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    I'm bailing on what began as a 4-month cycle where I 'ended' by staying on a TRT dose of test E for the last 4 months. It was going to be for life and I felt good on it, but life changed, as it has a way of doing, and I'm saying fuck it all and PCTing soon to try to get back to baseline because my priorities are just not the same as they used to be. To make it worse, I probably started my pct the cycle prior too early and didn't fully recover in between. So it could have been 1.5 year. Lot of fucking up...

    SteroidPlotter says I'd be at 5 mg test released per day just 6 days after my last pin of 30 mg EOD test E. Is that the point where I should begin blasting, say, 2000 iu hcg E3D, or since I'm coming off such a low dose, do I need to start sooner? I didn't use it while on TRT. I know the hCG and nolva overlap needs to be minimal. Seems like coming off low dose TRT muddies the waters with scheduling. I've read this entire thread, but like any old, long thread on this topic that is still ongoing, there are some contradictory takeaways.

    And does anyone actually have a link to the latest version of 'Power PCT' (a name I know the doc doesn't care for)? I found people saying 'search for it' when this was asked in 2018, but I haven't been able to find a thread where @Michael Scally MD's current regimen for ASIH is laid out. There's a more recent reddit thread that links to a screenshot where I presume it once was, but the link to the screenshot is dead.

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    I went ahead and started hcg, 6 days after my last pin (see above). That's too early for SERMs, but should be fine for hCG considering monotheapy will continue for several weeks and a lot of people recommend you start stimulating the balls a bit before the cycle ends (though this is more aborted TRT than cycle at this point), which seems sound to me based on my understanding of the science.

    My balls were sore within 12 hours of my first 1500 iu injection and continue to hurt. I never ached using pharm-grade at 300 iu 3x per week my first cycle. Seems like a positive sign that they are indeed responding and that my UGL hCG is potent. I'll verify this by getting TT checked in a few weeks. I don't know my baseline TT because I never checked it prior to my first cycle. I do know after my partial or possibly full recovery last August it was in the upper 300s with FT around 45. But I think I botched the timing of that pct and may not have been fully recovered when I got bloods.

    Is there any argument against continuing hCG monotherapy for 5 weeks? I'm not in any hurry to start SERMs, and since I don't know my AAS-naive TT/FT, I don't have a clear goal to shoot for. Likewise, I could extend SERM therapy from the planned 6 weeks to 8 weeks, or even longer with what I have on hand. Is there any argument against doing this just to be safe?

    I might have to repeat the whole thing next year thanks to leftover NA-19 suppressing LH/FSH from the deca I ended 130 days ago, but I'm prepared for that prospect and don't mind buying more hCG later. This will at least help me recover partially and feel normal for a while, even if my balls subsequently shrink again. I seriously doubt residual NA-19 130 days after a moderate deca cycle results in 100% suppression.

    @The Terminator @Eman

    And if someone with academia/journal access could tell me just how suppressive small amounts of NA-19 are in this study, I would really appreciate it! I can't find ANY thread on any of the credible AAS forums (all two of them ;) Fuck the SARM shill forums) giving the numbers on the extent of suppression found in the full study, and I think it'd be very useful information to have on hand to give people an idea as to how long full recovery post-nandrolone actually requires. I've requested the full article through researchgate, but no response yet:

    Long term perturbation of endocrine parameters and cholesterol metabolism after discontinued abuse of anabolic androgenic steroids
  3. Not really, as long as you don’t get any weird side effects. I used hCG for a long while after trt and the only downside for me personally was the cost started to add up. And I can’t imagine nandrolone directly suppressing four months.
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