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    I don't post often but I used jano for 2 orals, sent them blind (and one was just cut and capped powder no identifying features). Both were correctly identified and about what I expected them to be dose wise. Everyone in this thread still claiming he's guessing or labmaxing is just plain wrong, he's definitely testing. He was also exceedingly patient with my stupid questions having never mailed anything overseas before.
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    Jano I have a question for you, hopefully this doesn't come across as disrespectful (I'm not trying to step on your toes or anything) but I find this really interesting. On Anabolic Lab a test for Balkan Test e was just recently posted with an under dosed result, on another board a member (client of yours) posted some tests from you on exactly the same batch/lot# of the exact same product with a different result (this time very close to correctly dosed). Check links for further viewing. Is there any explanation on how such different results can happen with the exact same product?

    You can see the lot# of the amp posted by the member on the board in one of the pictures along with the test.

    Pictures - Enandrol blind sample done by jano

    Balkan Pharmaceuticals Enandrol Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab
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    Not just any, there's a whole lot of possibilities.

    1. I screwed up.
    2. Simec screwed up.
    3. It is not really the same batch (same sticker, different batch, many do that).
    4. One of the samples was counterfeit.
    5. One of the samples was manipulated.

    I'm sure I forgot some possibilities.

    No need to walk on your toes about that, it's not disrespectful to ask questions at all, especially when it's polite. I've wondered about it myself.
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    #1. @janoshik faked the test results again.
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    Stfu retard
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    Regarding Point 3. This ist was i guess as well. In Summer 2019 i received an order from @Pharmacom Labs with a production Date and batch number from 2017 of their testosterone enantate and NPP. I was confused but the blood values for testosterone and prolactine was typical for the dose i applied.
    In dec 2019 i ordered again npp but instead of enantate i ordered sustanon. Again the label showed a production date sind batch number from 2017 and again the blood levels were in point.

    I had a PM conversation with @Pharmacom Support and he promised to take care of my questions why the batch number and production date ist so old and i really cannot imagine that they still had stock from 2017. Unfortunately i am waiting for an answer since several weeks.

    Again the dose and quality seems to be perfect but also a big lab like Pharmacom seems not to be perfectly accurate regarding their labels.
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    I think you've covered it well with your response, as it was a blind sample.

    Yes, it is extremely common to use the same stickers for different batches in my observation.
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    I belive it was Simec screw up, since cipandrol and every other Balkan product test on point
    Especially cipandrol tested exactly the same, 208 - 213
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    Hi @janoshik was wondering if we can request results from previous testing you done? Im trying to look at some of the test that were done with a particular source that was posted on different forum but it got removed.
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    I'd love to help you, but I have a policy of providing the reports only directly to the customers who had the test conducted. I also can't share any details without explicit approval of the customer.

    - Jano
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    Thank you
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    Had jano analyze 2 blind samples.I sent them and they got there in alil over a week he emailed that they were in and within the hour I got my results of exactly what I sent. Jano was on point
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    What did you get tested, brother?
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    Primo and test e
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    We’re these from a ugl?
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    They were my own from raws
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    Recently I sent in a blind Sample to @janoshik and it arrived in 20 days. Upon arriving he worked on it literally 3-4hours and had results. My test cyp came back at 264mg per ml and target was 250. I have done multiple testing With others and was very satisfied with Jano communication and service. My test cyp usually always scores between 265~290ish depending on my recipe

    This isn’t my first rodeo in regards to testing my test cyp. I’ve used WnM about 10 times and also have used Chemtox labs in France. Will be using Jano again. I give credit where it’s due.
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    Yes, it's one of the common tests that I do.

    If you would like to make an order, please email me at info@janoshik.com
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    If you would like to make an order, please email me at info@janoshik.com

    Now an order for MK-667 is also accepted :)

    Brand : Janoshik A-MK-677 :)