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    Yes more tape is being used, with very clean and discreet boxing.
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    I've ordered 6 times now through expresspct and never once had a packaging issue. In fact they've all been in nearly identical boxes. 5 orders through India one through Singapore. Both packed well.

    I will say I am one of the unlucky ones who had their pack seized. It was THE strangest seizure I've ever seen but express ended up reshipping the order for me.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them, but that's not the experience I've had so far. Just putting this out there.
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    It wasn’t bad. Just could have been. Due to lack of tape. Which has been addressed.
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    Anyone run the stuff here, other than viagra lol and if so any bloods? recovery-wise.....
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    I have a buddy who ran 25mg of his healing pharma clomid and a vial of his hucog 10k while attempting for a second child.

    Well, shes pregnant now and his bloods came back with test above 800. I dont know the exact number but let me see if hes ok with letting me post them.

    Anecdotally, the only product I was dissatisfied with was the hucog 10k. It appeared to work for my friend here but i was unimpressed. I'm using his Bayer zydus ovidac now tho and the boys are getting plumper finally. I'll get back to you about those bloods!
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    Appreciate it man, but don't stress either.... I had only heard feedback in reference to dick pills LOL, nothing else. Good to know the products work because the prices are crazy.
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    Well, the dick pills are fire too lol
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    I've bought so many times from these guys that I have no way of even counting. I would say I myself have ordered 70% of their catalog and used it personally. I can attest that every product has been genuine and authentic. I've been in the AAS scene for a long ass time but the pharma business even longer. I have a clear understanding of how India's pharmaceutical industry works..... Most "businesses" selling these types of meds are actually some asshole in his mom's basement in the US dropshipping everything.... Or "Pharmacies" in India that never actually touch a thing and say yes yes yes only to disappear in a flash from one question.... Because they aren't a business. Go look up a product on IndiaMart and enter your email address. You'll get bombarded. If a reputable company, let's use Healing Pharma, suddenly has a size difference in a tablet - that only means that they used a different manufacturerer who bid on a contract. Expresspct are real businessmen running a outstanding company. I only saw this because of following them on here - I'm from a different forum and have to admit it's fascinating to read this board....

    Because you are freaking out about tape but probably have a Gmail or Hotmail account, don't know how to run a real VPN instead of the cartoon apps, scramble your device location....but it's the tape that will get you. That shitty tape did it again.

    The FDA/DEA don't give a shit about a damn thing in that box. Parcels aren't "seized" due to content searches. Parcels are pulled randomly. Example: It's search day at NY customs...Mr Officer randomly grabs 4 has foreign rolls of tape, one has a crybaby doll, one has a flesh light and one has your order from Expresspct which contains proper legal documentation. Mr Officer trashes it all, sends a generic letter to all 4 people involved and goes home to bitch on a forum about something. Never thinks twice about it. The fact you even mentioned stealth for these type of products scares me because someone who is that ignorant shouldn't even be allowed a goodie powder, much less juice.

    There is also a personal import law argument that I could attempt to explain but mom says I have to put away my bathtub brews and go to bed. Keep it up @ExpressPCT

    Tape? Really?
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    I’m confused. In the same breath you praise internet security for buying pct drugs... and shame people for buying pct drugs over gmail...

    Yet you criticize for wanting a secure package of unprescribed substances being delivered to a residential family home???

    Yeah, you certainly are from another board.
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    Order from Singapore line up. About 11 days from payment to arrival. Was packaged nicely. No complaints on this end so far.
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    Please check your email
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    Hello Meso,

    Here is a brief update from us!

    • 7 Day international sale!
    • Voucher Code: 15OFF! (Active currently)
    • Ending Date: 06/06/2019
    • Rules: This voucher can not be applied to any mixed, Express, or Singapore orders. It is only active for orders containing only products from our international line.
    • New international products
    With this voucher comes many new products! We are expecting shipments on 06/01 of the following medications:
    • Mirtazapine 7.5mg, 15mg, 30mg
    • Venlaxifine 37.5mg, 75mg, 150mg
    • Buproprion 150mg, 300mg
    • Atomoxetine 25mg
    • Retin-A 0.05%, 0.025% cream
    • Retin-A Micro 0.1%, 0.04% gel
    • Retin-A AC gel
    • Shipping/inventory

    As many may have noticed our US inventory has been lower over the last weeks and shipping times may have been delayed for many orders. This has been due to a transitional phase between our US partners that will result in faster shipping times and further US product selection. Shipping times are now returned to normal (US shipping- 2 to 5 day T/A) and will very soon become much quicker.

    • US inventory updates/estimated arrivals for incoming products
    • Vidalista 20mg- RESTOCKED
    • Clofi 50mg- RESTOCKED
    • Femistra 1mg RESTOCKED (pending inventory count)
    • Modvigil- 06/08 ETA
    • Ovidac/Hucog 5000IU- 06/11 ETA

    Thank you all very much and have a wonderful weekend!

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    You spelled venlafaxine wrong and what the fuck is up with you selling anti-depressants?

    Are you providing on-going counseling and symptom assessment as well in addition to dealing out these medications which cause WITHDRAWALS and can have severe side effects??? Or are you simply accepting payment and shipping out serotonin syndrome in the mail???

    Do your clients understand these medications and the need for them to be titrated at times in order to maintain safe usage!????? Or are you sending people to the ER blindly?

    I mean seriously... I doubt that your clients understand that may have to call out from work if they miss a dose of medication by accident here due to the side effects they will experience. Are you educating them on this seriously hardcore daily medication you are selling????
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    We appreciate your concerns, however all of our customers who have come to us for these medications are simply in need of a more affordable solution towards acquiring their medications. Our most recent client has undergone a change in his insurance policy that resulted in a 250% mark up on their monthly prescription. GoodRX was able to bring their costs lower but even then it was far from what any individual would consider affordable. I will not speak on my personal views regarding these medications, nor will I speak on my views of any medications we sell, and my colleagues will not do so either. We offer absolutely no medications advice, even if it of such simplicity as “Does your X brand of X medication appear stronger than this other brand?”. We do not have an answer, nor will we ever provide any medication advice under any circumstances. Customers are expected to have complete knowledge of what it is they are taking, and if they do not we simply ask them to kindly refer to their healthcare physicians for all queries related.

    Our goal is to offer affordable access towards medication, and we have absolutely zero intentions beyond that.
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    Huminsulin R (Insulin)

    can't exactly figure out how much I'm getting, is it 1 x 3ml vial at 100iu/ml (since the picture says 5 x 3ml cartridges) ?
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    Our sincere apologies, it is a 1 x 3ml vial for the pricing point displayed. That reference image indicates a major error and we greatly appreciate you asking this question. We have now removed it and will upload a photo of a single vial that correlates properly with the products description.
  18. gearwolf

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    no need, your description is completely correct then, it's just that the picture is often of a complete box and the purchase quantity is a single strip or vial
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    You honestly believe that this community, a self prescribing one, is going to have the oversight of a doctor for this sensitive medication? You truly believe that people aren’t going to self prescribe?

    At least you’re honest when you say that you don’t give a shit if a customer ends up in the ER easily off this medication... it’s on them right? Push those sales right?

    Shady ass fuck.
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    there are countless sources with countless products equally as dangerous or moreso if abused/accidentally overused, what are you hoping to achieve here? you should be aware noone cares what you have to say, may as well rant about the dangers of crossfit & veganism to members of those groups.