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  1. NovaFlex

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    Day 7 in the hole.

    Band Pull apart


    Seated OHP

    145 2x10

    100 3x10, 14

    1 arm barbell shrugs -per side

    160 4x6

    -I’ve never done these before. But wow.. They activate the lats, all of your core, etc. much more difficult than just shrugging with 3 plates on a bar. And considering that each set was a suitcase deadlift, it added to it pretty well.

    JM Press

    115 4x10

    DB Fly

    25 x15, 12, 10

    -Full TUT, 4ct eccentrics.
  2. NovaFlex

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    Pendlay Row

    90 x20

    145 4x15

    CG Bench

    145 5x10

    Skull Crushers

    90 2x10

    Side Lat raise

    25 x20, 12

    -Left shoulder started to feel like it was on fire—really weird. So stopped here.

    Hammer curl

    25 3x15

    Strict Barbell Curl

    45 x15, 12

    90 x5

    Red Band Pull Apart


    Red Band Pull down


    -Hypertrophy feels pretty good. Much more volume than I’m used to..Hoping this will have some carry over to strength training.

    -Ordered this little beast last week. Quarantine is gonna taste a little better, at least. Always wanted a smoker...The wife complained, but she’ll shut up when she tastes my meat....:D

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    I got the same one just a couple years older and love it
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  4. NovaFlex

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    I’ve always wanted one, but didn’t wanna spend 500+ on the wood smokers or a decent pellet smoker...every review I read said these were amazing and gave the same flavor, so hell yeah man.
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  5. NovaFlex

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    If I can’t change my movements too much, I can at least change the volume and intensity as much as possible.

    Seated OHP

    90 3x20

    Rear delt fly

    25 x15, 12

    Band Pushdown


    DB floor flys

    35s 3x10
  6. NovaFlex

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    -Changed things up and did some conditioning today. Beautiful day for it.

    3 rounds, 10 reps each, 30 sec rest in between.

    -135 lb clean and press x10
    -Tire hits 10 reps per hand
    -50 yd Suitcase carry, up and back (100 yd total)

    The weight was light, but holy shit I wasn’t ready. I desperately need this conditioning.

    I’m probably gonna end up doing this twice a week, on top of 2-5 mile walks 3x a week.
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  7. Btcowboy

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    With my gym finally closing and no weight to lift, cardio and conditioning is all I am gonna have
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  8. NovaFlex

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    I’ve been meaning to add it, but it’s difficult in the winter.. I’ve got no excuses now.

    I’ve barely got anything either, man.. trying to make due with this hypertrophy shit lol.
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  9. Btcowboy

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    Id be happy with that lol. I have a couple 5 and 10 lb dumbells thats it lol
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  10. NovaFlex

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    You have anything for strongman stuff? Even a tire you can throw around? I’m lucky I bought this welfare weight bench 10 years ago lol.
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  11. Btcowboy

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    Nothing, I got a couple girls DBs, stationary bike, kayak and running shoes lol. Found an ad for 3 gyms closing and a partial list of what they have, sent an email asking if they have what I want and price, fingers crossed.
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    Not PL related, but I have to post anyway. I finally got my dream dog. A buddy of mine raises and sells purebred German Shepards—usually time K-9 units—and gave me a hell of a deal on this ole boy, because I helped him pretty big over the summer. No papers (which reduces the price too), but 100% legit.


    This is his mother


    And what he’s projected to look like

  13. NovaFlex

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    I can’t lie, it’s been incredibly difficult to stay motivated with these shitty weights and no routine.

    Seated OHP

    90 3x20, 15

    Pendlay Row

    160 3x15

    CG bench press

    160 4x10

    Band pull downs


    1 arm BB shrug

    160 3x10

    Strict BB curl

    60 3x10

    Tire hits for conditioning - 4x10 each hand
  14. NovaFlex

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    Finally got to fire up the smoker tonight. Not bad for a first run.

    8F47EC3E-FB86-4690-8A62-9220090C38FB.jpeg 296C3538-2675-4593-ADF0-5D4F312A99CD.jpeg
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    Same. Smoked deer is really good
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    I was smoking potatoes, cons of corn, all meats, if I could have gotten temp down I would have tried smoked cheese
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    Yeah Man! Being from NY, I don’t get any authentic BBQ—it’s the one thing I miss about being over the road...I’ve had the best BBQ from every region, lol. At least now I can have a minor taste of it.

    seriously though...When NY’ers say they’re having a “BBQ”, they mean they’re throwing burgers and dogs on the grill and maybe some baked beans and potato salad... It’s just not the same, man.
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    Just some accessories today... took another 2 mile walk.

    DB fly

    25 4x15

    Hammer curl

    25 x15

    35 12, 2x10

    Band pull apart


    Push ups


    I’m stuck between 258-262 for the last week+ I’m thinking it’s a lack of activity... I’m still working out, just not nearly as hard as when I’m at the gym. One thing I’m happy about though, is that my gut is nearly gone.

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  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yea man, you’re definitely bigger in the shoulders and chest while your midsection is just about gone. That’s a healthy look. All that works pays off well. Keep it up!
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