brutus79 and jballz get swole

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by brutus79, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Great progress Trukker ---you come a long ways my friend , but I guess we all have . Iron shells of our former selves .
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  2. ebkallday

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    I see fuckers cycling who have been in the gym for years, doing the same routines, same cycles and they never get bigger..... ever. Food intake will make the biggest difference in growth.

    Feeding is harder than fucking training sometimes. This last tren blast I was on, I thought I was eating priddy good, I wasn't getting real big like I wanted but I was getting vascular as all hell. I dumped the tren and dbol and tapered my test to 500mg a week where I am going to cruise till I start my EQ. First thing I noticed when I dropped the tren and dbol was a huge increase in appetite. I didn't realize how much the two compounds were keeping me from taking in the food. I first gained 8 pounds and now I am ten pounds heavier than when I was on the stack. Yes a little more fat but muscles are fuller and I feel better.

    Food over gear any day... but put a whole lot of food on a moderate amount of gear and you will grow. Your a beast Brute, fuck some shit up!
  3. ebkallday

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    Only shape not size my friend. Greyhounds have great shape, pitbulls have the size.
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    I think it's largely diet, too! But, I think people need to start upping their drug doses, too (ooooooh no he didn't!).

    People think they will just keep putting on size at 500MG's test and the occasional compound. At some point, you hit a plateau (largely due to food, training and drugs).
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  5. Skull

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    No magic an all muscle. I like that phrase an will be using it from now on:cool:
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  6. @brutus79 are you planning to test your maxes on the big three prior to starting the PL program? If not, I suggest doing so.

    Testing your max prior to starting a PL training program will;

    - Create an accurate picture of where you're at prior to the PL training. Thinking and knowing are two different states of mind. Know where you're at and you'll never think, 'can I do this?' Instead you'll know you can, get under the bar and do it.

    - Most likely be used to calculate your workload for the training program. Setting the correct 1RM/5RM numbers are crucial to a successful program. Set it too low and you'll breeze through. Set it too high and you'll run into a brick wall in short order. Either way is not effective and the latter can be dangerous. Put in the correct max and you'll have optimal.

    - Serve as a benchmark for quantifying how successful the training program is. Self explanatory.
  7. brutus79

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    I am now my friend. Just week before I start I assume? And should I test five rep maxes the week before that?
  8. Docd187123

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    Take a little deload beforehand and test your 1RM about a week before so you can recover before the show hits the road. Pillar won't need your 5RM only an accurate 1RM since everything he based is off that.
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    Looks like I'm late to the party... Seems like it's been a couple weeks since I've been on here. Things have been crazy but I'm really looking forward to jumping on again.. Saturday will be 12 weeks off.

    Cycle will consist of tren, GH, npp, tbol, var, test, and eq. Haven't hammered out dosages just yet.

    Here's a pic from a few days ago, first thing in the morning. I cut down to 200, feeling skinny as shit!! :eek:

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  10. ebkallday

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    Jacked as fuck!
  11. ROB581211

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    Damn man you make 200 look way bigger than me lol. Good starting point though.
  12. gr8whitetrukker

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    You at 200 is intense
    I look like an aids patient at 200
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  13. gr8whitetrukker

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    How much you spend on growth?
  14. Mr.B66

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    You might feel skinny, but you look great jB!!!
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  15. Skull

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    You dont look skiny as shit. If anything you look big as hell. Good luck to you jb;)
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  16. jaymaximus

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    Damn JB. If I looked like that I would never put clothes on. Id find a job walking around naked all day. (No homo)
    Maybe blender spokeman or something.
    That is a hell of a base to be starting with though. Cant wait to see where youre at when its all done.
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  17. Damn JB --- more solid than ever . Between you , Brutus and Odie theres gonna be some major growth around here ...Double-subbed . :cool:
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    SAYS WHO gr8whitetrukker! ;) I take that as a personal challenge. I'm gonna start next week. Oh hell, I think I was gonna give Brut a bigger head start. :)

  19. heady muscle

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    Looking lean!
  20. MindlessWork

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    Well you are the motivator, and these guys are gunnin' for you haha

    looking large there, JB...keep going and you will get there!
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