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    testosterone E 500mg/ml. Came back just shy of 496mg/ml. Less than a 1% error. Thanks jano !!

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    Thank you for your service. Let's me sleep at night.

    Sent 7 blind samples. Two of them I had tested before with different lab, as my control, Jano didn't know that :)

    Dudes batting 1000 - you're awesome brother, thank you.
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    It’s not. You can look through the old threads yourself. He started this thread to try to get credibility back. Basically a user on here sent him a vial of hgh I believe. It got to customa in janoshiks country. Jano asks sender if he used his own address. The guy says no. Jano gives results. Some time goes by and the unopened vials of hgh get returned to the sender. Jano backpedal sand makes up lies. Getting caught in them and back pedaling. At one point he said that customs released the package to him, but then came back to get it and he sneakily swapped a vial out with one he already had. In the end he fessed up to it. But now when anyone calls him on his bs, he starts gaslighting the community. The new users don’t know who is telling the truth and will sometimes believe jano.
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    Well, you can hit some local vets up and keep talking about the terrible event of 2016 together for a few more years in your free time, dear paragraph posting junior member.

    What you can't deny is overwhelmingly positive experience of my real customers and the fact, that anybody who's trolling this thread was never a paying customer of mine to start with.
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    @janoshik always playing the victim.

    It's hard to imagine how much of a monopoly he would have if he was professional and also didnt scam/lie to past customers. There's next to no competition, but there are consequences for peoples actions. His consequence is once s liar always a liar.
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    Jano. Why do you admit guilt, but then when you get called out on it for trying to minimize what happened, you start to gaslight?
    It must be upsetting that a junior member can so easily find that thread since it’s still active. Buy your defense is to point out that it’s old, I Typed a paragraph, I’m a junior member, and not a paying customer?
    You would have more paying customers if you weren’t a liar.

    Also, what’s up with the use of the royal “we?” Are you trying to make it seem like you have people working for you so you can push the blame and say it wasn’t you talking shit or lying about testing?

    If you want true credibility, you actually own your fuck up. There will be people that will never do business with you. But there are some of us whom understand nuance. I would’ve sent several vials to you, even after reading the thread with mands and dr.Jim. I haven’t because of your constant gaslighting and lying. I can’t trust you to tell the truth now if you can’t consistently tell the truth about the past.
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    You don't understand.

    I simply don't care enough to read the paragraphs of text and have the same discussions again and again. I have better things to do with my time.

    If you want to have a discussion about that I have recommended a proper course of action for you - go reiterate it with the ones that are interested in talking about it.

    I am letting my work speak for itself.
    I am letting my customers speak about their actual experience.
    I am not letting talking about this stuff waste any more of my time.

    You don't like that?
    Well then, sorry, but sod off and go do business somewhere else.

    Anything that you will say will not change the fact that my customers experience is absolutely overwhelmingly positive and the reviews of dozens of veteran members just in this thread are an evidence to that.

    You might try to keep this conversation going in order to derail this thread, which will be just a further proof that your goal is just that - trolling and derailment, not getting a reliable service or to bring anything at all to the community and Meso, but I will keep ignoring you unless you will respect the statements I have made.

    Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day. :)
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    I know the thread. Yes he fucked up. Have you ever made a bad decision before? I sure have. All you can do is learn from it and move on. I am not excusing what happened, but at some point it's time to move on. You don't trust em, dont use em, but enough with the same shit all the time. I have no affinity to this dude, but I am old enough to recall my life time fuck ups, and I sure as hell don't want to be judged for my past mistakes. If I keep making them, yeah then I am the dick head, but I have learned from bad decisions I have made. I chose to extend the same courtesy to Jano. He has done good by me so far. If he fucks with me, I will judge him then.
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    Jano do you sometimes have promos or discount for testing oil finish aas
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    No, I don't really make promos or special discounts, but I am planning something similar after the current situation - pandemic - is over. :)
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    Oke nice i like to test 2 or 3 things
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    Please, contact me at my email - info@janoshik.com

    Thank you, I'll be looking forward to hearing from you
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    Dude that's 4 years ago. How long are you going to harp on the same story, which we all know anyway? Have you seen any other similar problems since then?
    I've sent 3 samples to janos for testing - very quick and professional response. I'll send more in the future if I feel the need to test anything.
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    This is one of the scum bags Jano exposed with his testing:

    buy-as.net reviews 2020. Is buy-as.net scam, fake or legit steroid source?

    I bought Var from these fucks which turned out to be Winstrol. Now caught faking reviews.

    I have been saying this forever. eRoids reviews are all bullshit. Nobody takes time to write those elaborate reviews which are 10,000 words long to describe how great the cycle has gone with that sellers gear Test%20Report%20%2306139~2.jpg
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    Well done, you are very useful, you may have saved a life. Again Thank you and bravo mr.
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    Hello, thank you for sharing!

    Which brand was tested, if you dont mind?
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    @janoshik the new deus dealer, his product is tested by you and seemingly legit?

    Thank you
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    I hope I won't overstep any boundaries when I share, but DEUS is one of my biggest single-brand customers.
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