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  1. Sorry to bug you again @janoshik

    But you always have 3 lines for identification of compound, followed by measurement of quantities.

    (So it may not mean that Pareto whites it out)

    Would you use a different task Number per Pill tested?
    Or would the Task number be associated with a package you recieved

    I wouldnt be too quick to accuse Pareto of doctoring labs.
    I mean, they've been around for long enough, with high enough qaulity that they dont even have to keep posting samples.. but they do.

    However, I'm open to either outcome.

    Just an FYI, I've never even tried Pareto. I have no vested interests either way.
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    I don’t believe the lab would knowingly and purposely overdose their products. I am unsure of their quality control processes, but overall they have been reputable and have maintained a high level of consistency throughout the years. Obviously they are doing a lot of things right. However it does not mean they cannot have an inconsistent batch occasionally. Remember these guys are UGL not pharmaceutical. They are not operating out of a multi-million dollar facility with 100% accurate raw powders. Their operation is clandestine in nature so they have to work under less than perfect conditions.
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    Truth be known I don't talk shit! I ask simple straightforward questions and get personally attached. You little keyboard warriors hiding behind your computer need to man the fuck up for a change! Let it be known I have made multiple purchases from Pareto and never had a problem. It's these ass clowns talking smack trying to get free gear.
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    No problem, but I'm not sure I understand.

    Yes, for example when I test more than 2 pills per sample (some customers get 3 or 5 or even more pills/caps per sample tested), or when customer explicitly requests it.
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  5. Let me attempt to explain.

    A member is claiming that they edited out the second test.
    Due to there being an empty space below the result.

    However I have seen that unless testing 4+ items, you always have 3 rows under your results section.

    Meaning that this is a standard template for 3 or less items.
    Which is obviously not indicative of someone tampering with your results.

    Long story short.
    It was just.your standard template that you tested a pill on.
    Then printed a new template for the secondary test.

    I know I'm not explaining it well.

    Thanks for your time Jano
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    oh, it was edited. You are correct that I use a template, for the sake of automation, but if the test is not 100% identical to what shows at verification, it was edited. Who and why I don't unfortunately have the time to investigate.
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  7. Thanks Jano

    Appreciate the responses.

    Nothing like going to the actual tester for verification.
    We hypothesize and gesticulate all week... or talk to

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    Feel free to hit me up anytime.

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    12w @ 200mg week T400
    blood work shows capped >52nmol/l (>1500ng/dl)
    >7.5x test multiplier 40h after inj

    *(been using the same vial for 20weeks and still clear etc...
    but for the future all vials will be in the fridge)

    *(doc wouldn't let me get an uncapped test)

    *Definitely need to drop from 200mg/w as I just wanted to find my high TRT dose.
    I think I will be going to 100mg/w.
    (I've seen BW @ 150-160mg test per week getting >1500...)

    *I developed a HIGH hematocrit and hemoglobin, had a phletomy as I was out of range. (SLUDGE)

    (5/5) QUALITY
    (1->5/5) PIP: was pretty debilitating on virgin muscle(normal), now that it's used to it, sometimes a knot every other week.

    REVIEWS of Anecdotal PARETO items used.
    tren A = 5/5 *tren cough once on 3 bottles inj in glutes
    TREN E = 5/5
    T400 = 5/5 *BW proof
    TEST E = 5/5
    TEST C = 5/5
    TEST P = 3/5 *Debilitating PIP (on virgin muscle, havent used it since)
    NPP = 5/5 *when it kicked in, joints felt AWESOME!
    DECA = 5/5 *took forever to kick in but when it did felt like NPP*

    CARDARINE = 5/5 *before using cardio was shot from tren and clen gave me pumps and cramps, this helped a little but made it just bearable*
    CLEN = not sure what to rate it but it was apparently from the hyped up batch of clen,(didn't get shakiness, but sometimes felt heart palptations at 100mg, and shin splints were bad)
    t3 = paired with the above.
    (I failed my cut due to tren cardio sides)

    Followed a gyno reversal protocol previous cycle:
    nolvadex = 5/5
    letrozole = 5/5

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    First post, but over from CJM as they deleted my Pareto thread lol. I sent my Winstrol into Janoshik, here is the result

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    You have dosing recommendations for their Helios?
  12. MouthfulOfClouds

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    I'm about to run an EC stack with their stenabolic and some cardarine and ostarine from a different lab then I'll follow it up with the Helios to finish off the cycle, I'll let you know the difference in 2 months if you still don't try it yourself but their response time, shipping time and packaging are all 5 star. Pareto shipped it on the weekend and it arrived basically the next day. 20191009_211803.jpg 20191009_211809.jpg 20191009_211813.jpg
  13. Wow yet another product that's overdosed.
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    IMO a +/-5% isn’t very bad, and at least those are pretty close results between the two tabs. Still no response regarding the Var tests though
  15. The var is off the hook bro fuck the results just eat it lol
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    Prefer it overdosed then bunk or underdosed.
  17. Straight the fuck up
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    I mean.... is not by a lot. I don’t see an issue with that.
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    Exactly. And again this is UGL not giant corporate pharmaceutical.
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  20. Yes, you are correct
    a few MG on var isnt a big deal.
    However, 20% overdosed on something like clen or t3 can be an issue.
    It's not about the Var, extra var is a bonus lol.

    It's about the other compounds that are more dose dependant.