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    We’re glad to hear everything arrived in a timely manner! In regards to Ovidac, the medication advice given on the pamphlet/box may or may not apply to your own usage of it. Of course we as a company offer no medication advice, but I can say this; all HCG will state the exact same administration method. It does not necessarily mean that it is the only way to use it, it is merely just standard protocol for it’s usage. Hope that makes sense!
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    Wonderful! Thanks for the review! :)
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    Alright so fellas can Anyone help me with this question. I got ovidac hcg. It says on box IM only. I've always seem them say IM or sub cue. Has anyone used this brand sub q? Any thoughts me great. Thanks
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    Why do you prefer sub q, if you don’t mind me asking? Every study I’ve seen shows the area under the curve and the maximum concentration to be significantly higher when hcg is administered via IM injection vs sub q.

    If it’s a matter of personal preference though it will be fine sub q. Steroids for example usually say for IM injection only but I myself and I’m sure many others haven’t gone quite deep enough. Usually causes a bit of pip but no harm done.

    As far as express goes they were quick with ta and coms were on point. Very fair prices as well.
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    Solid fucking introduction man.
  6. Are there any current coupons?
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    Sub q just quicker and more convenient for me. I have read IM is better thgh. Thanks for that info/reply bro.
  8. How much do you typically inject and do you find that the oil (and lumps, if any) takes longer for the injection site to fully clear when compared to an IM injection?
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    I haven't ever taken it. This is my first cycle. Am planning 250iu 3x so for last 6weeks of cycle. Or do you think i should take it all cycle? Ive read either way. I will reconstitute so 250iu will be 25tics on slin. When i had transfusion yrs ago i had a lot of shots in my belly fat and i just remember how simple it was. Still new to IM shots but glutes are working fine so far. No pain at all. My first shot was quad and i wont be going there again. Any advice is more that welcomed. (Real world advice plz not jist "what you read") thx
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  10. Ahh crap, my bad, brother. Didn't realize you were talking about hcg when i wrote that reply/question.

    That's one area of this lifestyle i know next to nothing about, having never used it and on TRT now, so will probably never use it in the future either.

    Sorry about that. i'm sure someone here will be able to help. If all else fails, start a new thread with those questions to get more responses.
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    Any ETA on when domestic caber will be back in stock? @ExpressPCT
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    It is in stock as of today!
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    Damnit... already put an order in earlier!
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    Shoot us an email! We may still be able to add in extra product.
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    Sent an email
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    It's been some weeks since I ask, anyone taken the pct/hcg products?

    Only reviews I've gotten was on the viagra/cialis if I recall correctly....
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    The arimidex and nolva I ordered from them are on point with other pharm products I’ve used in the past. Estro is in the low normal range on a gram of test.
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    clomid was on point; HCG I thought was bogus; but it showed a faint line on the test; one line was dark other was light on 350mcg on testing kit.
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    posting to say after the first shipment got stuck in customs the reship went out and arrived without any trouble, great customer service and the product (modafinil) is amazing.
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