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    But doesn’t that in itself make the presumption that most other religions are wrong and Christianity in its various forms right

    I’ll look the book up
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    In essence, yes. And Jesus had no bones about saying that either.
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    But why would Christianity’s version of religion be any more right than another one ( some of which are much older )
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    If you look at it from the standpoint that there is a God and he chose to reveal himself or come in the flesh as a man named Jesus, then it would stand to reason that the true and only “religion” is Christianity (which is really Judaism fulfilled, not Christianity).
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    Pascal's Wager..
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    If there is a god, then there is an after life meaning death is not the end. Then life would be a (small) detour to eternity, sort of like having to go through college to get a good job - though not these days, since that tends to leave you with a ton of debt and a shitty job : )

    As far as whether there is one (a god), you only have to decide whether you have free will. If you do, then there must be something, maybe god, operating outside the physical world granting that free will. If you don't have free will, then you're an automation completely controlled by physical actions and reactions.

    Personally, I think the hard core atheists in the world just don't want to be held accountable for their fucked up lives.
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    That seems true in many cases.....

    My grandfather, father, and brother were all war veterans who went through some harrowing shit. They all said : "There aren't any atheists in foxholes."
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    Eh i disagree, scientifically if something is found explained as so in the word, like noahs ark, it only strengthens my beliefs more,

    The more things they find the more some believe,

    Science is a slight of hand in some ways to distract people away from God, didnt he create all things? Thus there fore he created science, disease is brought upon man by their sins, and he also created the cures, it just takes a lot of human brilliance in finding the pieces, God has laid out, to find the answers....

    Thats my take on it anyways....
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    It does say somewhere that a day unto the lord is like a 1000 years to us.... Or something along those lines and the time line is actually incorrect as the romans changed the calendar from lunar, i believe it was to what we now use (IF I RECOLLECT CORRECTLY)
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    What i find is the book of enoch, very detailed account of everything in heaven, give it a read sometime,

    He flew off in a chariot (to the layperson a flying saucer, hence aliens)

    (Norse gods an egyption gods, all compounding confusion)

    There is proof of giants, (in the bible david and goliath, etc etc) they have found evidence of giants

    Angels being cast out lay with beautiful women and their off spring are the result etc etc

    When joahna is swallowed by the wale and released after 3 days do u people honestly believe it to have been a real whale or a figure of speech ??

    The whale represents the world, as the world has a way of chewing u up and spitting u out

    “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (1 John 2:16).

    And we are told to not love this world as we are not part of this world

    Yet we have free will, and id rather not because i fall under each of those sins listed above..... I honestly hate this place and ask God why he would place us here, but we are all for himself, almost like we are part of a game, and it sucks.....
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    Actually the Bible never calls it a whale, but a giant fish and the reason for that is simple: a whale isn’t biologically able to swallow a boat or a man. Their throats are extremely small, which is why they eat fish.
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    The christian dilemma little slow but interesting
  14. Dont forget about about the Sumarians the first recorded civilisation, or the biblical hittites in the book of Gen which we now know them to be hindue which i believe..." correct me if im wrong is the oldest"
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  15. Only you can change your mind bro. Respectfully you believe the way you believe for a reason. Your journey matters and so do you. Wake up each day on purpose and see the beauty all around you....But to humour you.... Be still and know that God is...
    Or .......i am the way the trueth and light; no man cometh before the father but through me.....
    There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads him to his own grave.. good luck
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    Let me preface this by saying 1st that most of my life I have been either agnostic or atheist. When I got clean and sober almost 6 years ago I had no belief in God..none at all whatsoever. My life had completely fallen apart due to alcoholism and severe drug addiction. At my absolute lowest point, I cried out to God because I literally had nowhere else to turn. That very day was the day that the obsession and compulsion to use was taken away. The only thing that I did was ask, from the heart, as honestly as I could. I do attend a 12 step group because I feel it benefits me to be around people that are like me. I realize that this probably doesn't prove anything to anyone, but it absolutely did for me. I do not attend church. I do read some things and pray on a regular basis. So many things in my life have changed since seeking this relationship. My life and my personality have changed dramatically, and I feel as though I'm a better man now.. That was all the proof that I needed for me
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    Awesome to hear man! I wasn’t looking for God either, but through a series of revelations of him, I was being drawn in and to him. You know you’re either on good acid or Jesus is calling you specifically (or both) when you’re at the lowest point of your life, tripping on acid and trying to kill yourself when you look over at a barn and see people nailing Jesus to the cross and he looks you dead in the eyes.
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    I'm not a big believer I do think something is out there but with all the different religions it's hard to say for me. Ducking awesome on getting sober I've been down ur road and honestly I never thought being sober and in control of my life would be so great I couldn't see going back. Anyways I believe that your relationship is how it should be a personal journey. I just can't get into megachurches I believe it should be smaller congregations to keep it on a personal. Sorry so long good for you and I really hope ur journey is a good one.
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