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    We are beyond pumped to have @fodsod on our team. He brings another level to our team and is the final piece of the puzzle. His vast knowledge and personal experience in the sport, nutrition, training and PED's is greatly welcomed.

    What is so unique with us and @Atlas_Physiques is that when client are working with one of us directly they still have interaction, Q&A's with all of us over PM.

    Again welcome big man to the team.

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    Typical show prep is 16-20 weeks to ensure a slow methodical fat loss schedule and keep as much lean tissue as possible.

    Unless you're in say the 10-8%ish bf range (measured not guessing), recently competed (with the last 2 months) have been into lower single digit bf levels (in the last year or so) or have a really fast metabolism then you can get away with a 10-12 week prep but it's still not ideal.

    There are other protocols to get into show shape faster but they do not typically produce a physique that is capable of wining a show and almost always have negative results across the board.
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    So I’ve been with Atlas for a little while now, little background on me. I’m 38 used to be in great shape in college nearly 20 years ago I stopped doing any kind of exercise and went to work.
    I’m extremely happy with my results but no where near satisfied, long way to go. I communicated with wonderpus and gotta say the dude is solid, I know it’s a collective effort from Atlas so shout out to Mands as well even though we didn’t talk thanks to the Atlas crew.

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    These guys are great. Good for you
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    The lower back area and abdomen areas are insanely different! This is the marathon, non-crash diet, approach. You have made sustainable changes, and will continue to do so if you follow the program and adjust your macros and training based on where you are, and where you want to be. We will be leaving you with a very solid template and foundation, that you can tweak as time goes on.

    Of course you're always welcome to check in and ask for a bit of help if you need it, you're a friend and a client.
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    Also, with our friend Donald Pump taking a break from coaching, we do have 1 spot now open... Please let us know if you're interested, as it will fill up quickly.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    I should probably clarify the “unsatisfied” statement I made, I’m totally satisfied with Atlas, I mean I’m not where I ultimately want to be, that will come with time. That’s how I meant it.
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    Never satisfied bro. That is what this lifestyle is about. Always wanting to level up physique wise, training wise, or nutrition wise. I hear you man.
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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been on a hiatus the last year with a lot of cool changes in my life. I’ve had a lot of positive things happen in and out of the gym and wanted to update everybody. I started training with @Atlas_Physiques back in March in the middle of a bulk. My pants were a size up and still fitting too tight and things weren’t going as efficiently as I wanted.

    @Wunderpus and @mands really taught me how to workout with the proper intensity and principles. They taught me how to eat properly to bulk and showed me how to transition into a cut. I had to step away from their training temporarily when my wife and I bought a new house a couple months back, but I’ve used everything I learned from them and have continued grinding the way they showed me.

    The first picture is a year ago at about 190lbs and ~10%. The second picture is when I hired these guys at about 225lbs. The last 2 are current, I’d say about 210lbs and 10%. Needless to say, I can’t wait to work with these guys more in the near future.




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    They’re my trainers also. Can’t beat the service. They know everything. I’ve been with them for 12 months and packed on 25 pounds with two cycles.
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    I always get impatient and try to change so much that I lose focus of the important things or over-complicate everything. There’s a lot to be said about letting someone who knows what they’re doing set out a plan and to just follow what they say. Allows you to put energy into the right areas.
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    Exactly. Exactly. And you did a tremendous thing there, brother. You look fantastic
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    Thanks man, I couldn’t have done it alone
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    We love seeing this kind of dedication and trusting the process. You look great @TheH0517. Great job man. It's been all you that's for sure.

    @NorthMich has made some incredible changes as well. Thanks to both of you.

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    Y’all brought the guidance and I brought the willingness. I can’t thank y’all enough. I hope to be working with y’all again very soon.
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    We have ALWAYS aimed for our clients to learn our system and to become self sufficient. Now, there are MANY users that enjoy the variety and the constant changes with working with us indefinitely, which I can understand.

    However, I wholeheartedly believe you could work with us for 3 months and then take those tools and apply them to your training indefinitely. That was the idea of Atlas. We never wanted to create dependants, rather create independent folks who have honest and real tools to achieve their personal goals.

    We love the longterm clients though... It's even more fun for us. Folks like @NorthMich make us so happy. I wish ya'll see his transformation... If he ever wants to post his pics, you would be blown away.
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    Also, we do have 2 spots available currently as our schedules have opened up a bit in our personal/work life. We always give the highest quality service we can, so we have to limit the number of clients we work with. However, things have finally slowed down a bit in those areas, so we are taking on 2 folks if anyone is interested.
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    Curious to see how you're doing? You were always hard on yourself, which is pretty normal. But, the changes you made would be those that many would kill for... I hope you're doing well!
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