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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmacist, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. pharmacist

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    Ready to go !!!
    Donation for the boards members.

    100 Metformin 500 mg.

    75 Metformin 850 mg.

    Any takers ?
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    off to a good start
  4. olympia89

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    I have just ordered some Bromocriptin,
    So far so good,
    Fast replies and clear answers.
    I will keep you guys up to date.
  5. Jruiz

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    Received sample clomid.parcel Packaging was good but got banged up on the way here . Pretty much looks like it was opened and went thru. Surely at customs I'm assuming. Glad it wasn't no gear:eek:. But other than that arrived and looks solid. 10 pack 50 mg pharma clomiphene! Thanks pharmacist
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    Thank you for your feedback.
    You have email. I think its the packaging method I used but, bottom line, I am glad you are satisfied with the product you received. It shows I can deliver the goods in a timely manner and that I can get pharmaceutical products!

    Best Regards
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    Received the metformin and albuterol samples yesterday. Both came with the original boxes, and were not expired. I couldn't separate the boxes from the packaging without destroying them, so I tossed them. I should have taken pics, but I do have the ones EP sent me before shipping if anyone wants to see them.

    I won't switch to the albuterol until monday, but I tool 425mg metformin after breakfast and I got the familiar slight nausea - along with the need for a nap! Might try 850mg tomorrow morning to see how it feels. I usually just take 500mg.
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    Thank you for the feedback!
    I am glad you are satisfied with the services and products I provide.

    Best Regards.
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    Well hell!!!! I just want the fellas to know, pharmacist and I were in contact for a sample of trip to for pct. His last one was a little expired so I respectfully declined the sample. It should be known, prior to the tripto convo, I asked for tamoxifen. Samples were not available at that time so we discussed the tripto.

    Yesterday, I received a surprise. Real genuine Sandoz Pharma Tamoxifen Citrate. Blister packs with the original boxes and leaflets. The real deal baby. Thank you pharmacist!

    One thing though. The pack's corner was cut off, it was most likely "the gate keepers" sneaking a peek at the contents. T/A was barely over a week and other than the cut corner, everything was in good shape.
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    Thank you for the feedback!
    Lets just say that nobody opened anything :)
    Lets just say I am smart and everything is under my control

    Best Regards.

    You got PM !
  11. pharmacist

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    All emails replied !

    Best Regards.
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    Any feedback on the albuterol yet? I'm interested in grabbin some
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    Do you guys sell pins pharmacists?
  14. pharmacist

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    I have tons :) email me and I can help you with it.

    Thank you.
  15. flenser

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    I'm taking 40mg (1 tab) 2xed. I get that familiar menthol-like taste in my lungs that I'm used to when taking the liquid, so I know it's legit. It must have a slower release than the liquids, though. I was taking the liquid pwo, and it helped my breathing on heavy lifts - helped a lot. I don't get that with the pills. Maybe I need to take it a couple of hours in advance.
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  16. tacohuman

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    Is it controlled/extended release? When I take liquid albuterol pwo with caffeine I feel like I'm going to sweat myself to death. Now that I think about it I kinda like that though.
  17. flenser

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    Everything I read calls it fast acting.


    That's a generic pic I found on the web, BTW. My boxes looked similar, but not necessarily from Romania.
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    Good Day!
    Plenty of new products will soon be listed!
    Including Needles and syringes !

    Best Regards!
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    You should increase the dosage !

    Best Regards
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    will be watching your thread.