Lionheadlabs: Raw Source + Domestic shipping

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by LionheadLabs, May 13, 2019.

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    Reminds me of the part right around :36
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    Just in case you need a little more encouragement before you venture up to your closet with the cord wrapped around your neck... here’s a glimpse into the future.

    Well, congratulations! You did it! You successfully completed your first and last round of auto-asphyxiation. I bet that was a fucking rush before you died. And I’m sure you have absolutely zero regrets.

    Upon expiring you evacuated your bowels and bladder so there’s now shit and piss all over the floor and the overturned chair. Precum still on the tip of your now flaccid little dick.

    This is how your parents find you when they get home from their trip to the casino. They had always known it would end this way. You being a real weird child. No friends. No social skills. Always touching yourself.

    Your father decides he needs to cut you down, unable to bear the thought of the police and coroner witnessing this first hand. He goes to find a pair of scissors, which never seem to be available when you really need them. Like in situations when you need to cut a body down. Finally finding what he needs he returns but slips on his son’s shit and falls hard to the floor. Your mother has to help him up again.

    He hugs your naked body to keep you from dropping to the floor. Your flaccid dick resting on his shoulder right next to his neck. How humiliating this must make him feel. With a snip he supports your weight and carries you to the nearby bed where he drops you in a heap. Your mother is sobbing.

    You did this to yourself DickHeadLabs. You brought embarrassment to your family you weird fucker.

    I’ll continue this story for as long as you continue to try to peddle you bullshit business here at MESO. But I can tell you the story doesn’t end well at all. I don’t want to spoil it but they all die. All of them. Your entire family and everyone that has contact with your family. Dead. All your fault. You weird little fuck.
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    Exactly. Lmao.
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  4. That's one of the lines from the source handbook. This is from chapter one. "Should the vetting process not go as smoothly as you had planned, employ the following tactics..."

    1). "Thanks for bumping my thread to the top."

    2). "None of my satisfied customers will post a review here because they're afraid they'll be attacked."

    3). "My satisfied customers send me emails/PMs to tell me that the few source bashers in my thread are a joke and that i'm doing a great job."

    4). "The source bashers aren't having any effect on sales. Just took an order for (a large, but plausible sounding amount of) x compound or product."

    The book lastly states, "If the above tactics should fail, pretend to place all source bashers on ignore and post the following at least once daily..."

    5). "All PM's and emails have been replied to."
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    Haha, I don't mind you man.
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    Too long, didn't read.
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    i dont know homegirl, seems like i got under your skin a bit yesterday. Not a good look for a transitioning sissy subdom ladyboy. Yeah, thats the kinky stuff you dirty slut. Lmao.
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    I read it and it was glorious.

    Its a continuation of his short story about your closet time. Its the next day and how parents of the deceased finds the lifeless, naked body of a ladyboy hanging in a closet. Worth the read.

    On a different note @BigBaldBeardGuy I made myself crack the eff up yesterday picturing you sitting down in your alleged study, I picture it all wood with a dark stain, perhaps a single lamp or candlelight illuminating an otherwise dark room. You take a sip of a single malt scotch, or perhaps an aged wine, you stop for a second to take in its aromatics and slowly release your breath as you crack open your laptop and begin to write. At the end, you sit back your chair, put your hands on the back of your head in a state of self satisfaction for a job well done as you crack a smile at the expense of this joke of a source.
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    It’s like you were there! But you must have stopped by after I pulled out a pipe and packed it full of tobacco that I keep in a pouch in the top desk drawer. I like to puff on my pipe when I create my stories, rings of blue-grey smoke circling my head. Pausing ever so often to stroke my mustache.
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    the pipe. Of course I forgot that. Lmao.
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    Ok. Good feedback. Future installments will be shorter/more frequent.

    See, listen to advice, make changes, get better.
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    Ay, I like that. I'm still not doing domestic raws though. :cool:
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    I still don’t see how you’re going to make people feel comfortable ordering from you. You seem pretty apathetic to the entire thing.

    You seem like you just don’t care
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    I don't care because I don't have immediate plans to stock domestic? Ok. Only time will make people comfortable.
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    I can understand if you dont have the capital to invest in domestic raws, I get that. If thats the case, just say it. If its something that you feel you can implement later, say that. But dont be a dick about it.
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    It's neither of those things. I just don't have plans to do that right now. Will I in the future? It's within the realm of possibility, but it's not my main concern right now. It's not as simple as do you or don't you have money.

    I'm not being a dick, and I've already answered repeatedly. I do not have plans to provide domestic raws in the immediate future.

  18. broke.png
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    Then I really don’t see what you have to offer that the other guys aren’t. Sure you have a reshipper, but you can’t seem to convince us that your reshipper is secure.

    Also... why is your reshipper so cheap?

    And your prices really aren’t much cheaper after the three month price hike. So I’m not exactly sure what your marketing strategy is
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    If you don't want it to route through a reshipper, just ask. And like I said before, the compensation for the reshipper is included. Just because I am not forcing you to pay a fee, doesn't make it especially cheap. If you don't think I offer a good alternative and you're happy with your existing source for raws, by all means stay. I just think there's room in the market for multiple sources instead of just a monopoly, but that's just me.