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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by janoshik, May 13, 2018.

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    Dates they were mailed. (Stamp dates)
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    Ok thanks. I would have to think mine should arrive by the end of July at the latest. I really need the result by then. I would really rather not spend another $150-$200 to resend.
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    Minor changes to usual terms and condition in my email signature:
    2. All emails are deleted after 14 days. All data except verification data are deleted after 14 days. Exception - massive data loss took place 29.JUNE.2020 due to severe accident.

    5. Unfulfilled orders and remaining credit are nullified after 6 months. THIS HAS BEEN PROLONGED TO 12 MONTHS DUE TO CORONA.

    I apologize deeply, but I will not keep data on orders that are not in progress/without update for over 12 months. After discussing it with several people, it is preferred for protection of my clients that I do not contact them about the orders they have not proceeded with in order to prevent any possibility of trouble.
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    On a brighter note, most recent regular USPS package received is dated 13th of May.
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    On a less bright note, it seems the dimer measuring machine blew the fuck up, to put it mildly. Dimer measurements will be delayed by unknown period of time.
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    Jano, I hope your dimer measuring machine gets well soon...
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    Thank you.

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    Lol. Pretty sure I just got the BigBaldPussy picture! Thanks Jano.
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    USPS packs as recent as early June from CA and MA were received.
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    Lately been using @janoshik For all my blind samples and I can’t say enough good things about the service. I’ve sent possibly over 8-10 samples from blends to single compounds and very satisfied with all my results. Thank you Jano keep up the good work sir. The service is fast
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    Jano can you guys test MK677?
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    Yes, it's a routine sample for us.

    If you'd like to have it tested, please, email me at info@janoshik.com

    Thank you
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    I answered over 200 emails in past 24 hours, if some slipped by and I didn't answer, let me know please. Thank you.