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  1. ExpressPCT

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    We are having an issue with our back office not saving the coupon settings, would you be able to email us in regards to your order?
  2. gearwolf

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    any GER/NL customers that can give feedback on delivery time? package has been stuck at the customs office since the 24th with no updates. obviously nothing ExpressPCT can do about that, just want to check whether that's "normal" duration.
  3. Tizzousa

    Tizzousa Member

    Another package td. Singapore 9 day from order to td!!
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  4. ExpressPCT

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    Thank you for sharing!
  5. desertwarrior

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    @ExpressPCT website won’t work for me. I was wondering if you had arimidex stocked for domestic? Thx
  6. ExpressPCT

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    Server issues as of lately:/. We have it up and running now! adex is in stock currently, if you would prefer to email us directly for order placement, that is entirely fine!
  7. ExpressPCT

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    If possible could you tell us what website issues you ran into? We are constantly looking to improve the website.
  8. Kingfato

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    Ordered: 23.05.2019
    Shipped: 27.05.2019
    Delivered: 07.06.2019

    Amazing service. Will gladly reorder again.
  9. Sdryx

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    Arrested: 7/6/2019
    Convicted: 1/7/2019
    Released: ?
  10. He was sent back in time to be convinced? The long arm of the law now has a time machine. Great! We're all screwed! :D

    The service was so good that he's already committed to ordering again before even trying what he bought. o_O:confused:

    Fuckin' noobs. Comic relief, if nothing else.
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  11. Sdryx

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    It’s the eastern calendar... it’s backwards.

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  12. Ha that’s how the rest of the world does dates.
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  13. The only time i see anyone date that way is when the foreigners do it. Next thing you know, we're trading in MPH for kilometers per sauerbraten and that's when i call it quits and force myself to try and breathe underwater. :mad::D
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  14. gearwolf

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    who cares about the rest of the world, the american way is the way of the lord and HIS country :p

    More on topic, my pack from Singapore has been stuck at my countries customs office since the 24th with no movement still, that teaches me from ordering internationally :( These studies aren't reading themselves, come on modafinil...
  15. swoljaman

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    @ExpressPCT is Modafinil still getting restocked soon? Thanks...
  16. rickybobby5268

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    Ordered over the weekend, took 3 days until T/A, "express" , way faster than my Intl.
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  17. ExpressPCT

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    Our Modafinil shipment is late but it is en route. We expect to have it with us in stock within 1-2 weeks.
  18. ExpressPCT

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    We write our calendar dates the same way, but have adjusted accordingly to the US way based off previous feedback similar to yours haha. Less confusion is always best!
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  19. Robby550

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    Td. 12 days t2d. Everything accounted for th. Only thing. I got the ovidac hcg and it says IM only. I was under the impression it should be IM or sub cue. Any reason why its just IM. Wish i would have known that i would have got different brand. Can i still use tgis sub cue? @ExpressPCT
  20. 13 days from order to td. Everything looks good.