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    Can i have ur email address please
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    Which hcg brand did you use? Hcg has been the only product from express I've been unhappy with. I used hucog and Bayer ovidac and was unimpressed by both.

    On IBSA now and its much better imo.
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    I used hucog and ovidac. Why u say the ovidac was bad? I mean see my posted image of what showed on the ovidac for the testing kit.
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    I just didnt see the results I expected from previous hcg I've used before hand. Boys didnt swell up any over the course of 2 months with both. Switched to ibsa and within the first vial my low hanging fruit are back.

    Every other expresspct product I've used has been phenomenal tho.
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    Thats what I got with the Hucog; I literally didn't really see shit swell up until I upp'd the dose to 500mcg 2x a week. Same with the Ovidac; my cycle has been 250mg of test a week; with drol running it for the last 6 weeks; first 10 weeks I was also running 300-400mg of mast e. To be honest yes my balls shrunk; but they are keeping decent size; obviously not the same as if I was running clomid(during pct). But you maybe right and my balls should be bigger in size; but from my experience they aren't peanut size or my finger tip size so who knows if its working or not.
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    Hi, any estimated timeline on restocking of arimidex and hcg in Express Domestic or International?
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    Hi, We have these in stock via our International line and will have them in our Singapore warehouse hopefully by Friday!

    For Express/USA the HCG may be 1-2 weeks but Arimidex should be here within 3 days.

    If you email us we can inform you when it is in stock!
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    HI, we are looking to get it back in soon! Right now waiting for arimidex to arrive. Aromasin will be available in Express International warehouse shortly too.
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    Nice thanks for input on adex. What brand did you get if I may ask.
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    I believe it is the femistra

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  18. That’s comparing recombinant hcg like ovitrelle which comes in liquid form to urinary hCG like pregnyl. That hucog looks to be urinary hCG like the powder.
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    Ah, understood. Thank you for the clarification! And my apologies for the misrepresentation.
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    13% off Singapore sale for 48 hours!!
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    Just select the carrier and enter the voucher code at the final part of the checkout process!
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