HGHDaddy, International Shipping with Guaranteed Delivery

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by HGHDaddy, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. movingiron88

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    Please pay and dont be a scumbag.
  2. jJjburton

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    Black friday sale?
  3. biggerben69

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    He wouldn't dip...would he? Lol....this guys stated TA is 2 to 3 weeks i think?
    Hey @Rippidy Dippidy ...what were you expecting for delivery time? If he has a stated TA of a month and it gets to you within the parameters its ok to give praise.
    I like to play fair. I enjoy knocking some teeth loose with some of these sources when its warranted. I'll also pat em on the back from time to time. Criticism is more effective when its tempered with kind words and praise when they're earned.
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  4. marco11

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    Hey @HGHDaddy the website doesn't work for me. Was curious on the prices but it's not loading.
  5. Didn't this source get the ban hammer for solicitation via PM? Was that someone else?
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  6. marco11

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    It wouldn't surprise me. I think you're right.
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  7. Silentlemon1011

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    He was doing a lot of soliciting,
    Dont know if Millard banned him,
    But yeah, a lot of guys came forward about him breaking the rules
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  8. TNotch347

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    Ah yea that’s right. He might be banned lol. Forgot all about that.
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  9. pfdept59

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    His website disappeared also
  10. Oh 100% I’m not like that, just trying to figure out money gram atm lol
  11. Kind of confused by your message, but I expected it to arrive within 3 weeks like he stated just for some people that’s not good enough. I’m patient and plan far ahead so it was okay for me. Was kind of hoping he’d take an etransfer but I guess that’s only for large orders. Figuring out money gram now.
  12. Yeah Millard apparently banned him for a couple months or so. He told me he’ll be back February after I thanked him lol
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  13. marco11

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    As far as I know E transfers are only available in Canada between two Canadian Bank accounts. I'm pretty sure this guy is overseas. You're better off using bitcoin since moneygram and WU are a pain in the ass.
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  14. Alright, yeah I’m more familiar with crypto anyways and yeah money gram is being a pain in the ass
  15. Tiredandhot

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    Ok source is gone, quit posting so this thread dies.
  16. Yeah apparently the website is now hghdaddy.ws
    Idk why it changed but he let me know.
  17. Freakmidd

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    Good thing he has you here to spread the word.. :rolleyes:
  18. Lmao lucky guy eh
  19. IfbbPro1234

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    yes website changed to
  20. IfbbPro1234

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    What happened ? Didn't you see a member surrender his package and upload his pictures here? What do you do other than muddle up people trying to mess around and do your job !? The package was delivered to Canada !!!!
    Do you still have a ridiculous answer?