Black Privilege

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Piney, Jun 26, 2020.

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    If this thread were titled “White Privilege” and went into all that, would this be your response - this post I quoted? It would be mine.

    In light of that, maybe you can see his original tone a little differently.
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    Well you did call me a drama queen. I've been on this forum for a little over 3 years and have under 600 posts so I don't get the drama queen part. I'm anything but racist. I have a filipina girlfriend and my ex and I adopted two Hispanic children who have grown up to be fine upstanding young adults. You stopped short of labeling me a racist but that is the vibe I am getting here, not necessarily from you.
    The problem as I see it is the only way for our politicians to keep power is label us and keep us divided. It seems at least to me some here want to live in the past. I'm not saying to forget the past but rather let's all move forward and quit looking at people with a color attached to it. You know nothing about me and yet just threw out a statement.
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    To be honest I would laugh it off. My forefathers came from Alsase Lorraine, Germany long after slavery was abolished with very little money. I've never experienced white privilege.
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    Ok so in spite of your attempt to make light of it you still have hostility to the idea. You think it doesn’t apply to you? You think the people who talk about it would agree with you there?

    You can parlay that into some understanding, or you can make believe like it’s irrelevant. Your choice.
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    I'm not making light of it, and no I don't think it applies to me and I honestly don't give two shits whether people agree with me or not. I am an American, not German American. I have never lived in Germany. Same as African Americans. They aren't from Africa. Same goes for Asians, Mexicans. etc. When everyone realizes we are all Americans and quit buying into the politicians bullshit to divide us, which gives them power and leaves all of us powerless maybe we can move forward. It's not the government's role to have power. That belongs to the people but we will never have power as long as we are divided. We should never forget the past but sadly some are still living in the past. There's a big difference.
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    Stop hypnotizing yourself. If you wouldn’t stand up for yourself if someone gave you shit for your skin color you’re a coward. Plain and simple.

    You have a confederate flag as your avatar. Now you’re an American essentialist. You’d “laugh off” ignorant attacks on your character, you say, and you would criticize anyone who doesn’t do the same. Yet when you believe you’re called racist (after not being called out specifically, you came to that decision on your own), you’re more than open to being hostile and not “laughing it off.”

    The only thing that’s coherent about everything you’re saying is that you believe it’s your right to be hostile and to laugh. You’re socially retarded if you think you look good here.
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    I like the way you assume everything about me. I pity people like you. Me hostile? You're the one making assumptions and name calling here. I'm a coward because I won't defend meaningless words about the color of my skin? Lmao and get the fuck out of here with that nonsense. I think not only are you the one who's hostile, you are butthurt as well.
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    No, I’m just calling you a coward who uses smugness to compensate for your cowardice with narcissism. You don’t care about things? Great, let that be reflected in your words and bless those around you with some silence.
  9. Please don't ban me. :D

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    So easy to talk shit behind a keyboard but whatever man. I hope when your menstrual cycle is over you can chill some.
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    Oh so you get it now? You understand that you’re accountable for your words, regardless of how much you want to present as a simple and harmless clown?

    That’s what you are, right? You don’t care about words, you say. Don’t matter! You’re just a little clown with a smattering of peanut butter on your boomer windows keyboard from 2003 and an American flag decal mousepad. Laugh with me! It is actually pretty funny.
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    No. I just don't give a fuck what you think with your obvious little man syndrome. :)
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    Why aren’t you laughing? I thought you said you laughed at stuff like that? Weren’t you the one saying you should just laugh when people insult you?

    You mischievous little clown, you almost got me there.
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    “Oh so you understand you’re accountable for your words?”


    Lmfao grade A clown, I’ve got to hand it to you.
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    Does racism exist absolutely, but the interviewer makes some very good points about personable responsibility
    and the same can be said about many choices in life, including the use of AAS.

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    lol, he called out people for saying racist things. That to you makes his words derogatory? That makes him racist? Tell me about yourself please. What do you do for work? Where are you from? I want to understand the background of the man who thinks another man defending his people is as racist as the racist words being used to describe said people. Honestly, that's what you posted here man. Unreal.

    effect if anything. Dresden was clearly aiming at specific people. Not everyone. That was my point. I didn't want to drag you further down the rabbit holes so I just made a smile face. No worries on my end.

    Guys, stop defending yourselves and your races history. Stop trying to justify. Just stop. We have all had our part, one way or another, in making this world the way it is now. Some much more than others. What happens from this morning on is what matters. Start accepting your neighbors truths as your own rather than telling them that they are incorrect, as your neighbors should accept your truth as their own. We would all learn something and more likely than not grow as humans. One thing that this discussion lacks is a world view. Have you guys seen what the rest of the planet is going through? Look at the solidarity that they show with this GF and BLM movement. Other countries are literally going through this same change as I type this. This feeling and sentiment reaches across the fucking planet, it's not fake news. We can continue to light it all on fire or come to the table, like humans, and figure this shit out. I'd rather not torpedo the rest of the time I have on this planet with another civil or world war please.

    I'm off my soap box, not spending any more time on spinning in circles. Acceptance leads to growth.
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    He makes some amazing points, Jim.
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    that first post was VERY racist , but you only have a comment about mine..... i see you
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    It's going to take more than coming to the table this time. Although that's a good place to start! By accepting that others subjective views were driven by their raising and experience, we can come to the table with a more open mind.

    The people who continue to perpetuate this shit have to be held accountable.

    Why do we shit all over eachother while we ALLOW MSM to drive their narrative. When these cockroaches became partisan we should have squashed them. When they started dishonesty reporting along party lines we should have done something. They now reap the profit while creating a false division in our society! All in the name of driving clicks for ad revenue. It's time to take a step back, objectively and honestly look at the situation and hold these garbage animals to account. 98 percent of the protesters lately have been peaceful! The left says they are all peaceful while the right portray them as all violent. This selective reporting has consequences in OUR society. It effects us, and that is wrong. Lies can't be allowed to sway our opinion on our fellow man. If we allow it then we get what we fucking deserve!

    Politicians because of these divisions are now free to do whatever the fuck they want with zero accountability! We are too busy fighting with eachother and drawing our partisan lines in the Interwebs sand to stop and analyze and seek truth! Every day that this goes on we loose the freedom that so many have fought and died and suffered for! It's a fucking disgrace! BOTH parties are a fucking disgrace. We argue, while the democrats keep cutting welfare cheques and buying votes while the republicans ignore it because they don't give a single fuck about the black man!

    First we have to take personal responsibility. Not only for our actions but our thoughts as well. It is mentally lazy and egotistical to assume our opinion is even mostly correct.

    Second we have to hold our own accountable. We don't let the members of our "tribe" get away with that bullshit. Speak the fuck up and crush it before it becomes a real problem. We need to challenge narratives, not create a eco chamber!

    Then we can start holding media, government, special interest group's to a actual standard! It can be done because WE hold ourselves to a standard. WE crush our own hypocrisy and egotism! There is no clout when the pot calls the kettle black. I don't know what the solution is for these my views on what needs to happen are a bit extreme to publicly express. Time to put a end to this retarded dumpster fire we are becoming as a society!

    There is no excuses for racism or picking "sides" anymore. If we continue to divide ourselves then our freedoms will be killed by both domestic and foreign entities who don't want independent free thinking well armed people.

    Morning rant is over.
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    Well said. The politicians know exactly what they are doing. In order for them to remain in power they must keep us divided. The government belongs to we the people. We are the ones that are supposed to be in power and the politicians are merely servants doing what we elected them to do, at least that is how its supposed to be.