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    You all bunch of jokes! Talk about the lab not me. Isn't meso the best for calling out labs?
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    You asked a legitimate question, and this is meso where the point is to keep labs on their toes.

    Obviously there is financial incentive involved here with the defenders of Pareto and maybe the guy who posted the test. Pareto has been around a long time and no real issues so I’m curious to see what the issue was... or if this is normal and the good reviews are just from overdosed products. I’ve been waiting for an issue with this lab to surface on meso... it’s been here 5 years and never a complaint or issue that has caused drama.
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  3. Wheelhouse creating drama cuz he has nothing better to do but all he did was get people talking about the brand more then they already do. I think you helped Pareto out really.
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    Pareto is a branch from Venom Pharmaceuticals. Neither of them can get their dosage correct
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    I have zero financial incentive with this lab so I’ll talk to this. Can someone explain to me what labs are putting out an accurate dosed tab or capsule and if so, how? And I don’t mean tell me they are, I mean I want someone to explain to me how mixing, capping or pressing works. Side note, I already know but I want someone to explain it captain autism wheelhouse because he’s blocked me so why waste my time.
    Also those lab test were done by Janoshik so I take anything he does with a grain of salt.
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    In any case, whether you believe Jano tests to be credible or not, the rep did alter the results of the test results provided to hide the 20% variance between tablets, which indicate that his Anavar is being dosed 25-50% higher than labelled. That should be of primary concern. Even if he doesn't believe the results, it's very concerning to see a source alter the results to improve his image.
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  7. Tag Jano with your question

    Everytime I've tagged him with a technical or testing question he has responded.

    Unlike Captain wheels... I'm not a "Vet in the game"
    So I cant speak to any drama or history.
    All I know is Jano has answered my questions and helped me.

    Do as you will.
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  8. This is a valid question and I thought janoshik was the gold standard when it comes to testing. I don't think there should be a complaint on products being a bit overdosed at times with all the complaints we here about labs underdosing to Dave money etc but with products like t3 and clen which are 100mcg tabs I get why accurate dosing would be vital. Now I've heard from past questions why they make them at 100mcg due to variances in hot spots or something and how it's easier to be accurate when made at 100mcg but I wish they were able to make those 2 items at say 25mcg per tab because the tabs are tiny and you can split it once but twice would be difficult without crumbling. Does anyone have a solution to this. A lot of my buddies don't want to start clen or t3 at 50mcg right off the bat.
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    Unfortunately the solution is to buy pharmaceutical grade, even if it's difficult to source domestically. If it were a 5% overdose and consistent between 2 tabs, that would seem pretty okay to me. but 25-50% undisclosed overdose? If the source is unable to make tablets consistent within +/-5mg, what does that say for the clenbuterol that is dosed in micrograms? Or the T3? @ParetoPharma are you able to confirm what your dosing protocol is? Are all products deliberately overdosed by 25-50% or is this one (two) time production error?

    @janoshik would you be able to speak to the test you performed on tast #03437? Maybe you can confirm if the attached test results have been altered from your original report and this isn't some sort of communication error. [​IMG]

    Maybe you can also comment on whether a +/-5mg variance between tablets is par for the course in your experience?
  10. Those 2 products I do run pharmaceutical grade but Pareto is what I run for everything else and my circle of friends absolutely love this lab to bits and they love the results and they can't access pharma grade they not into the online game so it be nice if Pareto someday produces that. They have female var 5mg tabs but are they 5mg or 15 lol.
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    I really dont want to comment here, but.

    Firstly I have never used Pareto so no comment from me on their gear.

    As a Canadian I read all the Canadian threads. My biggest concern would be simply the fact they they apparently doctored a lab test and posted it altered. It cause people to come to the conclusion that the lab is hiding it, regardless which lab did it. Which brings up the question what else are they hiding.

    By all accounts following this thread Pareto had a pretty good reputation here, the altered test regardless who did the test causes people or at least me to question them.
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    Both task number and the key are visible on that report, so original report can be checked by anybody. See below.

    Pills and caps varying by 20% is very common in my experience.

    Test Report #03437.png
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    Also, talking to graciebjj again... Is this 2012? :p
  14. I guess that answers that. I still don't see what you guys on about where you saying the report was doctored. How do I not see it.
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    Makes you wonder how many times their products are underdosed 25% or 50% . One thing is for sure I definitely wouldn't trust them with t3.
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    I’m not seeing where the results were altered? Also would Jano be able to confirm the test was altered or not?
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    I'm confused as to how you don't see it, look at the two pages here:
    The above was posted by Pareto, the client is whited out, as well as the "2nd pill" in the "results". Compare the above to the original from Jano, posted here:

    Does that make it more clear?
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    See it now thank you. @ParetoPharma whats going on here?
    I know how this is possible for this to happen with production, but why hide the second result?
  19. Naw wheelhouse dont try to talk shit the other way. The debate here is about dosing being tad high because no product they make is ever below what it's supposed to be and thats a fact. Now it definitely looks like your here trying to bash a top brand if not THE top brand in Canada.
  20. Yes I get it now. Perhaps it was redundant t to show results of 2pills as first one already showed a strong result. Who knows but end of the day I doubt it's anything malicious.