Fake Racism

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Piney, Feb 22, 2019.

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    I don't know why it should be illegal to call someone a racist. Being a racist and talking about it should be protected free speech, so calling someone a racist isn't the same as accusing them of a crime.

    When the woman said the man should be sent to prison, they should have reminded her that being prejudice against obese, loud mouthed rude people isn't a crime, but she could be banned from the store for abusing their checkout system and for disrupting regular commerce.
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    It was all for political gain for this specific person. I always love when people’s lies backfire on them.
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    Racism is used as an excuse for someones own laziness and incompetence.
    The democrats always talking racism have nothing else to say, so they play the age old race card. They sound foolish and ignorant.
    Fact- blacks kill blacks. Whites have nothing to do with it. Blacks are pulling the triggers on a gun, a gun isnt going off by itself.
    Its all about 75% of all blacks being born out of wedlock, thats the Real issue.
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    You think thats all there is to racism? blacks killing blacks?
    Its the fact that people think its all good now, slavery is over and they have been able to eat at white counters for 60 years now so get over it.
    Its gonna take a long time for the distrust between the races to end.
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    Especially when the politicians use it as a weapon against one another.
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    Cherry picking to fit a narrative is easy to do. If anything anyone but the white man has a leg up on being successful. The narrative of “white man bad” is being force fed down everyone’s throats.
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    Kicking up a thread from August, history repeats itself, kill whitey!!!
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