day
    Obviously i m probably never going to be a big ass dude according to this boards standards, but within my own environnement I m the biggest guy in the room by far, and this is good enough for me - and within the population of patients under my medication, i ve got a godlike physique

    The best thing about this coaching is I dont spend my time looking for gains anymore, I enjoy workouts, and I m looking forward the next workout more than I m looking for gains
    I dunno if that makes sense, but on the quest for gains I m enjoying the journey more than the goal and that makes it for a pretty healthy environnement
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    Buddy, you do you. Don't justify shit to anyone. I'm not where I want to be because of injuries and lack of consistency, and although I want more out of myself in the gym it's all good. Life demands more attention than the gym sometimes and it is what it is. You're obviously working towards a goal to be a better you and that's what matters most. Keep on trucking dude
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    This is awesome right here! I love it. Great job brother.
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  17. Btcowboy

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    OP dont listen to what some people have to say. The wins are your wins and they dont know the battles you won to get to where you are now. People will always comment, some good and some bad. Ignore and keep doing what you are doing. I will never look like most of you here. I bust my ass in the gym, I eat right, i take aas for a helping hand for a specific purpose and not to be the biggest baddest because I know it wont happen but rather to be the biggest baddest me working with what I have. I went from 320lbs, so I will always have the reminders of that weight. I dont care what people think, it is what it is and I won the war on being fat. I am now healthy and happy and i couldn't ask for more.

    Keep at it brother.
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    Signed up with the boys. Will be interesting to see how my physique develops on a powerlifting program. Currently running 50mg/dbol for 4 weeks and Test E for 16 weeks. I will be posting up pics along the way :) I'm a big ole boy (fat) so this cut should be fun to watch :)

    Ill post weekly/bi-weekly update pics in here but I will also add daily weight fluctuations and updates on how my diet is affecting my training in my log so as to not clog up this thread :) Let's be real, 99% of us only care about seeing the before and after pics anyways ;)
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    D264D2C0-D289-4FE9-AE6A-79330AF23DF6.jpeg 6E9EBC4C-8080-4E84-BFA5-D9D940D0F3D5.jpeg
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    Having trouble getting the rest to down load
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