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    Time for the weekly.

    Any USPS TDs recently? What time period and any from the middle of the US?
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    Had a court day today, so I wasn't at work, will let you know tomorrow.

    About past week, I've already forgotten, my apologies.

    Last pack I got was from Russia, tho, that I remember, because it had wrong paperwork :D

    EDIT: Actually I do remember now, I got some stuff from US, TX, sent April, last week!
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    I shit you not mate, just landed on me table <3
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    Got to give Jano a lot of credit. He was extremely quick to get results and nailed all the samples. 5 Raws and 4 Finished oils. Will definitely use his services again. Just not USPS!! Also very good at explaining shipping process and answering emails. From everything I have seen he has been on point with all his tests over the past year.
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    USPS seem to be getting on track with recent packs!
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    Reported mate, don't go spam on Jano thread please.
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    Hey, If you guys need good and fast labtesting check out Janoshik analytical laboratories. He's much better and faster than faggean. ; Janoshik.com
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    Funny that you have the time to come post over here talking shit but you still have refused to post up results in the thread you are obviously being paid to shill in. You have made yourself look like a clown and nobody is buying your BS.

    If you aren't AA or he isn't compensating you, you are doing him no favors with your weak attempts at shilling.

    Or maybe Jano is pulling some reverse psychology. Either way, in my opinion, your credibility is shot at this point.
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    Unidentified package of 20 samples received from USA.
    Shipped 7 days ago.

    If the sender is reading this: you've shipped with FedEx and you probably didn't let me know the tracking number, do it ASAP please.

    Thank you
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    Tutanota is all sorts of fucked up, if I have not replied your email within 24 hours, please, resend.
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    Test Report #07989.png
    Latest report from janoshik. Always responding very fast to my questions. Thanks a lot!
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    Where'd these blue tops come from if you don’t mind my asking?