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    You can go fuck yourself as well.

    Watching people go to the ER and here you sit saying “It’s cool, everyone’s doin it bro!”

    Sources are a fuckin dime a dozen. I’ll make sure I give my money to a source that’s not blindly sending people to the emergency room carelessly.

    I’ll also spell out this bullshit clearly for those who are not aware of the dangers.
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    Our whole team has now viewed your opinions and we have all taken them into consideration. Once again we all say thank you for expressing your concerns and sharing your thoughts on this with us...
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    You dont believe in free will?
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    Quick question with the ovidac hcg, I bought two packs of it; but dont whether it looked like a block of powder in the first one; but the second pack was literally like a block of clear substance; almost like frozen liquid. Is this normal; because I remember HCG in general clearly being a block of frozen powder instead of liquid; tell me if I am wrong?
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    @Sdryx does have a good point. A quick look at their website shows they sell opiates. Yeah fuck that. Opiates are an important part of pct. :rolleyes:
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    There are no opiates on our website for sale, nor do we have access to them. Please check with the medication you are referencing and view the chemical name.
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    Ovidac will always remain in freeze dried powder form, as does all HCG except Hucog. Hucog is the only HCG that will come in liquid form.
  8. Tapentadol and Tramadol, are they for pct or liver support?
    Oh, they're classified as narcotics. Look at that. GTFO, dude!
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    Thanks for posting this first MSG.

    Tramadol is absolutely an opiate. There is zero debate about that.
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  10. @ExpressPCT before you tell me that these medications are legal and not a big deal in your country, they are illegal and a big deal for us here in the United States.

    Let's say someone orders from you and you accidentally send one of these narcotics in place of something else to one of your US buyers and customs intercepts that package, that could place your buyer in a world of shit.

    While the odds of that happening are slim, it certainly isn't impossible, and you, nor anyone working for you is above committing human error.

    Narcotics have no place on Meso and it's a bad look for you as a source. i would encourage you to stick with the basics and remove those types of medications from sight, as they have a tendency to attract unwanted and unnecessary attention.
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    my ovidac came in like a frozen ice looking chunk; it didn't look like pregnyl freeze dried powder is this normal? It was more clear not white frozen powerdish like what gh or peptides look like.
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    We never denied any claims that we do have scheduled medications for sale on our website, we only denied the direct opiate accusation as Tramadol is not classified as an opiate. Such products have been available since day one, and we have only stocked them based off request and based off our competitors catalog selection. That aside, we understand your point and it is not an issue at all to have them removed, so we will do so immediately. What you all believe has no place on your forum, will not have a place in our product selection.
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    Are you still able to email us reference photos of this, per each vial you received?
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    no I did not take a picture; if u can post a pic of the ovidac unmixed where I can see a photo that would be better. Im not going to try to scam u over an hcg bottle; just want to know if it is normal. I've already purchased plenty of products from you and posted blood work already.
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    No no the photo is not intended to verify the legitimacy of your claims, if there is an issue we will happily have your Ovidac reshipped. It should always appear as a freeze dried powder, if it appeared as anything different we will have it replaced immediately.
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    im buying a pregnancy test kit tomorrow and will post the results; it should be fine imo. it was moreso a frozen iceblock looking thing more clear powder I would say then white lypolized powder.
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    So I bought the stick, basically I got the same results as Hucog before the left where it says C is really red but the T side is a white line. So tech is this negative? cause I just reconstituted this last week in BAC.

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  18. I just made an international order but the 15OFF! Code wouldn’t work. It said that it had already been used.

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    Our apologies, this is now fixed!
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    Trting to use 15off and it's saying "cannot use with this carrier". Any Help? Im ordering int. Also fellas any difference in which hcg i should get?? Thanks