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    Sorry, Its not easy to understand what you mean. Do you mean ; Lets say HGH brands like Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin or Saizen are not European products?

    Pls take a look:
    GENOTROPIN 36 IU (12 mg) GoQuick / 170 USD
    HUMATROPE 72 IU 24 mg cartrige-/ 289 USD
    HUMATROPE 36 IU 12 mg cartrige/ 169 USD
    SAIZEN 8 mg Click Easy / 150 USD

    When I compare my prices with any source who sell, They are more than wonderful for anyone as a user for the branded gears.
    But surely I can not compare these brands (even with such low prices) with china made lab products.
    Yes they can beat me.

    My strategy is clear: High quality branded pharmaceuticals for extreme low prices.
    Plus with delivery guaranty to your doorstep in 3 weeks of time.

    Isn't it good for Meso Members?
    I ask you again whats wrong with it?
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    I don't know why you not understand because you have write here "economy with quality"
    Every one source here make that business to provite from it. Some will have more economy and some will not have so much economy. And every one source here says that they sell only quality product. So we the Mesoguys don't know if you sell low quality, middle range quality or high quality.
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    I have a deep respect to your point of view. Yes nobody says "my quality is bad". There should be a comparison. Sure people might misunderstand my words.

    Sure Meso members don't know what I m selling. For this reason I sent you the products with their prices.

    There you can check my products with their prices.
    I am so sure that once Meso members notices it, they can easily understand what I mean by to say: "Economic prices for HIHGH quality products"

    But thank you very much for giving me the chance to express myself.
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    This is good, but 3 weeks time is way too long for shipping and by then the HGH medication will go bad. You have to find a faster shipping alternative mate.
  5. Sp2.0

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    Are you factory direct?
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    Unreconstituted Somatropin (HGH) can be stored at room temperature (at or below 25o C) by the patient for 1 month.

    This gives us the opportunuty to deliver your branded HGHs like Genotropin, Humatrpe and Saizen in this mean time.
    Thanks for asking...
  7. HGHDaddy

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    Not a factory. But we are a legit distributor direct from its manufacturer.
  8. Omegistosalex

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    yes but why let it degrade so much bro, I would not feel good getting the hgh after 28 days even if they say it lasts 1 month in room temperature, cause while in transit there are many temperature changes that degrade it even faster
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    Oh yes I see. EMS can be a better option
    T/A is about 10 to 18 days depending on your location
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    what size syringes and needles should one use to pin sub Q?
  11. HGHDaddy

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    We recommend Novofine 6mm or 8mm pins
    If with a syringe BD- Microfine 1 ml insulin syringe
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    Stop posting your services in multiple threads.

    Only decent pricing is the 72 iu Turkish Humatrope. It's been known to be faked by China as well. How can you guarantee these are not fake? Same for the Genotropin Pens?

    With your attitude in the other thread. I wouldn't buy anything from you. Also, the refrigerator you posted looks a lot like another source that was here and was run off for taking orders and never delivering.

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  13. HGHDaddy

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    I don't mind where you buy from. Please no worries I made very good customers just in 2 days of time. People are putting orders back to back from email. This is because of attacks like yours. After telling the truth people are clever enough to realize the what is tru and what is lie.
    Now be nice and patient and get the answer of your question: This is a very good question that must be replied. People in the forum must learn. (This forum is not your father's farm, that you blame and scold everyone with a harsh manner)

    GH or any medication that I sell can be verified with the Turkey MOH (ministry of health)

    Each pharmaceutical item in Turkey has a special track able coding system- unique for the each product
    Hit that link:
    İlaç Takip Sistemi (İTS)
    It s in Turkish, Then chose the english version from the left up flag. OK up to here?

    Now scan or type in the codes from your product and the data base will tell you if your item is recognized and authentic

    A better way: Download the app
    For Apple:
    ‎İlaç Takip Sistemi Mobil

    For Android:

    This is your guarantee that when you shop with us products are 100% authentic and Legit.

    (Thank you one more time giving me the opportunity to express tons of people that are wondering how to understand the good and the bad.)
    But I will not sell you anything if I understand the order is from you! You will miss the chance of my cheap prices for the %100 legit gears
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    Your refrigerator looks a little bit empty for a dealer. The ITS app can only give us a guarantee about a code they exist but not if the items are real. The motherfuckers, they copy legit codes and put it on other boxes. So users need to buy 10 boxes and check the codes if one or more boxes have the same one Code.
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    I love the traffic here. Please follow me every week
    I will put the photo of the refrigerator every week on regular basis to Meso.

    What is more We have Wickr and Whatsapp .
    Also I will send you pictures with your name and date on it if you email to me
    You can get real time pics or video. (please dont forget we in different time zone-Europe)

    Our promise is simple: The Best Pharma grade Gears for low prices with Guaranteed delivery to your doorstep just in 3 weeks.

    We don't have minimum. Give a trial! What else can I do for you?
  16. bolder

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    Not only by this response from you towards @mands , but also considering the other dumbass comments you have made along your Meso journey, I too will miss the chance of your cheap prices on your 100% legit gears! :rolleyes:
    Because I will never fuckin order from you! o_O
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    It is easier to break an atom than a prejudice (Albert Einstein)

    Just after the first day I opened my thread some members started to attack me.
    I did many things to convince them and try to keep humble
    I feel that there is something wrong here

    But it's not a problem, we keep on going on our way
    It's because we gained the trust of a significant amount of people
    And it looks like, it's going to expand more
    Time will show soon

    Our promise is simple: The Best Pharma grade Gears for low prices with Guaranteed delivery to your doorstep just in 3 weeks.

    Our communication channels are always open for Meso members
    Email + whatsapp + Wickr + PM
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    If the members here are to mean to
    you, you could always fuck off back to IG
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  19. I was willing to give this dude a relative benefit of the doubt....
    Until he started being a bitch to Mands for asking questions.

    Follow the rules or fuck off.

    Also, no shit we are going to attack you.
    You are in our house.
    This isnt instagram, this is Meso.
    You are being vetted, no one here is going to suck your cock.

    Above all, have some respect.
    Mands has contributed more to this forum than you ever will and has given me and many others good advice and knowledge.

    Stop arguing
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    I m really very happy to be here
    Although there is a negative pressure on me from a bunch of people , more than 1.5 K of different members noticed our low prices, product quality and our promise.

    You know what, most of them don't think in the way you do
    Common sense can understand the difference between good and bad
    This is how I make my living. Its not professional to leave
    So I will keep up like this
    Will this make you miserable?