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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by HGHDaddy, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. B Ware

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    No, suite yourself. Meso needs a punching bag. If you want to continue to look and sound like a idiot be my guest. Your name, 3 week shipping time and prices are flat out ridiculous.
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  2. HGHDaddy

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    You know, what you are missing!!
    I m unbeatable !!

    Go ahead keeping me on top
    More you punch, more customers will come to me
    You can never guess how Meso members love my prices and the quality

    Don't talk gibberish and Listen now: If you find a better prices than mine, than I may consider of leaving here
  3. Iron Vett

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    @HGHDaddy you’ve got some decent products if they turn out to be legitimate so don’t go start getting all smart with the members and ruin your stay here. Be smarter than the asshole Thun Biotech and be patient and respectful to these members that are here. You are being vetted and honestly you are getting an extremely light treatment from most of these guys.
  4. M. Tugboat

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    I told him something similar a couple days ago, that the gloves are still on the members aren't really roasting him as much as they could, probably because he comes off as inexperienced and not like an asshole, but with every reply he gets even more cunty, I guess he took a page from the other dipshit sources playbook.
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  5. Masterofron

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    Godtropin 2.0
  6. I actually even bought gear from Godtropin.
    Hes a tool, but I gave it a try.

    I cant fucking stand this douche.
    I wasnt going to pipe up
    But the "I'm unbeatable" line makes me want to just start shit spamming this thread
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  7. taco33150

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    Meso members run the show here.. at this point you are a guest.. this goes for any new sources... they are a dime a dozen..there’s a reason for that..
  8. TNotch347

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    I’m still running godtropin lol
  9. HGHDaddy

    HGHDaddy Member

    I agree with you %100. But the real event is very different. People asked for a picture. Just after that someone says "Ah I know this refrigerator" and says I m that I am a crook. His only proof is my picture was looking similar to an old source's one. Then some members are following him just because he is veteran member. This is so foolish!

    When I said something about to justify they came for more. I have no intention of fighting anyone. But I m not a child that people can shout at and I keep quiet.
    I m here to make business and make money. That's it! And I must say it's very hard to stand on this but results are so satisfactory.

    And Thats why I said I m "unbeatable". It's the real fact, If they would knew about marketing, they would understand what I mean.

    I m an honest businessman in pharmacy business more than 10 years. Yes I m not experienced at forums. May be I started from a wrong platform. But I m NOT a crook. I can not dare people to talk like this because they are veterans. No one has such a right to put a blame on someone without an evidence.

    I can't hold others mouth here. But I know myself. For this reason I repeat my promise every time:
    "The Best Pharma grade Gears for low prices with Guaranteed delivery to your doorstep just in 3 weeks."

    If someone make I proof that I don't fulfill my promise then any people can put me with grave!

    Until it happens I m here.
  10. M. Tugboat

    M. Tugboat Member

    -I'm an honest businessman
    -I'm a drug dealer

    Pick one mate.

    And as long as you keep saying that you have the best gear you are going to get shit on, especially when you don't have lab reports to back it.

    And from the things you say it sounds you can't handle being vetted. So what happens if shit hits the fan when you can't even handle the same vetting that every other source goes through?

    You say that you want to make business here but it looks like you missed one of the biggest parts of sourcing here.

    Also, it's not up to us to prove you are wrong or not, but it's on you to prove to us that you are legit, by credible lab reports and going through the vetting process. Even veteran sources are getting vetted, so why should we go easy on you?
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  11. HGHDaddy

    HGHDaddy Member

    Sure I'm an honest businessman!I don't want anyone to come easy on me!
    I would like to as you an honest question. Did you look what stuff I sell? (I would be very happy if you would have visited my website. If not please make it. If not visited my answer is below)

    Yes I would need to proof something and put some test paper
    if I sell something UG Lab. But this is Pfizer or Lilly or Merck. Or any stuff I sell is manufactured for pharmaceutical grade which are controlled by Ministry of Heath.
    This is the reason I say The best gear. Because the brands and the products that I sell are already very famous and anyone can know in this field. It has no meaning to discuss on it.
    I say again: The Best Pharma Grade Gear for low prices!

    If the products has no question, So the problem is the dealer.
    Now people can say anything without proof if they are veterans, is it?
  12. Freakmidd

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    With a three week wait for delivery how is it possible that anyone from MESO could know anything about your quality? Considering you've only been here barely a week..
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  13. Masterofron

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    Dragonordnance genotropin 36iu- $160 ($144 with his constant 10% off code).
    Dragonordnance Humatrope 72iu- $295 ($265 with code)

    Adnansanat geno 36iu- cheaper than yours with his 15% off monero coupon
    Adnansanat Humatrope 72iu- cheaper than you with the discount

    Stop saying you have the best prices. I named two Meso sources who have better.
  14. HGHDaddy

    HGHDaddy Member

    OK.Thank you for your kind update
    Soon I m going to make arrangement my prices

    As a kind reminder we also do have 10% bitcoin discount too.
    Thank you
  15. HGHDaddy

    HGHDaddy Member

    Sorry. I d like to add a notice:
    I never said best prices

    I put my motto again: "The Best Pharma Grade Gears for low prices with Guaranteed delivery to your doorstep just in 3 weeks."

  16. jJjburton

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    Those are all pharm grade products same as you. Genotropin and humatropin. Cheaper and quicker delivery.
  17. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    Mexicanmuscle has Geno 36 for 135 which imo is the cheapest I’ve seen so far. His oils may be in question but his gh prices are definitely solid. You’ve got some competition to say the least. And the 2 sources masterofron said are way past the vetting stage..
  18. B Ware

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    Also, MM delivers within 3 days while this guy takes 3 weeks

    I don’t see how this guy can compete with his prices and shipping time.
  19. jJjburton

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    For people on this forum. The prices for his oils are high. But when I first started and for people who dont go on forums and just find it on google. Those prices are with many others. My first vial of test was 100 dollars. lol But never again.
  20. Kingkersis88

    Kingkersis88 Member

    I'm gonna give him a shot... idk... not getting the hgh though so you guys wont be interested. I'll let u know if it comes.
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