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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by janoshik, May 13, 2018.

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    I am not sure I understand, could you please elaborate? Thank you
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    It was meant as a joke. Because you write if he wants to, he can make a "purchase- order".

    One could then understand it as if MK-677 from Janosihik is now available for purchase.
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    oh, okay :D

    Thank you for explanation
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    Lol it was a simec screw up because every other balkan product was on point? You do realise how that makes no sense right?

    Because the test came out low, it must be a screw up...
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    Literally all your posts are about this single issue.

    Why would one be so invested in this?
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    First time using @janoshik and it won't be my last. I sent him a blind sample of primoE. Labeled claimed it to be 150mg/ml and Jano's testing showed it to be 153mg/ml. Once he received my sample he was quick to get me the results as well. Very happy with the results!
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    Kind of like how you jump into other lab testing threads right? You are literally the only tester busted for legit scamming and it was proven, yet you still jump into other tester’s threads to scrutinize them...

    Now that’s irony!
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    Bros I don't know much about Jano or all of his history. What I know is I have sent the dude purely blind samples, about 10 at this point, and he is batting 1000. I even sent him blind AI by mistake (he usually doesn't accept AI blind)

    So he is either a magician with no lab, and a pure scammer, or he has real lab and is able to test AAS. At worst, he's got a spectrometer and guesses the dosages. But too many examples out there where he gets dosages right.

    In my opinion, he fucked up, made a bad choice in the past, and tried to take an easy out of a bad situation, and got caught. Shit happens, I know I've regretted some bad choices.

    In the end, as far as I am concerned, he has gotten it all correct every time with me. I can see why UGLs hate him, he basically is the only affordable testing out there ONLY one, and the only thorn keeping them on their toes.
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    I used @janoshik for testing 2 finished oils from my personal homebrew; both sent in as blind samples. I am satisfied with his service and the speedy turnaround!

    Interesting point to note here is that one vial contained a blend that I have yet to see from anyone else; it was TestCyp/NPP brewed at 150/100 mg/ml and results came in at 145/100. To me, for him to accurately detect the compounds and concentrations of this unique blend speaks to his legit testing skills/lab. It also shows my brew calculations are accurate and that ST raws are of good quality.
    The other holy oil is primo e brewed at 220mg/ml and results came in at 210mg/ml.

    Here is a link to the results, post#1050:
    ST anabolic raws source
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    Yeah bro, that one takes the cake.

    The whole agenda against him is led by crooks who he exposed. Period.